California Time Clock – What Difference Can It Make For Your Business?

California Time ClockWith the addition of applications and tools to make the workplace more efficient and organized, there is still no better tool than the California time clock to streamline business procedures. For a long time businesses were run with old-fashioned mechanical time clocks. However, the picture today is quite different. When it comes to accurate tracking of work hours and employee time management, there is no way outdated card punching clocks can match the California time clock device equipped with state-of-the-art time and attendance applications.

Every business owner is aware of how important it is to track employee payroll data accurately. This is one of the main reasons for the extinction of mechanical card punching devices and the move towards the California time clock. The time and attendance software allied with these devices records employee hours in an accurate manner and then helps create useful reports by processing the data to be used by the payroll and HR departments.

This device introduces the elements of accuracy and accountability into the work place. As a result, organizations become more efficient, organized and productive – all factors that contribute to a better return on investment for concerned businesses. With zero time theft and better payroll processing, small businesses save a lot of money. And the paperless environment created by the California time clock eliminates needs like buying paper cards, paper timesheets and ribbons for punch clocks as they are all replaced with automated processes.

Another added advantage that this device offers is the element of scalability. Small businesses can experience unexpected growth at any time and this application has the ability to handle extra employees. As a business owner, if you wish to stay competitive and reduce your operational costs, the California time clock is the tool to get you there.

How Can The Web Based Time Clock Improve Workforce Efficiency?

Time clocks have long been used at workplaces to track the total time spent by employees on job. Traditionally, mechanical punches have been used to punch time slots on employee time cards. The new way of tracking employee time is by using the web based time clock. The shift from manual to web based time and attendance tracking system had a great impact on the way human resources were managed. Employee time clock software overcomes the deficiencies of the manual employee attendance system.

Time Clock CB 2000A web based time clock helps businesses automate many of the interlinked processes that were previously required to be manually carried out. An online time and attendance tracking system is operated via a web based user interface. Employees can log in using this user interface through a web browser or an IP enabled device. A key benefit of using a web based attendance system is that employees can clock in from anywhere. Businesses with multiple facilities can help manage workforce working at different locations. Employees can use PCs, IP enabled phones, tablet PCs, or wall mounted IP devices to clock in. This makes the web based time clock a lot more flexible in terms of usage. Web based attendance software can be easily integrated with badge readers or biometric scanners to avoid things like buddy punching and time theft, etc.

All data collected through the web based attendance system is automatically updated to a database. A human resource information system (HRIS) can be integrated with this database to update key information about employees. Many important data fields can be filled using this data like salary, number of annual leaves remaining, amount of income tax for a particular month after deductions or actual number of hours worked, etc. All these reports can be quickly generated using this software.

Selection of the right web based attendance system entirely depends on the business requirements and budget. Basic software packages start from under one hundred dollars. However, when we are talking about a large number of employees, more comprehensive software suites are available. Most of the software development companies providing web based attendance software offer a trial period. It is always good to first have a trial of the software before finalizing one. Be sure to also compare the features of each software program to see which one best fits your requirements.

Time and Attendance Software to Simplify Your Business Process

The advent of automation has revolutionized the way we do things and the way we operate both at home and at the workplace. We have hardware and software at our fingertips to help make any task easier. Employee time tracking is one of the many challenges that used to be time consuming, especially when employers had mechanical card punching time clocks. This has changed drastically due to automation by time and attendance software, and has made the workplace much more efficient.

The automated employee time clock has been able to effectively streamline the business processes of both large and small organizations. Time and attendance trackingand management used to be a labor intensive task that consumed many business resources in terms of time and money. However, it is a whole new scenario now with the introduction of employee time clocks into the workplace. Paper timesheets and punch cards have been replaced with Proximity Cards and Fingerprint Recognition thanks to the time attendance software used in such devices. Advanced features like this have little room for inaccuracies and save valuable time for organizations. The data recorded with these devices is 100% accurate which is a huge advantage when it comes to time and money savings.

With a manual time clock, it was easy for employees to fool and time theft practices were rampant at the workplace. This too has been eliminated with the use of time and attendance software for employee time tracking. As a result, businesses have profited significantly as they no longer lose money due to time theft. Previous systems also had to be manually supervised to ensure that employees refrained from trying to bypass it. This resulted in the hiring of supervisors to oversee the time and attendance of employees, which ultimately increased operational costs. Modern time clocks don’t need human supervision because they are impervious to time theft practice.

Traditional systems also involved the manual calculation of employee work hours which consumed additional work hours by HR supervisors. This system was faulty at best. Time and attendance software uses automation. As a result, the data processed is accurate and takes just a few clicks to get the requested results.

Another unique feature of time attendance software is the help it provides with payroll processing functionality. This process can also be time and resource consuming, and is vulnerable to errors. With automation, the process is accurate, streamlined and simplified.

CB1000 – A Smart Time Clock From uAttend

uAttend has been striving to make the workplace a more organized and efficient entity. As part of our efforts to make time and attendance simple and smart, we are happy to present the CB1000 time clock.

CB1000 is part of our state-of-the-art web based time clock product line. It has never been so easy to manage and track employee work hours than with this device. Its ‘plug n play’ feature makes it easy to use and implement, and CB1000 is equipped with time and attendance software that does not need to be downloaded or installed.

The CB1000 is an online time tracking device that gives employees the option of punching in and out from multiple locations, as well as from different time clocks. Employees can punch in and out simply by waving their proximity cards two inches in front of the time clock

This web based time clock makes it easier to access employee time data from anywhere at any time. The time and attendance software is also beneficial for payroll as it can easily be integrated with your existing payroll system. In addition, the CB1000 can track and record data for an unlimited number of employees and offers various affordable monthly service plans for different business needs.

Learn about uAttend Time Clocks Product Line

The name uAttend has become synonymous with innovations in time attendance management and smart solutions for organizations with any number of employees. Equipped with state-of-the-art time and attendance software, our time clocks offer unmatched ease of use and an array of choices with prices that can’t be matched.

As the corresponding video explains, our products make time and attendance simpleand smart. Whether you have 10 employeesor more than 1000, we have a product that can cater to all your needs. In addition, we have chalked out very affordable monthly subscription plans based on the particular needs of individual businesses. Our time clocks feature a wide variety of choices for employees to punch in and out, including:

• RFID Cards
• Badges
• Biometric Fingerprint Recognition
• Smartphone Applications

Our products are easy to use with their “Plug n Play” capability, and do not involve the installation or downloading of time and attendance software. uAttend time clocks can be connected to any network or device with an Internet connection. Time and attendance data tracking is accurate and to-the-minute, and this recorded data can be exported for use in payroll processing, evaluating employee productivity and many other purposes.