Swipe Card Time Clock for Effective Time and Time Attendance Implementation

Time and attendance management is one of the most important components of an effectively running and smoothly functioning business operation. No organization can hope to achieve its goals of productivity and efficiency without a proper system that ensures time and attendance monitoring, and the implementation of such policies. Among the many tools that can help companies achieve these goals, a swipe card time clock tops the list.

Simple Attendance TrackingAn organization can create all the policies it wants and still function with manual time tracking. However, enforcing these policies is an entirely different ball game. For instance, if a business records employee work hour data by shop floor supervisors, there are dozens of ways the system can fail to function at one hundred percent.

In addition, employees routinely come up with new tricks to cheat and swindle their organizations. Time theft is at its peak and mechanical time clocks, even if placed in a supervised area, are simply not effective. When all else fails, the swipe card time clock restores the professional atmosphere and accountability at the workplace.

When employees are aware of the fact that they can no longer do as they please with the company’s time, they become more productive. The subsequent decrease in time theft immensely impacts the bottom line of organizations. With an automated system for tracking employee time and attendance, the higher cost often incurred from hiring human resources to serve the same purpose is also eliminated. Furthermore, the software used in a swipe card time clock creates reports on employee productivity and provides useful data on the time spent on each project which proves to be of great help for HR managers when identifying high performers. With this data, better policies for project management are created which improves the overall performance of a company.

In short, if you are looking for a management tool at a minimal cost, but with monumental benefits, the swipe card time clock is one such tool.

Time and Attendance Software for Small Business – How to Pick The Right One

Time and attendance software for small business has seen a phenomenal success and subsequent growth in recent years. Due to the impact it can have on the operational efficiency and overall organization of a business, this success is not surprising. Today, the average small business owner is inundated with options for such applications and at times it can be tough to select software that is truly what it advertises to be. This post sheds some light on how to select a suitable service provider.

1. When you embark upon your search for suitable time and attendance software for small business, the first thing you should do is to make a list of features that are absolutely necessary for your particular niche. Next, make a second list of additional features that you would like to have in your time and attendance software. Then, search online for software with the features you require. Select at least five or six providers, compare features and prices, and shortlist the ones with the best combination.

2. The ideal time and attendance software for small business should not be limited to employee time tracking, but should also be able to integrate with your payroll system. The automated reporting done by the software can be an enormous help in payroll processing and can help save time and revenue. These benefits are huge, so be sure to check if the software can integrate with your current system.

3. One feature that you should not compromise on is the scalability of the time and attendance software for small business. Keep in mind that your business may employ only a handful of employees now, but in a year or two you might experience growth. The software should have the ability to meet your additional requirements if and when the time comes. Otherwise, you will end up spending more on buying new software to accommodate your needs.

Web Based Time Clock Software for SMEs

As a small business owner, you are likely operating with very little resources and probably wearing many hats. Allocating too many administrative tasks to yourself can take the focus away from your main responsibility which is to grow your business. In situations like this, you can benefit by delegating responsibilities to your staff, and by adding management tools to your business to take care of these tasks for you. One such management tool is web based time clock software for SMEs.

Web Based Time Clock SoftwareKeeping track of employee hours is something that is very difficult to supervise. Even after you have delegated the task to somebody, you cannot be 100% sure of the results. This is where the power of automation has come to the rescue of many small and medium enterprise owners. Web based time clock software for SMEs is an application that keeps track of hours worked, the amount of overtime put in, short breaks, paid and unpaid leaves, and more. You no longer have to remember each employee’s sick leave or vacation time as it is automatically recorded for you.

That’s not all this application has to offer – the benefits for small and medium enterprises are numerous. After the time and attendance data is accurately recorded by the web based time clock software for SMEs, it processes the data for payroll purposes allowing you to export it in the format of your choice. Payroll processing, which is one of the most complicated and time consuming aspects of a business, is simplified with the help of this application. In addition, the software can create reports on employee productivity which is a great help in identifying performers from the non-performers.