Avoid Being Misled By Paid Reviews For Web Time Clocks

Time Keeping SoftwareWeb time clocks have played an important role in transforming organizational administrative processes from tedious and consuming to streamlined and efficient. Their success has caused an explosion of finger print time clock marketing companies to pop into the time management solutions market.

Although these mushroom companies often have little to no experience in areas like producing quality time keeping software or providing reliable customer service, they generate quite a bit of business through a number of questionable practices. The method topping this list right now is by paying for positive reviews at online time tracking review sites and affiliate marketing websites. Below, we discuss these practices in detail and give you ways to avoid being misled.

Solicited and Paid Time Keeping Software Reviews

Before buying a product or service, many people like to consult product review sites to get unbiased, authentic information. Business owners are no different and often look to the Internet when searching for new equipment. For example, a manager might seek industry trade blogs and review forums when looking for information on web time clocks or biometric fingerprint timeclocks. Unfortunately, they are often unaware of the fact that many of the sites they find and trust are actually making money by getting paid for fake reviews. These review sites get a nice financial incentive if the traffic they send results in a sale. Needless to say, products that are sold through such methods can be unreliable. It is always better to consult relevant magazines and independent review websites when looking for information about products like a finger print time clock.

Affiliate Marketing Sites

Affiliate marketing websites market products that they have little expert or professional knowledge about. These online organizations target potential keywords and place pay-per-click advertising on key search engine pages. When a potential buyer searches for a phrase like web time clocks, he or she is lured to affiliate marketing sites through advertising text offering what seems like genuine information. In reality, the goal of this type of webpage is to lead you to affiliate sites so they can gain financially.

If you want to ensure you are getting accurate and true information about time recording devices and time keeping software, it is always recommended to directly consult a manufacturer by either visiting their website or calling a sales representative.

The Biometric Time Clock – What Can It Do For Your Business?

biometric fingerprint time clockWith constant advancements in human resource management applications, there have been many, many changes in the workplace environment. However, there is hardly a system that has made a bigger or better impact to an organization’s operational efficiency than the biometric time clock.

Throughout the last century, businesses have relied on mechanical time tracking devices to record employee payroll data. These traditional time clocks are inadequate and fail to meet the efficiency demands of a competitive work environment. A biometric fingerprint time clock equipped with cloud computing software is far more advanced and effective than a mechanical punch clock, especially when it comes to the accurate recording of employee time and attendance.

Today’s entrepreneurs are fully aware of the importance of accurately tracking and recording employee time and attendance. One of the biggest reasons that led to the abandonment of traditional punch card devices and paper time sheets is that they simply cannot provide results as accurate as a biometric time clock. The software used to run a biometric fingerprint time clock records all employee work hours in a secure and reliable manner. It is also extremely helpful in creating detailed time and attendance reports for HR departments. These reports help streamline business processes by saving the time and efforts of Human Resource and payroll departments.

The introduction of the biometric time clock has simply made the workplace a much more efficient place. Not only do these time clocks improve productivity and efficiency, but they also help cut down on operational costs. With fine-tuned administrative processes and reduced time theft, there is great potential for return on investment.

Businesses also save money with the online biometric fingerprint time clock because they no longer need to purchase extra accessories such as time sheets, punch cards, ribbons and ink for manual punch clocks. With all these positive savings and benefits, it’s easy to see how business owners that want to be competitive must have this powerful management tool in his or her organization.

Web Based Time Clock – The Window into Your Shop Floor

Web Based Time ClockThe web based time clock is widely credited for revolutionizing employee time tracking systems largely due to the use of cloud computing. Employee time and attendance management has been a tricky aspect of administrative and operational tasks for business owners. Manual time tracking, whether done using paper time sheets or mechanical card punching clocks, has always been considered flawed and error prone. This situation changed drastically once biometric fingerprint time clocks emerged onto the employee time management solutions scene.

The online functionality of these time tracking devices offers many conveniences for employees, as well as business owners. Online fingerprint time clocks are generally regarded as one the most uncomplicated time tracking systems simply because they do not involve complicated software. In addition, online biometric fingerprint time clocks allow business owners to keep track of employee punch ins and outs, late arrivals and early departures, even if they are not at their office or on the shop floor. It’s like you have a window into your business that is open 24/7 and you can look through at any time from anywhere in the world. A web based time clock is an ideal solution for small businesses as they do not need to buy expensive software or pay heavy annual licensing fees.

Furthermore, business owners do not need to spend their hard earned money on accessories for fingerprint time clocks, worry about data storage and security. All of these are taken care of on the service provider’s end. The employee time data is stored at servers that have additional security features for increased security. Web based time clock service providers keep all payroll data for one month in case there are any disputes between the employer and the employees.

The web-based functionality of biometric fingerprint time clocks presents a unique opportunity for small business owners to track their employees’ time accurately and more cost effectively.

Case Study: How uAttend Helped Euro-Asian Automotive Streamline Its Employee Time Management

Case Study - Euro-Asian Automotive Euro-Asian Automotive is an upper-end auto repair facility located in Eugene, Oregon. The company specializes in the care, repair and service of Japanese, Swedish and German automotives and has done so since 1975. Owner and President, George Rodes, also operates Autohaus and Stadium Automotive, both in Eugene, and employs 13 full-time workers throughout the three locations.

uAttend ™ helped Euro-Asian Automotive streamline its employee time management and payroll processes, improving overall productivity and saving the company valuable time. Through uAttend’s innovative, cloud-based time and attendance solution, Euro-Asian Automotive has achieved an immediate return on investment by collectively managing employee time records from three separate company’s time clocks from the convenience of a single location.

Euro-Asian Automotive has long since known that staying ahead of the curve is a vital component to running a successful business. With the rapidly changing nature of the automotive industry, the company has always sought to incorporate the latest technological advancements to improve both its service and business operations. In doing so, the company determined that the time consuming task of manually clocking in and out, as well as manually preparing and processing payroll was creating an inefficient use of their time. In addition, the company faced the challenge of having several employees who worked at multiple locations. This meant multiple time and attendance records to track and process and also meant certain employees had to inconveniently carry around three different key tags to clock in at the various locations. Prior to purchasing the uAttend system, management of employee hours was complicated and complex for payroll, and keeping track of the key tags was frustrating and bothersome for the employees.

uAttend Solution
Euro-Asian Automotive came across the uAttend time and attendance system on Costco’s corporate website. After reading the positive reviews about the time clock capabilities and cloud-based recording system, the company purchased three CB1000 models for each of its repair shop locations. The CB1000 time clock features a real-time, web-based program that allows employees to punch in and out from the physical device, a computer or from a telephone. The system also allows business managers to access employee timesheets from anywhere there is an Internet connection through its user-friendly, web-based interface.  In addition, supervisors have the ability to remotely access and prepare payroll for multiple companies from the convenience of one location, and employees are able to clock in at multiple locations with a single method saving everyone valuable time.

Lastly, the uAttend time clock system has reduced the demanding task of manually tallying employee work hours, and has eliminated the risk of human error involved in doing so because the system accurately tracks, maintains and processes employee’s time and attendance records.

Immediate Benefits
Savings: For Euro-Asian Automotive, one of the biggest benefits of integrating uAttend’s cloud-based time and attendance system is the conservation of time spent on processing payroll, and the subsequent financial savings from the reduction of hours previously spent to manually do so. The company also estimates that at least an hour worth of production time is saved each month because its business manager can now process payroll for all three companies from the convenience of any location with Internet.

Convenience for Employees: uAttend has made it easy for Euro-Asian Automotive employees to clock in at any of its three business locations without carrying around three different FOB keys. In addition, employees are able to access and review attendance records through secure and confidential online accounts (and optional daily emails) eliminating the need to ask supervisors when they punched in and out.

Better Tracking: Euro-Asian Automotive is now able to accurately track and record its employee’s work hours bringing an element of accountability to its workplace. The robust features of the uAttend system help supervisors and business managers track each employee’s work day more effectively, and access their records in just a matter of minutes.

About uAttend
uAttend is an employee management solution offering easy and cost-effective ways to manage labor costs and track employee time and attendance. This secure, web-based solution allows companies to manage their workforce from any computer with Internet access. Employees simply punch in and out from a time clock, web page, telephone or smart phone application. All punches are recorded in real-time, eliminating the need to download or synchronize data resulting in significant savings. uAttend features plug ‘n play Ethernet, WIFI-enabled biometric and RFID card reading time clocks.

About Processing Point, Inc.
Time ClocksProcessing Point, Inc. is a leader in providing innovative solutions to small businesses nationwide. From cutting-edge, cloud-based time and attendance to the latest in mobile payments technology, Processing Point invests heavily in new technology in order to bring products and services that save clients’ time and money while performing mission-critical business tasks. For more information please call 1-866.694.3603, or visit www.processingpoint.com.

Time and Attendance Tracking Software Powered By Cloud Computing

time clock onlineTechnological advancements in the field of Information Technology have revolutionized the way things are done. One of these developments is cloud computing. Cloud computing is described as the means to deliver computing as a service instead of as a product. Users can now access information and shared resources like time and attendance tracking software over the web as easily as if it were a utility. SaaS (Software as a Service) based solutions are becoming more and more popular, mostly due to its cost-effectiveness for small businesses.

Traditional employee time management devices like in-house time clocks for small businesses required downloading and the installation of complex applications. There were also hardware requirements as the collected data and subsequent processing needed to be stored on the hardware of the concerned business. With cloud computing, users don’t even need to know the details or location of the computing infrastructure or require storage resources to access the computing services of a solution like a time clock online.

Due to this ease of access, time and attendance tracking software powered by cloud computing has become one of the most popular choices for small business owners as they do not have to invest in additional hardware or pay heavy annual licensing fees. Online time clocks for small businesses provide unmatched ease of data access and management, computation and data storage of employee work hours.

Employees can now access applications like time and attendance tracking software from web browsers, desktops and even from mobile applications to punch in and out, all thanks to cloud computing. All data from time clocks for small businesses is stored on the servers of service providers, allowing Human Resource executives and Payroll personnel real-time access to the information.

The best thing about a time clock online that is powered by cloud-computing is that it provides similar, and in some cases even better services than traditional locally-installed software applications.