20Lounge Case Study

The Client

20 Lounge Case Study20 Lounge’s two hip and vibrant boutique nail salons in Scottsdale, Arizona and Encinitas, California, offer their patrons a unique beauty experience. Customers receive pedicures, manicures, waxes and facials all the while enjoying their choice of beer or sparkling wine from the 20 Lounge bar.


The uAttend™ Employee Management System optimized the way 20 Lounge collects and manages its workforce’s time and attendance data. By implementing the uAttend system, 20 Lounge has achieved operational efficiency, contained payroll processing costs, and improved employee morale.


As a new company, 20 Lounge was looking for an affordable time and attendance solution that would not only accurately track employee’s time, but would allow for future growth and expansion. With multiple locations, they knew manually logging and processing employee time and attendance would not be efficient or ideal. In addition, the business owners were certain they would see growth in their company and did not want to be limited with a stand-alone solution, nor did they want to overpay for their needs. 20 Lounge also wanted a sleek looking time clock that would reinforce the company’s image of being modern, cutting-edge and clean.


Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock - BN3000uAttend BN3000 Time Clock

After extensive research, 20 Lounge decided to roll-out the uAttend™ Employee Management System. They purchased two uAttend BN3000 time clocks for their two locations and subscribed to the plan perfect for their current employee count. The BN3000 is a biometric time clock that uses fingerprint identification to punch employees in and out. The use of biometric technology eliminates any chance of buddy punching and time theft. The company was initially drawn to the fact that the BN3000 holds employees accountable through its biometric technology integrated with cloud-based time tracking and reporting. 20 Lounge also was drawn to the BN3000 because its sleek and elegant design echoes 20 Lounge’s image of being modern and tech-savvy. Most importantly, 20 Lounge was drawn to the fact that they were able to customize their subscription plan based on the number of employees currently using the system. The company is always looking to open more locations and appreciates the fact that they have a scalable time tracking solution that can monitor and manage the attendance of employees at every single location.


Efficiency: Since implementing uAttend’s BN3000 employee time management system, 20 Lounge has streamlined its time and attendance process and lowered its overall operational costs. Employees clock in and out in less than a second, and their punches are accurately recorded in ‘real-time’ in a secure, cloud-based account that is easily accessed via a user-friendly web-based interface.

Tech-Savvy: uAttend’s BN3000 complements 20 Lounge’s innovative and modern-day image. In addition to being cutting-edge, employees find punching in with their fingerprint easy and ‘cool’, and administrators appreciate having the ability to access all employee attendance data from anywhere they want, and at any time of day.

Scalability: As 20 Lounge looks ahead and anticipates adding more locations and staff, they know the uAttend system will scale with their needs. With uAttend’s affordable monthly subscription plans, 20 Lounge can simply upgrade to the next level with no obligation, commitments or contracts. Likewise, should there ever be a reason they downsize, they can simply change their plan accordingly.

About uAttend

uAttend is the most cost-effective, online employee management solution that integrates affordable time clocks with advanced web-based software. The secure, cloud-based system allows companies to manage their workforce from any computer with Internet access. Employees simply punch in and out from a time clock, web page, telephone or smart phone application and all data is accessible for administrators and supervisors in real time, thereby eliminating the need to download or synchronize employee punch data. All uAttend time clocks feature plug ‘n play connectivity for Ethernet or WIFI-networks.

About Processing Point

Processing Point is a leader in providing innovative solutions to thousands of small businesses nationwide. From cutting-edge, cloud-based time and attendance tracking, to the latest in mobile payments technology, Processing Point drives innovation in new technology in order to bring products and services that save clients time and money while performing mission-critical business tasks.

For more information please call 1-800-518-8925, or visit www.uattend.com.

Fingerprint Time Clocks Assure Better Control of Your Business’ Time and Attendance

Source: Clock Desktop.com

A business needs to be highly adaptable in order to survive today’s demanding corporate environment. Fingerprint time clocks provide a diverse range of features that help your business grow without losing control of labor costs, or losing track of employee time and attendance management.

One way businesses are adapting is by implementing web time clocks into their time and attendance practices. These systems provide a great way to effectively manage employee time and attendance with a diverse range of solutions.

With the introduction of fingerprint time clocks, you equip your business with a powerful platform to track and control employee time and attendance costs. This system not only enables you to monitor the time and attendance of your employees, it also captures and collates essential data for organizational productivity analysis. Such data can help you make informed decisions about the performance of your workforce.

Web time clocks are also equipped with software that is capable of generating forecasts that can be used to create alerts about potential unnecessary expenses. This insight helps assess any changes that may need to take place so your time and attendance policies will bring about the best combination of cost savings and efficiency.

Fingerprint time clocks come with integrated biometric scanners. Having employees punch in and out with a fingerprint scanning system not only streamlines time and attendance procedures, but also helps eliminate time theft from the workplace. Efficient operational procedures and the prevention of wage fraud help you achieve more control of your business dynamics, and improve your bottom line.

Time and attendance software for web time clocks can be customized as well. For example, you can add features that create alerts for floor supervisors when an employee is verging on overtime. This helps put a cap on unauthorized overtime and control overall operational costs.

Time & Attendance Software – Automation at Its Best

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Automation is playing a vital role in streamlining today’s business management procedures. While there is a wide range of management software available in the market, few are as result-oriented and effective as time & attendance software. This unique application has revolutionized the way payroll is administrated in businesses of all sizes. In this post, we’ll discuss the many advantages businesses can have if they automate their time and attendance management.

Go Paperless

With a time clock online system, an organization is able to rid itself of the heavy paper trails that result from manual payroll systems. Businesses that do not use an automated form of time and attendance tracking rely on paper time sheets where employees log their work hours. This often involves using a single piece of paper for each working day. Then, at the end of the payroll cycle, the hours from all time sheets are processed into a payroll system using even more paper. By using an automated system like time & attendance software, a business can become paperless in terms of recording and processing payroll data.

Trim Your Operational Costs

Operating in a paperless environment not only makes the overall business system more efficient, but it also reduces costs that are incurred on the use of paper time sheets, time cards and physical storage. A time clock online provides such ease of data access that there is no use for maintaining paper records. Payroll data can be accessed online universally with a click of the mouse as opposed to hours searching through files and folders.

In addition to being paper-free, time & attendance software facilitates an environment where the automated recording and processing of payroll data drastically reduces the time spent on any of the procedures. If you calculate the cost of man hours usually spent on manual time tracking, you will soon realize that an automated system is capable of saving you a lot of revenue.

The costs of payroll are reduced even more when the time clock online is a biometric time clock because it eliminates the possibility of time theft. This is an ideal solution for companies who are concerned about employees who practice buddy punching or proxy attendance recording.

Time Keeping Software – What Are Some Available Options?

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Time keeping software is a superb business tool for managing employee time and attendance. This system creates automated time sheets for each individual employed by a company, and makes it very simple for human resource managers to monitor performance and track work time.

Keeping an eye on employee productivity is essential for a business, whether big or small. A time clock equipped with time tracking software plays an important role for any company in clearly identifying business strengths and weaknesses, as well as closely monitoring per capita expenditures.

Of course, time keeping software is available in a variety of forms. Below we discuss some of the most common options.

On-Premise Vs Cloud-Based

There are two hosting options available to prospective time tracking buyers, on-premise and cloud-based software. The first option involves either downloading or installing complex software in addition to purchasing the hardware (i.e.: a time clock). A business often has to pay hefty annual licensing fees in order to use this type of software. In addition, the software needs to be hosted on a physical server or computer that is on-site, which involves considerable costs and expenditures.

The second type of hosting is cloud-based. Cloud computing time keeping software is web-based and does not involve additional hardware expenses such as a server. In fact, some businesses forgo the need of a physical time clock and use the software as a service (SaaS). Cloud based SaaS allows employees to simply log into an online account to punch in and out. If and when a time clock is utilized, the convenient plug-n-play feature makes it extremely easy for any business to implement the device and software into their operations. It is much more affordable with no long-term contracts or licensing fees.

Stand-Alone Vs Customized Software

Stand-alone software provides basic data recording and reporting functionalities. The time clock tracks and records the employee’s time and attendance, and the software creates automated time sheets based on that data. This option is mostly used by smaller organizations that employ 10-25 employees and do not necessarily have the need for customized features.

Large businesses usually require a more advanced form of time keeping software, which can be integrated with payroll and accounting systems. This highly developed form of software can generate invoices directly when integrated with a company’s billing system. It can also perform tasks like compensation time tracking, as well as vacation and sick time tracking. Customizable versions of software can create unique reports and break down departmental labor costs.

These are just some of the options that are available for businesses looking for an employee time tracking system. As always, be sure to select a system that meets your individual needs and business requirements.