uAttend Sponsors “Rinks To Links” Golf Tournament To Help Raise Funds For Disabled Hockey Team

uAttend, a top provider of employee time clocks, is one of the proud sponsors of the 5th annual “Rinks to Links” charity golf tournament. The golf event will be donating proceeds to a Michigan-based disabled hockey team – the Grand Rapids Sled Wings. uAttend has been an active participant in a number of charity events since its inception, and has been doing its part in raising funds for various noble causes. The company is pleased to be a part of this fundraising effort.

Sled hockey is a rapidly growing sport for disabled persons across the United States. It not only provides recreational opportunities for the disabled, but also offers great therapy in a safe environment for people with physical and developmental disabilities. The sport is divided into four categories accommodating to different types of physical disabilities, and is recognized by the national hockey association.

The Grand Rapids Sled Wings team is based out of Griff’s Ice House in Grand Rapids, and has been competing in the sled hockey circuit for 12 seasons. The team consists of 27 players, ages 8 to 18, all whom hail from Western Michigan. As with any team sport, there are costs involved for uniforms, equipment, operating expenses, rink rentals and travel expenses. It is events like the annual Rinks to Links fundraiser that help the team members and their families cover their expenses.

As a leading provider of web based time clock systems with cloud computing, uAttend also leads the way as a strong supporter of such charity events. This specific sponsorship will go a long way in providing financial support for the Grand Rapids Sled Wings disabled hockey team.

uAttend cherishes its philosophy of being a socially responsible corporate entity, and look forward to the Sled Wings team to inspire others to overcome their physical challenges and disabilities.

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uAttend Featured in the San Diego Union Tribune

The San Diego Union Tribune, a leading newspaper in Southern California, wrote a feature on how “buddy punching is taking a body-blow” as a result of businesses implementing fool proof time and attendance solutions like uAttend’s fingerprint time clock. The article also did an interview of our very own CEO, Chad Buckmaster. The fact that the San Diego Union Tribune chose uAttend to highlight as one of the leading time and attendance solutions provider speaks volumes of the prominence the company has gained in just a short period of time.

Small businesses are constantly plagued by practices like time theft and buddy punching, both which put extra strain on their already thin resources. It is estimated that time theft costs U.S. businesses as much as $123 billion per year in terms of lost productivity. Considering the magnitude of this problem, it is not surprising that small businesses are cracking down and protecting themselves with solutions like biometric time and attendance tracking.

The San Diego Union Tribune asked Buckmaster various questions about the need, as well as the effectiveness of time clocks and biometric solutions. With his expert knowledge of time and attendance management systems, Buckmaster discussed these issues in detail and provided insightful answers to help business owners. To underline the effectiveness of time and attendance management solutions like a fingerprint time clock, Buckmaster said “It eliminates buddy punching, which is a big issue in the time-and-attendance world. Basically, you can’t clock in for one of your fellow employees, which obviously saves employers tons of money.”

Buckmaster further elaborated, “You can also clock in from geo-locations on a mobile phone…you can go ahead and clock in with our mobile app and the employers can actually designate geo-locations for that. If they have a remote site, like construction companies, they can put in the address and the employees can only clock in from that location. If they’re not in that hot spot, it won’t allow them to clock in.”

uAttend is a distinguished name in biometric time and attendance solutions in the U.S., and has also formed strategic alliances in Australia and Europe. The company plans to roll out a facial recognition time clock in coming months to further strengthen its robust product line.