A Web Based Time Clock Makes Tracking Employee Attendance Easy

Have you been manually tracking employee attendance? If yes, chances are it hasn’t been a joy ride. Managing employee time and attendance and processing payroll with manual time tracking systems is never very productive, nor is using the “honor system” that relies on paper time sheets. Manual workforce management is fraught with inaccuracies, and usually has higher levels of human error and chances of potential wage fraud. web based time clock is the best timekeeping software

A web based time clock has revolutionized employee time tracking through the use of cloud computing and biometrics. Time and attendance management has traditionally been a tricky part of a company’s operational and administrative processes. Whether you use paper time sheets or mechanical card punching time tracking devices, manual time and attendance recording is always inefficient and flawed. With today’s state-of-the-art timekeeping software, automated systems have forever changed the way businesses handle their payroll.

Web-Based Functionality

Tracking employee attendance through online Software as a Service (SaaS) is convenient for both entrepreneurs and employees. Cloud-based workforce management systems with biometrics are widely considered as the simplest and most effective solutions for employee time and attendance, and payroll. A web based time clock with fingerprint or facial recognition enables business owners and HR managers to keep track of employee work hours. Supervisors can track their employees’ in and out punches, late arrivals and early departures without physically being present at their business. These systems open a virtual window into your workplace and provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date status of your employees’ attendance.

Ideal For Small Businesses

A web based time clock is the ideal time and attendance management solution for small businesses because there are no requirements for costly licensing fees or supplies. A business does not need to pay for accessories such as paper and ink ribbon, as is the case with mechanical time clocks. In addition, service providers remotely handle data storage, which makes your entire payroll process paperless. Using timekeeping software, employee payroll data is kept on service providers’ servers, and can be accessed any time in the event of a dispute. This is by far one of the safest, most reliable, and cost effective ways to track attendance.

There are few workforce management solutions out there today that can handle employee time and attendance as effectively as online time clocks with biometric functionality.

Biometric Timeclocks – An Ideal Way to Boost Your Bottom Line

Today’s small and medium-sized businesses are quickly replacing manual payroll processes with biometric timeclocks in order to achieve accurate time and attendance and boost their bottom line. These workforce management solutions are customizable and allow businesses the ability to select the features that meet their specific needs. In addition, they eliminate time theft and improve accountability in the workplace.Web time clocks the best time clocks

Time Clocks: Solutions for Time & Attendance and Much More…

These innovative systems are specifically designed to manage payroll; however, they are capable of accomplishing much more than simply recording employee work hours. These web time clocks are operated by software that not only marks and stores employee punches, but also processes complex calculations to provide payroll solutions and labor costs.

Biometric timeclocks use software that is capable of identifying employees by cross-referencing their fingerprints against previously scanned and stored fingerprint identification templates. Time and attendance solutions that offer biometric recognition are considered to be the most secure means available today because they cannot be easily manipulated or bypassed. Thanks to biometrics, these systems are able to eradicate time theft from your business, and help save valuable revenue.

Achieve Higher Efficiency Levels

Automated time clocks provide a wide range of features for small and medium-sized businesses. As a result, these organizations are able to operate far more efficiently than when using older, outdated systems. With web-enabled clocks and software, employers can create automated reports on employee attendance patterns and employee productivity, as well as export payroll reports to existing accounting software.

These automated reports help save countless man hours for payroll and HR personnel, which also results in savings. With web time clocks taking care of tedious, time consuming tasks, your staff in these departments can spend their extra time focusing on more critical business processes. This, in turn, further boosts your bottom line and increases productivity ensuring your organizational structure is as streamlined and efficient as possible.