A Wireless Time Clock From uAttend Provides Greater Continuity, Access & Control

Today’s businesses strive to maintain a more productive, efficient and accessible work environment. In doing so, they can stay better connected with their target markets and keep the wheels turning in their line of work. Surprisingly, business continuity is one of the easiest ways for modern day businesses to reach these goals and operate at their full potential.

wireless time clock is one of the best employee time clocksWhen it comes to continuity for payroll, a wireless time clock is the best solution for accurate time and attendance on a continual basis. These devices are both reliable and affordable, especially when compared to their in-house counterparts. It is not only expensive to internally host workforce management solutions, but it also involves considerable effort and maintenance, not to mention extensive training for employees. With in-house automated time clocks, a business bears expenses on hardware, infrastructure, software licensing and IT support. And yet, even after all this expense and effort, the time and attendance system still may not ensure high uptime and continuity.

Cloud-Based 24/7 Universal Access

Small and medium sized businesses often do not have the financial resources available for in-house solutions. They need a simple, affordable and easily accessible solution for marking and accessing employee time and attendance. Cloud-based payroll time clock software can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which makes it an ideal solution. Rather than deploy expensive servers and software with no service guarantee, cloud based systems like uAttend ensure an uptime of 99.99% for time and attendance management.

In addition, all employees are literally able to access the wireless time clock from anywhere in the world provided they have Internet. Similarly, entrepreneurs and HR executives can view employee work hour details such as punch-in and out times, absentee and overtime occurrences, and other important employee time and attendance data.

Unlike in-house time clocks that are prone to continuity and IT problems, cloud-based time and attendance solutions from uAttend are known for their reliability and access. The universal connectivity proves especially handy in situations where staff has to perform duties at multiple locations. For example, with our Smartphone application, employees can punch-in and out from pre-designated Geo-locations with accuracy and ease, making access quick and convenient.

Advanced payroll time clock software from uAttend gives you a virtual window into your workforce, providing greater control over the time and attendance of your employees. The end result is a more accessible, efficient and profitable workplace.

uAttend Biometric Time and Attendance Solutions for Optimal Workforce Management

A company’s workforce is usually its biggest asset. The effective utilization of this asset can be the difference between a mediocre business and a booming organization. Of course, workforce management is often easier said than done, especially in an environment that lacks modern technology such as biometric time and attendance solutions. Biometric timeclocks for biometric time and attendance monitoring

uAttend has been at the forefront of the time and attendance solution market for years now. Our ever-evolving applications and hardware, like our biometric timeclocks, have helped countless organizations manage their payroll. Let’s take a look at what role biometric solutions from uAttend can play in transforming your organization into a more efficient workplace.

Maximize Efficiency

There is no question that your business can maximize its efficiency with uAttend’s biometric time clock solutions. The use of biometric fingerprint and facial recognition technology in uAttend time clocks makes it impossible for employees to abuse work hours. With this system in place, employees are keenly aware of the fact that they will be held accountable for their actions (e.g., time theft, tardiness, buddy punching, etc.), which in turn encourages them to be punctual and more productive.

Biometric time and attendance solutions from uAttend also help businesses streamline operations and become more organized. The time and attendance software deployed with uAttend devices automates the entire payroll process, which eliminates errors associated with manual payroll processing. In addition, businesses can export detailed time and attendance reports from uAttend to their existing payroll or accounting software. This saves several man-hours each pay-cycle and reduces the element of human error.

Boost Revenue with Accurate Payroll

uAttend helps businesses accurately track employee work hours and ensures they are paying strictly for time worked. Our biometric timeclocks help eradicate time theft and buddy punching, all the while improving your operational efficiency. Identifying employees through the use of unique physiological features, such as fingerprints, reduces any chance of employees manipulating their work hours, and gives you peace of mind when it comes to payroll.

uAttend’s biometric time clock solutions help businesses improve revenue and boost productivity. As a result, businesses are able to focus on core activities and have more time for innovation and product development.

Reinvigorate Your Payroll Processing with Cloud-Based Employee Time and Attendance

Traditionally, managing employee time and attendance was done manually, which meant less accuracy and more chance for operator error. As automation was introduced and in-house applications came into play, more businesses have begun to use internal resources to manage payroll. However, these methods, though effective to a certain extent, come with their own inherent flaws and expenses. Web based time clock system for employee time and attendance

For example, employers often have to pay annual licensing fees to be able to use these services, plus there is added cost for equipment such as servers and other accessories. In addition, an organization usually has to hire IT professionals to specifically manage their in-house servers and train staff on how to use complex software. The time spent on the implementation process also adds to the cost of in-house time clock systems.

As you can see, costs quickly add up with in-house services. These days, smart business owners use cloud-based delivery of employee time tracking systems to eliminate unnecessary expenses related to licensing, hardware, IT support and staff training.

Web Based Time Clock Systems

Online workforce management systems are not only cost effective, they are also more user-friendly. There is no need to manually monitor any of the data tracking or processing. Each stage of your payroll process (e.g., data capture, data recording, storage, etc.) is automated. This saves the valuable time of floor supervisors, human resources and payroll staff.

Cloud-based employee time and attendance systems enable employers to log in to their accounts from anywhere in the world and keep track of their employees. Furthermore, employees can punch in from remote locations via Smartphone applications and Web browsers. This especially comes in handy for technical staff that has to visit multiple locations to perform various tasks.

With online time clock systems, organizations are able to allocate resources, such as time and revenue, towards their core business activities to benefit them more in the long run. With no system downtime, no complicated software upgrades, and fewer costs for data storage, businesses are able to innovate and improve their operational efficiency by leaps and bounds.

If you are a business owner that either uses a manual or in-house means of time tracking and payroll processing, you should consider looking into web based time clock systems. They are, by far, the best solution for workforce management, and can largely benefit your company using cloud based delivery.

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A Biometric Time Clock – The Only Time Management Solution You Need

A time clock has been used for tracking employee time and attendance in the workplace for more than a century. It has experienced several transformations over the years, and its modern-day version is the absolute ultimate tool for effectively managing payroll.

In their original design, mechanical devices punched the time and date of an employee’s work hours on paper time cards at the start and end of their shifts to record attendance. Today, employers have the advantage of using an advanced biometric time clock to do the job instead – only much more efficiently, without paper time cards or manual data entry.biometric time clock

Why The Switch?

While the traditional workforce management system fulfilled the needs of early attendance tracking, with the passage of time and the advancements of small businesses, flaws eventually started to emerge. The mechanical time clock simply became an inefficient means of recording employee time and attendance. Employers were exposed to wage fraud practices, and in the absence of efficient checks and balances, they were at the mercy of their employees. Time theft became an increasingly troublesome issue as employees found they could manipulate the mechanical devices.

It was not only expensive for companies to implement strict human supervision; it was also challenging to find the manpower. Businesses were forced to incur revenue and productivity losses. Due to these reasons, when time and attendance solutions such as timekeeping software emerged on the scene, they were implemented in large numbers. These solutions not only provided a better alternative for manual time tracking, but also provided additional features that helped transform the workplace into a more efficient place.

The Biometric Time Clock

Although there are a number of punch in options provided by these devices, systems with biometric recognition, (such as fingerprints), remain to be the most popular. Requiring the use of unique physiological features for employee identification puts an immediate stop to time theft and buddy punching. These time and attendance solutions have played a key role in saving revenue for businesses, and have substantially reduced operating costs.

These systems also come equipped with timekeeping software that generates automated reports that help payroll and HR departments save valuable time, in addition to accurately tracking employee time and attendance.

uAttend’s Cloud-Based Time Tracking Software For Workforce Management

Time tracking software is an application that consists of written programs and procedures designed for accurately tracking employee time and attendance. This software is primarily utilized for automating the otherwise labor-intensive task of payroll management at the workplace, thus allowing employers the ability to reduce the amount of time consumed in employee time tracking and payroll preparation. This is why businesses around the world are implementing uAttend time and attendance solutions. uAttend time tracking software systems are the best automated time clocks

The Package You Get

The uAttend workforce management package consists of both automated time clocks and online time and attendance management solutions. The cloud-based software application that comes with the time tracking device contains features like desktop notifications for supervisors if an employee is absent or late. There are currently a number of payroll applications available in the market, but the best ones are those that use a biometric device for tracking and recording employee hours.

Small and medium sized enterprises have found that an automated employee time clock provides substantial advantages, and quickly justifies its acquisition cost. Time tracking software benefits include the elimination of unauthorized overtime, with the added advantages of automated payroll processing. With paper time cards eliminated, your business can enjoy accurate and streamlined employee time and attendance tracking. In addition, you receive automated reports that can be generated in a number of formats, and don’t forget the savings on costs associated with paper time cards and other accessories.

Rising Demand & Popularity

uAttend’s automated time clocks are the product of choice when it comes to workforce management solutions that are not only effective, but also very economical. All of our payroll management solutions are extremely simple and easy to install. Our centralized support enables businesses to keep track of their employees’ time and attendance, especially the ones who work at multiple locations.

Before you select a time and attendance system for your business, there are a few things you should consider. First, you should select the employee time clock that is best suited for your particular needs and fulfills your business objectives. uAttend offers a number of payroll management solutions that include biometric fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, proximity readers, and bar code readers. With the right kind of solution from uAttend’s robust product line, your business can immediately reap its many benefits.