uAttend Biometric Time Clock – The Most Affordable & Feature-Rich Solution Available

It has become more and more important to effectively manage employee time and attendance if an organization wishes to stay competitive in this tough market. uAttend biometric time clocks enable you to do just that in a far better way than any other time and attendance solution in the market. Our biometric timeclocks are the most affordable, as well as the most feature-rich workforce management systems available today. Below are some of the reasons why.Biometric time clocks

1. Plug N Play

uAttend time clock systems are extremely easy to implement. The entire process takes just a couple of hours to set up and deploy. This is a feature that is not available in a majority of time tracking applications, especially the ones where you need an annual license.

2. Universal Access

Biometric timeclocks from uAttend are deployed through cloud computing and provide the best possible options for retrieval when it comes to accessing recorded data. Whether it is your employees that need to access the system to punch-in, or your supervisors who need to download time and attendance data, they can accomplish this from anywhere in the world as long as there is Internet access.

3. Seamless Upgrades…Totally Free

Since the time tracking software accompanying uAttend time clocks is deployed through the cloud, users never experience downtime for software upgrades. Furthermore, no matter how many upgrades and additional features we come up with, there is never a fee for the software upgrade. How many products have you heard of that offer lifetime free upgrades?

4. Payroll Integration

There are very few time and attendance systems that not only provide accurate time tracking, but also offer assistance in managing and processing your payroll. With uAttend time clock systems, you can export your recorded data to more than 50 top payroll and accounting software programs, such as ADP®, Paychex®, Quickbooks® and MYOB®, saving yourself a lot of time and loads of revenue.

5. Most Affordable Solution

Although uAttend biometric time clocks are loaded with highly useful features, the cost of acquisition and operating is astonishingly affordable. You can have an advanced system with biometrics for as low as $139 and a low monthly subscription plan.

Get this amazing and affordable solution for your business today!

uAttend Time Tracking Software Can Help You Cope With Seasonal Employee Payroll

The holiday season is upon us and like every other small or medium-sized business, you are likely feeling the pressure of having to cope with the increase in demand for your products and services. This is a time of rush deliveries and meeting customers’ urgent needs. A lot of businesses resort to hiring seasonal workers to cope with this pressure and meet these demands. Although this does help in a company’s overall business operations, it can also create problems in other areas, especially payroll.

web based time tracking softwareBusinesses that use a mechanical time clock or rely on paper time sheets have to address the inevitable extra time and effort that is required to handle seasonal payroll. A business that has 20 employees on a regular basis can double this number during the holiday season. This, of course, means that the person handling payroll, (which in a majority of cases is the business owner), has to dedicate twice the amount of time to process paychecks.

Another problem that a business has to face is that of FLSA compliance. Many business owners are unaware of the fact that if a seasonal employee has worked for more than 40 hours in a week, he or she has to be paid just like a full-time hourly worker (i.e., one and a half times regular pay for work done in excess of 40 hours). In the absence of systems like web based time tracking software, it is not only difficult to handle employee time and attendance, but also difficult to keep track of such issues for compliance.

Time tracking software from uAttend presents the ideal solution for this and all the rest of your workforce time management needs. The “Plug N Play” solutions from uAttend can be up and running in just a couple of hours allowing you to focus your time and energy on managing your business rather than stressing about matters related to employee time and attendance.

Stay FLSA Compliant with uAttend’s Time Keeping Software

The past year and a half has seen a record rise in Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violation complaints from employees of large corporations, and even medium and small-sized businesses such as packing facilities and restaurants. While not all of these cases were willful incidents of wage theft, employers were still held accountable for neglect.

Biometric time clocks are advanced time tracking software systemsIt is important to know that businesses can be penalized for FLSA violations from doing the simplest of things, even making a tiny change in an employee’s time card without the employee’s knowledge. Businesses that use pen and paper time sheets or manual time clocks are most susceptible for getting hit with FLSA violation claims. It is easy for a payroll employee of these companies to make an inadvertent error when calculating non-exempt employee work hours. These can be costly mistakes if you are not able to prove that the discrepancy in employee hours was a result of error rather than an attempt at wage fraud.

A Biometric Web Based Time Clock is the Solution

uAttend biometric workforce management solutions help organizations accurately record employee time and attendance. In addition, these biometric time clocks identify employees by their physiological traits that are unique to them and not shared by anyone else. This makes it impossible for employees to engage in wage fraud practices, and ultimately helps your business by saving on costs associated with time theft.

Automated Recording & Data Processing

Advanced time keeping software from uAttend allows businesses to eliminate the hours and hours of wasted time that are usually consumed when manually recording employee time and attendance. When combined with biometric technology, this application can become your best defense against any possible FLSA violation claims. Here is how:

1. Employees punch-in and out of biometric time clocks with their fingerprints so there is no possibility of claiming or manipulating their time records.

2. From the recording of employee punch data, to the complete calculation of employee work hours, the whole time and attendance process is automated and free of human error. Automation improves FLSA compliance, and reduces the possibility of an unintentional violation. Compliance is compromised with manual time and attendance data processing.

3. The time keeping software stores digital records of employee time and attendance that can be exported to any format. Since employers are required by law to maintain these records, having the software automatically supports and assists in complying with FLSA regulations.

Whether you own a huge corporation or a small business, a uAttend web based time clock coupled with cutting-edge time tracking software not only helps improve your revenue, but also helps protect your business from FLSA violation claims.

uAttend’s Biometric Time Clock Online – The Best System for Modern Day Workforce Management

The increasingly competitive marketplace is forcing business organizations, both small businesses and major corporations, to find and implement strategies and technologies that can help them improve organizational performance and stay competitive. A biometric time clock online is considered one of the best examples of such technologies. Almost every modern management strategist agrees that the effective utilization of an organization’s workforce is vital to stay competitive and profitable.

biometric time clock system the best timekeeping softwareOrganizations that are reluctant to use automation are often not able to make substantial improvements in output or revenue. Employee management applications like timekeeping software from uAttend have been behind the success of thousands of businesses that have become streamlined and more productive. Below, we discuss why these systems are necessary for businesses.

Organizational Growth Barriers

Modern day management professionals agree that the failure of an organization to effectively manage its employee time is the biggest issue that hinders their growth. In comparison, an organization that utilizes workforce management solutions, such as an automated time clock, have been able to effectively deal with this problem and subsequently experience considerable growth and expansion.

Modern Employee Time Management Systems

Today’s businesses use cloud-based employee time and attendance management tools such as uAttend’s biometric time clock online to effectively track and manage employee work hours. This type of system also helps manage payroll related tasks in an accurate manner. These time tracking solutions have enabled businesses to enjoy much higher levels of accuracy and data access, making them a popular choice for employee time management.

What is the Secret of Success?

A cloud-based fingerprint time clock is considered to be the most customizable time and attendance management solution currently available. These systems from uAttend are not only extremely effective, but also provide accuracy and reliability at very reasonable prices. This is what has made them one of the most preferred payroll solutions on the market. In addition, uAttend systems offer organizations considerable benefit in human resource evaluations by addressing issues like employee productivity.

As you can see, there are many cost-saving reasons why time and attendance systems equipped with uAttend’s timekeeping software are being used across the globe by tech-savvy businesses and corporations. Shouldn’t your organization be one of them?