How Biometric Time and Attendance Improves Your ROI

Facing stiff competition and steadily rising operating costs, it is becoming increasingly difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to reach their full market potential. To survive, businesses are seeking solutions that can reduce their overall expenses. Biometric time and attendance is one effective solution that has been highly successful in helping organizations maximize their human resources and stay afloat. time tracking software

Time tracking software from uAttend is the most effective workforce management solution available to reduce today’s operating costs. uAttend’s software automatically records employee work hours and even helps to manage and process payroll. The accuracy and automation provided by time & attendance software such as this will increase your productivity levels, enhance your organizational efficiency, and quickly give you a return on investment.

How do the Systems Work?

Biometric time and attendance systems from uAttend work as a browser-based solution that enables your small and medium-sized business to accurately track and collect employee work hours electronically. This advanced application can eliminate buddy punching, time theft and unauthorized over-time from your workplace in the blink of an eye. In addition, the accompanying time tracking software can be integrated with your current payroll system. This further improves your return on investment by automating your payroll processing.

Wage Fraud Eradication

Workforce management that is executed manually is vulnerable to employee manipulation, time theft and wage fraud. As a result, your business inaccurately processes payroll and pays for hours that were never worked. Automated time & attendance software with biometrics authenticates employee identity through unique individual fingerprints and does not leave any room for error or fraud.

Reduced Labor Costs = Improved Return on Investment

uAttend’s biometric time and attendance systems effectively control workplace malpractices such as time theft and buddy punching. This immediately helps businesses lower labor costs that were incurred from unethical employees. In addition, cloud computing and automation reduce costs on purchases like stationary, supplies, equipment and accessories, which saves your company even more. Simply put, with uAttend, employee time and attendance is automated from start to finish and your business requires fewer resources to run payroll. This results in substantially lower operating costs. Talk about ROI!

If this is something you might be interested in, look for a uAttend workforce management solution today!

The Biometric Time Clock – Taking Your Payroll And Productivity To The Cloud

Cloud-based services have taken the business market by storm in the last decade, and time and attendance solutions are no exception. In fact, some might say that workforce time management is one niche that has benefited the most from cloud services. Before the advent of cloud computing, a business that implemented an automated time clocksystem faced considerable expenses in a number of areas. Biometric time clock

First of all, businesses had to pay hefty licensing fees on an annual basis to be able to utilize services such as biometric time clock solutions. In addition to these licensing fees, businesses also had to pay for any software upgrades. Secondly, in the absence of cloud computing, the only option available to organizations looking to streamline their time and attendance tracking was to have their own in-house servers to host the system. This was also an expensive option and added to the already high costs of the time and attendance system.

Unfortunately, the software that accompanied such systems was often very complex and difficult for employees to understand and operate. Many businesses ended up needing IT support on a continual basis. In addition, data security was an issue because the time and attendance data had to be stored on in-house servers where it could be easily accessed or tampered with by anyone in the office. With the introduction of cloud computing and today’s time clock online systems, all of these problems dissolved into thin air.

uAttend Cloud-Based Time Clock Systems

uAttend time and attendance solutions eliminate the above noted employee management limitations and offer all the benefits that the internally hosted solutions simply cannot. With biometric time clock solutions from uAttend, there is no need to invest heavily into IT infrastructure and expensive servers. Plus, there are no annual licensing fees or continual charges for software upgrades. Our solutions are extremely flexible and require a low-commitment level with no contracts.

In addition, data integrity and storage is protected because the recorded time and attendance data is stored on secure online servers and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Cloud-based, biometric time clock online systems cannot be tampered with by employees, which helps to ensure the accuracy of your data.

With uAttend cloud-based solutions your employees are held more accountable for their time and attendance routine, thus helping to streamline your payroll operations and increase your employee productivity.

Is Your Business Losing Money Due to Time Theft? uAttend Time Clocks Can Help

Time theft is one of the biggest reasons for loss of productivity in the workplace, and is endemic no matter what type of industry or size of business. The total loss of productivity in the United States is estimated at well over $400 billion each year thanks to time theft alone. The problem is generally faced by small and medium sized businesses that do not manage their employee time and attendance with automated time clocks. uattend biometric time clocks

The Downside of Manual Workforce Management

The effective handling of payroll and tracking of employee work hours is a vital part of any organization’s business processes. If left to inefficient manual management, it will likely yield more problems for you than solutions. Handling employee time in an effective and accountable way lets employees know that they can and will be held responsible for their actions as far as their time and attendance is concerned.

How Can uAttend Help?

Our biometric time clock systems have proven to be an effective solution for problems like time theft and employee productivity. Our time and attendance systems are not only effective; they are also affordable and are loaded with useful features. uAttend wireless time clock systems are cloud-based, which makes them extremely easy to implement and operate even for employees with little computer literacy.

uAttend time clocks with biometric features ensure that your business only pays for hours actually worked. These state-of-the-art systems let employees punch in and out with their fingerprints ensuring there is no practice of time theft such as buddy punching.

A uAttend biometric time clock system is the most invincible workforce management solution that you can get. Fingerprints are unique to each individual person, so there is no possibility of an employee forging his or her fingerprints in order to steal time and money from your business. You no longer need to be physically present at your workplace every time your employees start or end their shifts. uAttend wireless time clock systems are there to keep an eye on employee time and attendance for you.

Biometric Timeclocks Help Reign in the Rising Costs of Payroll

A stagnant world economy has been taking its toll on local businesses for quite some time now, and the situation does not show much sign of immediate improvement. Retailers have had to become very tough and extremely competitive, making it a challenge for small and medium-sized businesses to survive. Many of these same businesses have been further challenged by the increased minimum daily wage that started in 10 states at the beginning of the year. biometric timeclocks

How Could This Affect Your Business?

An increase in minimum wage results in higher payroll costs. It is estimated that the current increase will range from $190 to $510 per employee per year. If your business employs 20 hourly workers, this simple rise in minimum wage could cost you anywhere from $3,800 to $10,200 annually depending on the state where your business is located. This is exactly the kind of situation that forces small and medium-sized business owners to rethink their organizational processes and how they manage their employees’ time and attendance. Biometric timeclocks from uAttend are workforce management solutions that can help your business by ensuring that you are accurately paying your employees.

Automated Time Clock Systems From uAttend

Automated time tracking systems from uAttend are equipped with advanced features like biometric fingerprint and facial recognition technology, and provide much needed accountability for your business. Our systems identify employees using their unique physiological features (such as fingerprints), and provide streamlined time and attendance tracking. uAttend’s time keeping software system is not only the most accurate on the market, it is also the most affordable.

Once you have implemented one of our biometric timeclocks, your employees will be able to punch in and out of work with their fingerprints. These systems are highly advanced and cannot be manipulated or bypassed, which prevents time theft and wage fraud. Your payroll and organizational procedures will become more productive and efficient, and your workplace’s operational costs will dramatically decrease with our state-of-the-art time clock systems.

With additional features such as cloud-based delivery and detailed automated reporting, the uAttend time keeping software system is the top choice for any business. Implement this amazing technology today and reign in unwanted and unnecessary operating costs.

uAttend Time Tracking Software Can Help Your Business Improve Savings

uAttend is the leading provider of one of the most advanced time tracking software systems in the world. At uAttend, we are fully aware of the fact that when it comes to running a business, time is money. Whether you are a small business or a medium-sized one, it is extremely beneficial to implement advanced workforce management solutions like biometric time and attendance. Keep in mind, of course, that the profit margins of your business can be affected depending on the choice of your time and attendance management solution. In other words, you should choose the best one to suit your business needs.

uAttend Time Clocks Save Revenues

On average, uAttend biometric time tracking systems save thousands of dollars per employee per year. Your business can experience a huge improvement in productivity and efficiency once you implement uAttend time tracking software. uAttend is not an expense, but rather an investment that is bound to provide you enormous savings on future costs relating to payroll.time tracking software

Biometric Time and Attendance Systems for the Modern Workplace

uAttend biometric workforce management systems are incredibly efficient solutions capable of meeting all the challenges of the modern workplace. With these systems, your workforce is able to record their time and attendance through a wide range of options such as biometric time clocks, web-browsers, landlines, and even Smartphone apps from mobile devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, and Android. The Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, which is ideal for the dynamic modern workplace, equips your small or medium sized business with a number of extremely useful features that not only help you save time, but also revenues.

Advantages of Time Tracking Software Systems

uAttend workforce management systems enable your employees to electronically log their time and attendance, both locally and remotely. The punch-ins and punch-outs recorded through biometric attendance systems ensure the utmost accuracy eliminating workplace evils such as time theft. All punches are recorded in real-time and are made accessible to owners and HR managers through the Internet. This powerful tool can also be integrated with more than 50 of the top payroll and accounting software systems ensuring a huge savings of time for your organization.