Top Four Reasons to use Biometric Enabled Time Tracking Software

Accurately accounting employee time is vital for the sustainable growth and profitability of any organization, especially small and medium sized businesses. Organizations that are unable to track employee hours in an efficient manner will struggle to stay competitive in the long run. uAttend’s time tracking software with biometrics enables organizations to accurately track employee time and attendance and save on payroll costs.

Below are four big reasons to use biometric workforce management solutions to validate employee identity.

1. Eliminate Buddy Punching

Biometric enabled time & attendance software systems take control of your timekeeping operations and put an end to time theft practices. By using highly innovative biometric fingerprint and facial recognition technology, these systems work to prevent employees from punching in and out for each other, thus reducing labor costs.

Biometric systems use unique physiological human traits that are unique to individual humans such as fingerprints and facial patterns. These physical features cannot easily be duplicated and deter employees from defrauding their company.

2. Prevent Wage Fraud Practices

When an organization utilizes biometric systems to manage its timekeeping, it closes the door on the many forms of wage fraud and prevents employees from falsify his or her time records. For example, with manual timekeeping processes, employees can easily engage in practices such as rounding off work hours, lying about arrival and departure times and spending extra time on the job to earn unauthorized overtime.

3. Extremely User-Friendly

Biometric time clocks with time tracking software means that employees do not need to carry around time cards or RFID badges, or remember log in passwords or PINs. All an employee needs is their self. This process makes it easier on everyone. Not only is it convenient for employees, but it is also great for management because they do not need to reset user information and re-issue RFID keys or badges.

time tracking software by uAttend.com4. Automate Your Entire Time & Attendance Process

Biometric systems offer the additional advantage of automating the entire time and attendance management process, from punch in to payroll. This has revolutionized the way traditional HR management is done. Timestamps are created and saved in real-time. They are recorded and stored on remote redundant servers allowing HR managers access to up-to-date employee time and attendance data from anywhere in the world.

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