Time & Attendance Tracking with Biometric Technology

Attendance tracking softwareIsn’t technology amazing? What we once used to see only in the movies has now come full circle and can be seen being used in our every day lives. Take the cell phone watch for example. We can now have an actual conversation with someone using our watch! This is, of course, in addition to the hundreds of other useful advantages that today’s mobile technology allows such as storing data and searching the Internet. To this point, employee time and attendance tracking has also gone through some major transformations over the years. This is due in large part to the introduction of advanced technology like that found in online time & attendance tracking software.

As if being web based wasn’t enough, many of today’s time clocks feature biometric technology, which further enhances a business’s ability to accurately and reliably track their employee’s time. A biometric timeclock system, such as uAttend, serves as a single solution for all your time & attendance tracking needs.

Traditional time tracking systems like Bundy clocks and paper timesheets each have their limitations, but perhaps none are as important to address as the issue of time theft. Manual time tracking systems fail to eliminate practices associated with employee time theft such as the rounding up of work hours and buddy punching. Businesses can experience higher labor cost leaks when they rely completely on their workforce’s discipline, honor and commitment to accurately record their attendance. Biometric time and attendance clocks reduce the chance of time theft loss by ensuring an employee’s time is accurately marked and recorded. By requiring a personal biometric identification marker such as an employee’s face or fingerprint, biometric time and attendance clocks make it very difficult for hourly workers to partake in time theft activities.

web time clocks by uAttend

Biometric time and attendance clocks are also easy to install and set up, and are completely automated. Solutions like uAttend’s biometric time clocks are coupled with advanced online time and attendance tracking software that leverages the power of cloud computing. This means managers can check employee work hour data at any time of the day and from anywhere they have access to a web browser. Business owners and supervisors can be at home, on vacation or working out-of-town and still be able to go online and see who is punched in, who was late, who is nearing overtime, etc. This also reduces the amount of time needed to process attendance records for payroll purposes and reduces labor costs by minimizing the potential number of errors made. Whether a biometric time clock requires fingerprints or facial recognition, it makes time theft nearly impossible and creates accurate time and attendance reports that can be accessed and reviewed by authorized HR staff. This is pretty incredible when you think about it.

Going back to the way things have changed, when it comes to managing a workforce and tracking employee time and attendance, the concept of biometric technology and cloud computing really is fascinating. If you’re looking for a way to record and store detailed employee time and attendance records, biometric time and attendance clocks are the way to go. After all, what good are today’s amazing technological advancements if you don’t use them?

Bye-Bye Paper: Reduce Your Eco-Footprint With Web Based Time Tracking Software

uAttend  web based time tracking softwareOrganizations operating with paper-laden operating systems inflate their ecological footprint by adding to the demand of Earth’s valuable energy and resources. No matter how many trees we plant, our planet is simply unable to grow and reproduce them at the speed we use them. With an increasing population and deforestation for urbanization, our already fragile ecosystem is taking serious blows. Fortunately, there are simple, small and affordable steps that businesses can take to play a responsible role in reducing their eco-footprint. One of these steps is to replace manual, paper-based time tracking systems with automated web based time tracking software.

Web Time Clocks: An Eco-Friendly Solution

When a business operates with a manual time tracking system, it makes more of an impact on our ecosystem than you might think. Manual processes rely heavily on paper as it is used to record, collect and process large amounts of time and attendance data. Employees punch in and out with paper time cards or enter their time on paper timesheets. The collected data is then stored and further processed on paper to create reports of employee work hours for payroll. Lastly, employers are required by law to keep records of employee hour and wage data for a set period of time. This means that in order to comply, businesses that use manual time tracking systems have to keep files and files of paper records in storage.

Opposite of manual systems, cloud-based time and attendance systems are completely automated and are essentially paper-free. There is no need for paper because everything is electronically recorded, processed, stored and retrieved. From employee timestamps to wage and hour reports, every bit of information is digital. Employees punch in and out using fingerprints, RFID cards, mobile devices, facial recognition or personal identification numbers, thus rendering paper time cards obsolete. Data storage is also done digitally, which helps reduce the demand for paper…and ultimately the demand for trees.

Additional Benefits of Web Based Time Tracking Software

You know the saying, “Every little bit helps”? This is true of online time tracking software. If every business made just this one small change, collectively it would be a huge change for the world. But the environment isn’t the only reason to consider time tracking software. In addition to being eco-friendly, cloud-based workforce management systems streamline your time and attendance process from start to finish, saving hours of work. Since the system is web-based, authorized personnel have universal access to work hour data, which means they can view and monitor employee attendance info anytime and from anywhere (24/7)! Plus, with advanced features such as biometrics and geo-location, these solutions can also help reduce your operating costs.

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