Maximize Your Employee Productivity in 2014

uAttend-time-clocks-2014It’s a brand new year, which means a new start and a new slate to work from for the next 365 days. Of course, if you’re like most people, it also means time for New Year resolutions. So, what are yours? What are some of the things you’d like to improve on or change this year? Do you want to be more productivity? Do you want to inspire and motivate more? Is there a goal in mind you want to meet, or perhaps a record you want to break? What is it you want to achieve as a person in 2014?

Now, let’s switch it up a bit. While it’s important to have personal resolutions for the coming year, it is also important to have professional resolutions as well. So, what is it you want to achieve on a professional level this year? Your goals, dreams, visions and achievements might look a bit different than your individual resolutions. This is largely because they are no longer just about you. It’s about your employees, your managers, your coworkers, your business and livelihood. New Year resolutions at work revolve around rewards, promotions, improved relations and ways to boost revenue. Common examples of business resolutions include reducing labor costs and maximizing employee productivity. A sure fire way to do this is by implementing an online time and attendance system. Accurately tracking your employees’ time not only helps bring the best out of your workers, but also helps cut down on operating expenses.

The Importance of Accurate Time Tracking

If you’ve ever been caught in a battle about work hours and wages, you know firsthand how important it is to accurately track employee time. Feuds often escalate between employees and their employers over work hours and pay, and employers are surprisingly in the wrong more often than you might think. It all comes down to having a reliable system in place to track, monitor, store and calculate employee work hours. When a solid employee time tracking system is in place, there is no wiggle room for questions and accusations. An employee cannot argue his or her hours when digital time stamps confirm the time he or she punched in and out. In addition, time tracking software completely eliminates the chance of human error when it comes to payroll because all calculations are automated. It’s a win-win for both employers and their employees. Comprehensive time tracking software helps prevent wage and hour issues and instills a sense of confidence in the minds of everyone involved.

thumbs-up-time-clock-motivationMotivating Your Employees

By installing a time tracking solution, such as a biometric time clock system or other workforce management software, it becomes easy for management to check employee integrity and work ethic, and to motivate and monitor accordingly. You can track who shows up on time each and every day, as well as who might be arriving late or leaving early. You can also get a pretty good idea as to who is being more productive and who might need a little direction on the work floor. Time tracking software gives you the tools and resources to reward those employees who deserve it and address concerns with those who can do better for your company.

On another level, time tracking software instills a sense of accountability and efficacy on the employee’s behalf. When they know their time is being monitored closely, they become more productive and efficient. Nobody wants an alert being sent to his or her supervisor letting them know he or she punched in late! In addition to promoting timeliness, time tracking software promotes a sense of fairness and job satisfaction because every single employee knows that they are all being treated the same way when it comes to time and attendance expectations. There is no bias or preferential treatment.

As you embark on this year’s coming voyage and set forth with your personal New Year resolutions, don’t forget to work on your professional ones, too. Maximizing employee productivity and reducing your labor costs should be at the top of your list. If they are, then investing an automated time and attendance system should be too.

The Love/Hate Relationship with Business Technology

Oh technology…. we certainly can’t live without it (nor would we want to). Yet, while technology can open up endless opportunity, it can have adverse effects as well. For example, as efficient as it is, technology actually creates numerous ways to reduce one’s productivity. We live in a mobile world where personal phone calls can be made from any location and where there is constant perusal of email and social media apps on Smartphones (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). So, even though technology has become a must in the business world, it has also bred a sort of love/hate relationship for managers who struggle to find a balance between regulating the usage of these tools.

In many instances, companies need to leverage technology, but at the same time restrict usage during business working hours. There is one key area, however, where technology does not need restriction and has proven to be a huge asset – the area of employee monitoring and surveillance. Think about how difficult it is for busy managers to keep tabs on every single employee throughout the day. The human eye can miss a lot, and as much as we want to think there is no bias in the workplace, personal surveillance is a subjective concept. Technology is the best way to properly monitor employees and to accurately reduce (and hopefully eliminate) malpractices such as employee time theft.

uAttend-time-clockIn fact, a recent research article has indicated that using technology and software for employee surveillance, such as time attendance systems with biometric fingerprint and facial recognition time clocks, helps effectively monitor employee behavior and prevent work theft and fraud. The Impact of Information Technology Monitoring on Employee Theft and Productivity is a study done by several research professionals to explore the impact of information technology on employee theft and productivity. The researchers conducted a study at 392 restaurants throughout the United States by implementing an IT monitoring solution intended to track employees for possible theft. Before and after data was analyzed and the results showed a considerable positive impact in revenue savings and productivity levels.

According to the study, restaurants increased revenue by nearly $3,000 a week (on average). Another positive outcome was better productivity and performance levels. Researchers hypothesized that employees who know their work is being monitored will start doing their jobs better. What they found is that monitoring tools like uAttend’s employee time tracking system not only keep employees accountable for their work hours (i.e., they show up on time, leave on time, etc.), but they also keep employees from gaining money by stealing thus forcing employees to reallocate their efforts to earn money the way they are supposed to  – by actually working!

While there will likely remain a love/hate relationship between business owners and business technology, there are certain solutions that will always be beneficial to have. As research indicates over and over again, time and attendance systems are one of them. On that note, uAttend’s Employee Management System is a highly effective IT monitoring tool that leverages biometric technology and the power of the cloud to encourage employees to be accountable for their time. Our solutions are smart, effective, sleek and user-friendly, not to mention reliable and affordable. If you’re ready to fall in love with what the right business technology can do for you, check out our innovative time clocks and time keeping software at