Why Trust uAttend with Your Employee Time & Attendance?

http://www.uattend.com/images/bn6000_01.jpgIf you are currently searching for a new time and attendance solution, you’ve found the right place to look. While there are many reasons companies choose a uAttend™ Employee Management System (we’ll touch on these later), one of the most important ones is simply because customers know they can trust us. Not only do businesses trust that we will accurately record and store their important employee work hour information, but they also trust that we will take care of any concerns and that our customer support team will respond to their questions and needs.

Maintaining an accurate account of your employee work hours has numerous benefits, which is why investing in time tracking software should be at the top of your purchase list. Choosing the right time tracking system can reduce labor costs, streamline your payroll, prevent time theft, improve employee productivity and even boost employee morale and accountability. The right time tracking system can also save you valuable time by helping to manage your employees more effectively.

So, what’s the right system? This is where uAttend’s robust line of time clocks comes into play. We have a range of flexible and affordable solutions that will fit your business needs, from RFID reading time clocks to biometric recognition time clock systems.

How About a Fingerprint Time and Attendance System?

Our fingerprint time and attendance system is one of the most popular systems we offer. The unique process of fingerprint recognition and identification helps eliminate the chance of buddy punching and time theft. If your employees mark attendance with a time card or physically write their hours down for approval, there is always a chance of error or fraud. Employees can falsify their work hours or even punch a coworker’s time card without getting caught. This ultimately means higher labor costs for your organization. With our fingerprint time tracking system, employees can no longer punch in for anyone else or lie about their time. The biometric recognition process provides a secure and accurate means of identification and it verifies the authenticity of your employees’ work hours. In addition to knowing your employees are being properly identified, our cloud-based time tracking software automatically marks and stores their work hour data in real-time, which helps to ensure you are paying employees for the exact amount of time worked.

Conveniently Manage Work Hours

When you purchase a uAttend time clock with time tracking software, you have instant access to advanced management tools including real-time monitoring, administrative scheduling and mobile data processing. Imagine being able to manage an employee’s schedule from the convenience of your home desktop, laptop, mobile tablet or Smartphone! You set the parameters of your employees’ work hours. You can limit or restrict overtime and set alerts to be notified when someone is late. You can generate reports to use during performance reviews and can even automatically tally and export employee work hours for payroll. Of course, these are only a few of the incredible benefits that come with an automated time and attendance system from uAttend.

Customer Satisfaction

By now, you have hopefully realized what a great investment a uAttend system is for your business. Don’t forget that in addition to the remarkable cost savings and benefits that our systems provide, we are also 100% committed to customer satisfaction. In fact, we back our time clocks with a free lifetime replacement guarantee. We also have a dedicated customer support team that is not only here to help, but wants to help.

With the confidence we have in our products and services, along with our commitment to you as a customer, why wouldn’t you trust uAttend with your employee time and attendance? For more information, call us at 800-518-8925 or visit www.uAttend.com TODAY!

Time Tracking and Time Theft – What’s the Connection?

Tracking employee attendance - Stop Time TheftIn this day and age, businesses can pretty much track everything. By doing so, companies can determine things like how many people a message reached, how many products were sold due to a specific ad campaign, how many likes and shares they got on a social media post and even how many people to hire for seasonal help. On an administrative level, businesses use software to track everything from inventory and website leads to performance metrics and workflow processes. However, one of the most important things a business can track is its employees’ time.

Why is this? Well, employee time tracking allows businesses to better manage the productivity and performance of their workforce by identifying the areas where they can spend their time more efficiently. And with more and more of today’s workforces going mobile, time tracking has become an essential means of effectively monitoring and managing an employee’s work hours. Yet, all these wonderful things aside, the number one reason many businesses keep track of their employees’ time is to prevent time theft and save on labor costs.

You see, in addition to improving employee productivity, time tracking is also necessary to prevent time theft. Employee time theft includes everything from buddy punching to employees rounding up or lying about work hours on their time sheets. It has been reported that between extended breaks and the abuse of personal time (e.g., Facebook, personal calls, office talk, emailing, etc.), the average employee ‘steals’ between four and five hours a week from their employer. This adds up to one full working week annually per employee and costs businesses hundreds of billions of dollars.

As noted earlier, time theft comes in a variety of forms and can often be difficult to detect and prevent. Here are a few more examples, in detail:

  1. Time Sheet Fraud – Employees often round up when they are responsible to mark and record their own hours. It might only be by five minutes here or ten minutes there, but this time adds up in the long run and is easy to get away with when businesses don’t have a time clock system in place.
  2. Time Card Fraud – Two words here: buddy punching. Many employees cheat their employers out of time worked by having a friend punch him or her in if they happen to be running late or if they take off early.
  3. Extended Breaks – Break abuse is probably the most common form of time theft and is also one of the trickiest ones to monitor and prove. This involves taking extended breaks and not marking down the time, and even taking unauthorized breaks.
  4. Personal Business – Personal business abuse is another form of time theft that is challenging to monitor. This includes making and receiving personal phone calls, chatting at the water cooler, texting/instant messaging and spending work time on social networking sites.

While no single system will be able to guarantee the elimination of all time theft, (identifying certain forms of abuse often requires a level of manual supervision), there are plenty of solutions available to minimize certain practices in your workplace. Implementing a time clock to record time and attendance is a great first step. This automatically eliminates time sheet fraud and stops dishonest employees from rounding up work hours. Of all the time clock solutions currently available, though, a biometric fingerprint time clock with cloud-based time and attendance tracking software is one of the best to buy. A biometric time clock verifies and authenticates an employee’s identity and instills a level of accountability among your workforce. In addition, most systems leverage the cloud to record, store and access any and all employee work hour data. This means the information is available 24/7 and can be retrieved from anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection.

A biometric, cloud-based time and attendance system can also help play a major role in avoiding wage violation claims. Cloud-based systems record attendance in real-time and store the data on secure servers with an extremely high level of surveillance. There are audit trails that allow you to see which administers have been in the system and/or may have made any changes and you can generate and print a variety of meaningful reports to analyze attendance behaviors and performance levels.

So, is time tracking really necessary? Well, there are numerous studies that indicate time theft costs U.S. businesses up to $400 Billion a year, and there is also a multi-million dollar time tracking industry to prove that time tracking works. The connection is apparent and the improvement is real. The important thing is to invest in the right system, which is where uAttend comes in. The uAttend™ Employee Management System is not only the most reliable and affordable online time tracking solution on the market, but it is also one of the most effective and customizable.

To learn more about uAttend and its robust line of online time tracking solutions, visit www.uAttend.com.

The ABCs of an Online Attendance Software System

Fingerprint time clocksWhether you run a small business or own a large enterprise, much depends on your employees’ productivity and work performance. Of course, keeping up with performance metrics can be difficult without an adequate means to monitor and manage your team. Amid busy schedules and hectic routines, it is difficult to keep a sharp eye on each and every employee. However, with uAttend’s online attendance software system, you can better manage your workforce and produce meaningful metrics to analyze performance and productivity levels. This is made possible through Automation, Biometrics and Cloud computing, or what we like to call the ABCs of an online attendance software system.


When it comes to automation and manual data entry – automation wins every time. Automation eliminates the element of human error, which helps to ensure the most accurate data possible. Since uAttend’s online attendance software system automatically records and stores employee work hour information, you can rest easy knowing your data is error free. Work hour data is also automatically marked and stored in “real time”, which makes it quick, easy and super effective for HR departments to use. For example, in addition to automatically processing payroll, HR managers can instantly access and view snapshots of an employee’s workday to help distribute workloads. Managers can also automatically generate detailed work hour reports to get a larger picture of an employee’s time and attendance behavior.

Biometric Fingerprint Time Clocks

Integrating biometric fingerprint time clocks as part of an online attendance software system doesn’t only save time, but can also drastically reduce labor costs. Biometric technology helps expedite the employee identification process and instills a high level of verification authenticity because it requires physical attributes to clock in. In other words, it helps ensure that your employees are who they say they are when they punch in and out AND that they are where they are supposed to be when they mark their attendance.

uAttend’s biometric time clocks are cost efficient, durable and effective. Plus, they are super easy to install (just Plug ‘n Play) and are even easier to use (simply scan your fingerprint). The time clocks work by scanning employee fingerprints and converting the images into a series of binary numbers. This allows for the safe and secure storage of an employee’s confidential information, and helps dispel any discrepancies with an employee’s time and attendance records.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing makes a world of difference when it comes to employee attendance software systems. All employee work hour information is stored in the cloud making it easy to instantly retrieve. In fact, data stored in the cloud is accessible any time of day and from anywhere with an Internet connection. Imagine being a business owner on vacation, yet still being able to login and see a snapshot of your workforce? Cloud computing allows for the convenience and flexibility of mobile applications, as well. This means employees can punch in and out with their smart phone or tablet, and you (as the employer) can process payroll on the go. Not only can you process payroll, but you can also see who is currently at work, who was late, who left early or who is nearing overtime. Having a virtual window into your employee’s work environment allows you to monitor, track and analyze performance from anywhere in the world.

So there you have them ­– the ABCs of an online attendance software system. And enforcing good attendance behaviors and promoting better overall work performance are just the tip of the iceberg! Systems like uAttend can help do so much more! What better way to manage your workforce?! Want to learn more? Visit our website at www.uAttend.com.