A Biometric Time Clock – The Only Time Management Solution You Need

A time clock has been used for tracking employee time and attendance in the workplace for more than a century. It has experienced several transformations over the years, and its modern-day version is the absolute ultimate tool for effectively managing payroll.

In their original design, mechanical devices punched the time and date of an employee’s work hours on paper time cards at the start and end of their shifts to record attendance. Today, employers have the advantage of using an advanced biometric time clock to do the job instead – only much more efficiently, without paper time cards or manual data entry.biometric time clock

Why The Switch?

While the traditional workforce management system fulfilled the needs of early attendance tracking, with the passage of time and the advancements of small businesses, flaws eventually started to emerge. The mechanical time clock simply became an inefficient means of recording employee time and attendance. Employers were exposed to wage fraud practices, and in the absence of efficient checks and balances, they were at the mercy of their employees. Time theft became an increasingly troublesome issue as employees found they could manipulate the mechanical devices.

It was not only expensive for companies to implement strict human supervision; it was also challenging to find the manpower. Businesses were forced to incur revenue and productivity losses. Due to these reasons, when time and attendance solutions such as timekeeping software emerged on the scene, they were implemented in large numbers. These solutions not only provided a better alternative for manual time tracking, but also provided additional features that helped transform the workplace into a more efficient place.

The Biometric Time Clock

Although there are a number of punch in options provided by these devices, systems with biometric recognition, (such as fingerprints), remain to be the most popular. Requiring the use of unique physiological features for employee identification puts an immediate stop to time theft and buddy punching. These time and attendance solutions have played a key role in saving revenue for businesses, and have substantially reduced operating costs.

These systems also come equipped with timekeeping software that generates automated reports that help payroll and HR departments save valuable time, in addition to accurately tracking employee time and attendance.

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