Biometric Timeclocks to Improve Your Payroll Management

Is your company still using century old mechanical time clocks and paper time cards? Haven’t you heard? It’s the 21st century! Bring your business up-to-date with the most advanced biometric timeclocks from uAttend, and enjoy a more profitable business. Time Clocks for Employees

uAttend’s automated systems enable you to authenticate employee identity through facial and fingerprint recognition. Once the identity of an employee is confirmed, his or her attendance data is saved in real-time on secure, cloud-based servers. The cloud feature of a time clock online allows floor managers, HR executives and employers to not only access employee time and attendance data as needed, but it also enables them to do so from anywhere in the world.

Say Goodbye to Phantom Card Punching

Bundy time clocks for employees have proven to be somewhat powerless when it comes to time theft in the workplace. The most obvious form of time theft is carried out the through phantom time card punching. This is when one employee punches in for his or her fellow worker that is either running late or absent. uAttend biometric timeclocks eliminate the possibility of phantom punching once and for all. Imagine how much this saves you in payroll costs! Your business can save thousands of dollars by putting a stop to employees adding a few minutes here and a few minutes there. We’re talking true, accurate payroll.

Cloud-Based Time Clocks

All workforce management solutions from uAttend are processed in the cloud, which enables our clients to implement and operate our time clock online systems without additional hardware requirements. You simply install the device at your workplace, and the time and attendance software will go to work. The process is simple, easy, user-friendly and will make your payroll streamlined and efficient.

Reduce Stress in your Office

Everyone deserves a stress free work environment. uAttend biometric timeclocks help minimize stress by providing valuable features, such as fingerprint recognition, that ensure your time and attendance data is accurate and reliable. Further reducing your stress is the fact that you no longer have to worry about compliance issues. All payroll data is stored digitally on cloud-based servers and is readily accessible whenever you need it. With digital records, you can also do away with the physical filing and storing of payroll information, and still be compliant with labor laws.

Keep in mind, employee time and attendance is more than just minutes. Think of employees’ time in cents and dollars. Eliminate unnecessary costs when it comes to payroll and increase your revenue with a streamlined solution from uAttend.

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