Businesses Need More than Just Time and Attendance Tracking

Today’s businesses depend on time and attendance systems to do much more than simply track how many hours their employees have worked each day. Today’s employers need an advanced system that can help streamline their payroll process, reduce overtime costs, eliminate time theft and allow managers to easily schedule, monitor and manage employee work hours and more.

A good time and attendance system gives businesses a virtual window into their workplace environment. They produce meaningful reports that include everything from employee work hours and breaks to audit trails with entries, corrections and approvals. Time tracking systems like uAttend make life that much easier for business owners and managers. They also provide key advantages when it comes to finances and productivity.

Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of today’s time and attendance systems.

1. Automation = Improved Workforce Productivity
Efficient businesses know how to do more with less, plain and simple. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to leverage automation. Automated systems can replace tedious and mundane administrative tasks that are inefficient and strain resources. Time and attendance tracking is a prime example. Automated time and attendance systems save hours of valuable time for HR and payroll departments. They no longer have to manually calculate, tally and process employee work hours for things like payroll or performance reviews and have instant, real-time access to work hour data such as missed punches and vacation requests. Through automation, they can do more work in less time and apply their new-found ‘free’ time toward productive tasks.

2. Minimize Compliance Risk
Businesses that use time and attendance systems also benefit from ensuring they are complying with labor laws and regulations such as the Fair Labor Standards Act or the Family Medical Leave Act. Compliance is yet another area that can be costly and time consuming. Accuracy is vital. Automated time tracking eliminates the element of human error and helps businesses safely and easily comply with policies. In addition, these solutions allow access to detailed audit trails should a complaint ever need to be addressed.

3. Lower Payroll Costs
One of the biggest benefits a cloud-based time and attendance system offers a business is reduced payroll costs. With automation comes accuracy and with accuracy comes savings. Manual processes often leave businesses vulnerable to hidden costs like payroll and overtime errors, as well as scheduling inefficiencies. By implementing an employee management system like uAttend, businesses can save anywhere from 1 to 8% on payroll costs. ROI is real.

4. Financial Outlook Window
Automated time and attendance systems open up a whole new window for businesses to peer into how their company is running. Owners and managers gain valuable insight on job costing, performance metrics, project expenses, labor costs and much more. Knowing when and where money is being spent, or possibly even lost, is critical to a successful and financial-sounds business, which is why cloud-based time tracking systems like uAttend are so important.

5. Eliminate Time Theft
Using a time and attendance tracking system that makes sure employees are getting paid on time and properly can save thousands of dollars a year in time theft. Time theft includes practices like buddy punching, rounding up hours or lying about hours on a time sheet. Studies have shown that buddy punching alone can cost up to 7% of a company’s gross annual payroll. Add in things like extended breaks or personal calls and it’s easy to see how time can be ‘stolen’. Time and attendance tracking systems are known for their roles in minimizing and often altogether eliminating time theft.

As always, these are just a few of the many benefits automated, cloud-connected time and attendance systems bring to today’s workplace. To learn more about the advantages of these solutions or for more specific details on the uAttend Employee Management System, the nation’s fastest growing cloud-connected time and attendance tracking solution, visit our website at or call 800-518-8925.

How to Determine Potential Savings from a Time and Attendance System

If you’re thinking about buying an automated time and attendance tracking system but aren’t quite sure if you’ll get the desired ROI, this post is for you! Let’s determine the potential savings that could be found from implementing a time tracking system in your workplace.

To determine potential savings that a time and attendance system might bring, it is best to first evaluate your current employee time tracking situation and identify areas of improvement. As you review your processes, look for things such as inefficiencies, high administrative costs, redundant data entry and data entry errors, labor time consumption and other pain points. One very useful question to ask is simply “where could savings come from?”. Might they come from reducing payroll processing time and labor costs? Or from reducing payroll errors and reporting time? Might they come from eliminating unauthorized overtime or buddy punching? Or from having off-site access to time and attendance data?

The truth is that savings can come from any and all of these steps, which is why automated time tracking systems like uAttend are so meaningful and effective. If you use a manual time tracking system or have a traditional time clock and notice any of the core issues mentioned above during your process analysis, chances are you will find great benefit in an automated time tracking system. In fact, many businesses see an immediate ROI after integrating a time and attendance solution.

Tracking employee time might seem like a basic task, but don’t underestimate its potential to save your business valuable revenue and positively impact your bottom line. Today’s advanced time clock systems not only reduce the time and effort it takes to monitor, record and manage employee time, but also allow you to generate reports, receive real-time alerts if someone is late, and even prepare you for performance reviews. Not only that, but solutions like the uAttend Employee Management System essentially automate your entire payroll process ensuring accurate, to-the-minute work hour records and paychecks. Cloud-connected software enables users to access and retrieve employee work hour data any time and from anywhere. With minimal initial investment and a scalable month-to-month contract, it is easy to see how the benefits of an automated time and attendance tracking system means huge savings for your business.

If you’d like to learn more about saving money by automating your time and attendance process, visit our website at or call 800-518-8925.

Is it Time to Rethink Your Time and Attendance System?

As a small business owner, you know what it’s like to have every minute of your day allocated to your daily operations. You also know the importance of prioritizing when it comes to running your business efficiently. Free time is a hot commodity and one you likely see very little of. So, how would you like to free up some of that time-strapped schedule? If you’re still using time sheets or punch time cards, the uAttend™ Employee Management System can help save your valuable time. In fact, depending on the size of your company and number of employees, you could find yourself saving hours each pay period.

Not sure if you really need an automated time tracking system? Here are a few questions and thoughts to consider:

  1. How much time do you currently spend on manual time and attendance tracking and payroll processing?
  2. How old is your current system?
  3. Would you benefit from a scalable solution?
  4. Does your workforce have options when it comes to clocking in and out?
  5. Do you have any employees that work remote?
  6. Does your current system seem costly or expensive?
  7. Is your current system cumbersome, bulky and take up space?
  8. How much time is committed to maintaining your current system?
  9. Do you ever wish you could see your employees’ work hour information when you are away from the office?
  10. Do you have an easy way to access, store and retrieve employee time and attendance data?

Each of these questions is intended to help guide your decision as to whether or not you could benefit from an automated time and attendance system. Of course, perhaps the most important questions to ask are 1) whether or not you could use an extra hour or so each week, and 2) whether or not you want to boost your profits by lower operating and labor costs. If your answer to these last two questions is yes, then it’s time to invest in an automated time tracking system like uAttend.

Ready to take the next step? Visit for product information, or click here to find out how to choose the right time and attendance system to suit your business needs.

How Monitoring Employee Time and Attendance Improves Productivity

employee productivity improvementsWe hear the word monitoring a lot these days, often in relation to surveillance and national security. The association of ‘monitoring’ with ‘spying’ has kind of given the word a bad rap. In reality, monitoring can be very useful and meaningful, especially when put to good use for business.

We’ve touched previously on the “Cleaning House” study where researchers found that surveillance software reduced employee time theft at nearly 400 participating restaurants by an average of $100 a week. While this certainly adds up over the span of a year, the real kicker of this study was the fact that revenues at these restaurants increased on average by nearly $3,000 a week!

If you take a step back and ask why this might be, it’s hard to argue that it was a direct result of implementing monitoring software. As soon as the employees knew they were being watched and would be made accountable for their work, they began to work harder. In this case, monitoring not only reduced time theft practices, but also boosted productivity.

This is actually a great model for how time and attendance tracking can help improve employee productivity. When employees know their hours are being monitored and that they can no longer get away with theft of any form (wage fraud, buddy punching, extended breaks, etc.), they step up in performance. There is also the element of equality when electronically tracking employee time and attendance. Every employee knows that he or she is being held to the same standard and level of expectation when it comes to work hours and attendance behavior. In addition to boosting performance and productivity levels, monitoring employee time can also help boost employee morale. Every employee is treated the same – in a fair, objective and accurate manner leaving no cause for duress about bias or favoritism.

Of course, it’s not all about your employees, it’s about your bottom line. If you don’t have a solid time tracking system in place, that line is likely getting very thin. Think employees stealing a few minutes here and a few minutes there is no big deal? Think again! If a single employee ends up stealing just ten minutes a day, this is the equivalent of 25 hours over a year. That’s more than one full day or equal to three free or additional vacation days. Multiply that by your number of employees and you’ll get a good idea of how much you might save in labor costs by implementing a time and attendance tracking system.

The key point here is that your employees will work harder for you if and when they know you’re paying attention. If you’re interested in taking a step toward boosting productivity, morale and profits in your workplace, consider investing in an effective time tracking system. uAttend is the first place to start looking. The uAttend Employee Management System offers a robust line of time clocks and time attendance software and can help address your employee monitoring needs. For more information, visit or call 800-518-8925.


How to Stop Buddy Punching in the Workplace

how to stop buddy punching with a biometric time clockStop Buddy Punching for good with a uAttend biometric time clock.

Buddy punching in the workplace is one of the most common forms of time theft that today’s business owners struggle to fight against. The final result of which is a loss of revenue due to unnecessary labor costs. In all actuality, businesses of all sizes and from all over the world are losing billions of dollars in payroll expenses to this unethical practice. The good news is there is an easy way to stop buddy punching in its tracks. Installing a biometric time and attendance tracking system from uAttend eliminates an employee’s ability to punch in and out for a coworker, thus helping to ensure you only pay wages for hours that were actually worked.

With a uAttend biometric time & attendance solution in place, you can put an end to buddy punching for good. Below we offer a few other ways that our biometric time clocks help stop time theft:

  1. Buddy Punching – As indicated earlier, a biometric time clock is an effective means to stop buddy punching. Since these devices require an employee’s unique, physiological trait, there is little chance of employees punching in and out for one another.
  2.  Eliminated Human Error – uAttend’s time and attendance software is completely automated and records employee punches in real time. This means employees no longer need to remember exact work hours and jot them down on a time card, which is where a lot of errors can occur. Through automation, you know the employee work hour data is accurate and reliable.
  3. Wage Fraud – Another way businesses lose money is from employees rounding up their work hours. As much as you want to trust an honor system, a minute here or five minutes there can add up to a big expense for employers. Our cloud-based biometric time tracking solutions eliminate the loss of money lost to wage fraud.

Want to learn more about how to stop to buddy punching and save your business time and money? Visit our website at and reap the benefits of a uAttend time and attendance tracking system.

Maximize Your Employee Productivity in 2014

uAttend-time-clocks-2014It’s a brand new year, which means a new start and a new slate to work from for the next 365 days. Of course, if you’re like most people, it also means time for New Year resolutions. So, what are yours? What are some of the things you’d like to improve on or change this year? Do you want to be more productivity? Do you want to inspire and motivate more? Is there a goal in mind you want to meet, or perhaps a record you want to break? What is it you want to achieve as a person in 2014?

Now, let’s switch it up a bit. While it’s important to have personal resolutions for the coming year, it is also important to have professional resolutions as well. So, what is it you want to achieve on a professional level this year? Your goals, dreams, visions and achievements might look a bit different than your individual resolutions. This is largely because they are no longer just about you. It’s about your employees, your managers, your coworkers, your business and livelihood. New Year resolutions at work revolve around rewards, promotions, improved relations and ways to boost revenue. Common examples of business resolutions include reducing labor costs and maximizing employee productivity. A sure fire way to do this is by implementing an online time and attendance system. Accurately tracking your employees’ time not only helps bring the best out of your workers, but also helps cut down on operating expenses.

The Importance of Accurate Time Tracking

If you’ve ever been caught in a battle about work hours and wages, you know firsthand how important it is to accurately track employee time. Feuds often escalate between employees and their employers over work hours and pay, and employers are surprisingly in the wrong more often than you might think. It all comes down to having a reliable system in place to track, monitor, store and calculate employee work hours. When a solid employee time tracking system is in place, there is no wiggle room for questions and accusations. An employee cannot argue his or her hours when digital time stamps confirm the time he or she punched in and out. In addition, time tracking software completely eliminates the chance of human error when it comes to payroll because all calculations are automated. It’s a win-win for both employers and their employees. Comprehensive time tracking software helps prevent wage and hour issues and instills a sense of confidence in the minds of everyone involved.

thumbs-up-time-clock-motivationMotivating Your Employees

By installing a time tracking solution, such as a biometric time clock system or other workforce management software, it becomes easy for management to check employee integrity and work ethic, and to motivate and monitor accordingly. You can track who shows up on time each and every day, as well as who might be arriving late or leaving early. You can also get a pretty good idea as to who is being more productive and who might need a little direction on the work floor. Time tracking software gives you the tools and resources to reward those employees who deserve it and address concerns with those who can do better for your company.

On another level, time tracking software instills a sense of accountability and efficacy on the employee’s behalf. When they know their time is being monitored closely, they become more productive and efficient. Nobody wants an alert being sent to his or her supervisor letting them know he or she punched in late! In addition to promoting timeliness, time tracking software promotes a sense of fairness and job satisfaction because every single employee knows that they are all being treated the same way when it comes to time and attendance expectations. There is no bias or preferential treatment.

As you embark on this year’s coming voyage and set forth with your personal New Year resolutions, don’t forget to work on your professional ones, too. Maximizing employee productivity and reducing your labor costs should be at the top of your list. If they are, then investing an automated time and attendance system should be too.

Time & Attendance Tracking with Biometric Technology

Attendance tracking softwareIsn’t technology amazing? What we once used to see only in the movies has now come full circle and can be seen being used in our every day lives. Take the cell phone watch for example. We can now have an actual conversation with someone using our watch! This is, of course, in addition to the hundreds of other useful advantages that today’s mobile technology allows such as storing data and searching the Internet. To this point, employee time and attendance tracking has also gone through some major transformations over the years. This is due in large part to the introduction of advanced technology like that found in online time & attendance tracking software.

As if being web based wasn’t enough, many of today’s time clocks feature biometric technology, which further enhances a business’s ability to accurately and reliably track their employee’s time. A biometric timeclock system, such as uAttend, serves as a single solution for all your time & attendance tracking needs.

Traditional time tracking systems like Bundy clocks and paper timesheets each have their limitations, but perhaps none are as important to address as the issue of time theft. Manual time tracking systems fail to eliminate practices associated with employee time theft such as the rounding up of work hours and buddy punching. Businesses can experience higher labor cost leaks when they rely completely on their workforce’s discipline, honor and commitment to accurately record their attendance. Biometric time and attendance clocks reduce the chance of time theft loss by ensuring an employee’s time is accurately marked and recorded. By requiring a personal biometric identification marker such as an employee’s face or fingerprint, biometric time and attendance clocks make it very difficult for hourly workers to partake in time theft activities.

web time clocks by uAttend

Biometric time and attendance clocks are also easy to install and set up, and are completely automated. Solutions like uAttend’s biometric time clocks are coupled with advanced online time and attendance tracking software that leverages the power of cloud computing. This means managers can check employee work hour data at any time of the day and from anywhere they have access to a web browser. Business owners and supervisors can be at home, on vacation or working out-of-town and still be able to go online and see who is punched in, who was late, who is nearing overtime, etc. This also reduces the amount of time needed to process attendance records for payroll purposes and reduces labor costs by minimizing the potential number of errors made. Whether a biometric time clock requires fingerprints or facial recognition, it makes time theft nearly impossible and creates accurate time and attendance reports that can be accessed and reviewed by authorized HR staff. This is pretty incredible when you think about it.

Going back to the way things have changed, when it comes to managing a workforce and tracking employee time and attendance, the concept of biometric technology and cloud computing really is fascinating. If you’re looking for a way to record and store detailed employee time and attendance records, biometric time and attendance clocks are the way to go. After all, what good are today’s amazing technological advancements if you don’t use them?

A Wireless Time Clock From uAttend Improves Control Over Employee Time and Attendance

Wireless time clockModern businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, have to be highly adaptable if they wish to compete in today’s demanding business environment. Workforce management solutions such as wireless time clock systems from uAttend offer an array of features that help ensure labor costs do not run out of control. They do so by enabling businesses to keep tight control and check over their employee time and attendance. By implementing web based HR solutions for their time and attendance management, businesses can achieve much higher productivity and efficiency levels than are ever possible with manual time tracking.

An All-Encompassing Solution

uAttend’s timekeeping software with fingerprint and facial recognition capabilities is a powerful tool that allows you not only to keep track of employee hours, but to also control, and more importantly, reduce payroll costs. In addition to preventing time theft practices, uAttend time tracking software helps small businesses capture and analyze employee productivity data, thereby helping them achieve improved organizational productivity.

For example, meticulous reports generated by uAttend’s time and attendance software help HR managers make much better informed decisions because they are able to get details on employee productivity. Another benefit that can be derived from this system is the ability to assess which changes in HR policies have been able to achieve the best combination of improved efficiency and lower labor costs.

Wireless time clockuAttend’s web based time clocks can also help with project forecasts and assigning important tasks, which helps streamline an organization’s management methods. Another benefit is that in cases where employees are absent or late, uAttend’s time and attendance software can send out real-time alerts to supervisors so that important tasks can be re-assigned to available staff.

On a more advanced level, uAttend offers biometric wireless time clock systems that are equipped with sophisticated scanners to validate employee identity through fingerprints and facial scans. The use of biometrics takes away the inaccuracies of manual time and attendance punching and also prevents and eliminates wage fraud practices. This helps managers and entrepreneurs exercise better control over their business dynamics and save valuable revenue in the process.

To learn more about timekeeping software from uAttend and how it can help control costs incurred by things such as wage fraud and unauthorized overtime, please visit uAttend.Com.

Are Your Employees Among the One-Fifth That Undermine Their Employers?

A recent poll released by Gallup, (the State of the American Workplace: Employee Engagement Insights for U.S. Business Leaders), has discovered that more than half of the U.S. workforce is dissatisfied with either their job or their managers. The poll further indicates that up to 20% of these employees are not only unhappy, but are also actively undermining the companies they work for by lowering the morale of their colleagues and draining organization resources.  biometric time clock to stop time theft

The Cost of Actively Disengaged Employees

According to the poll figures, Gallup interviewed more than 150,000 full and part-time employees over the course of the last year. The end result concluded that 18% (nearly one-fifth) of U.S. employees could be distinguished as “actively disengaged.” The showcasing of “disengagement” can be found in various ways such as frequent sick-leaves, wasting management’s time, spreading unhappiness to co-workers, being unproductive and sabotaging one’s work environment.

“Actively disengaged employees aren’t just unhappy at work; they’re busy acting out their unhappiness. Every day, these workers undermine what their engaged coworkers accomplish,” the report concludes (, p. 21). Gallup estimated that U.S. businesses are suffering a staggering loss each year ranging from $450 billion to $550 billion in terms of lost productivity – all as a result of unhappy employees.

The woes of U.S. employers are not just limited to unhappy workers. They also face another menace in the form of time theft. An earlier survey by Harris Interactive concluded that more than 5% of U.S. workers actually admitted to falsifying their time records. An even bigger percentage of the employees polled admitted to punching in for absent buddies. The lost productivity figures as a direct result of time theft practices were reported around $450 billion annually. It is anybody’s guess that among the list of activities used by employees to undermine their employers, time theft is bound to be at the top.

biometric time and attendanceEmployers can deal with this particular problem following just a few easy steps. First, implement a biometric time clock system to prevent time theft and guarantee that your employees are getting paid strictly for the hours they have worked. A second way to deal with the issue is to address unhappy employees and try to boost their morale. This can be achieved by hiring better managers, implementing HR policies that encourage employees to be engaged, asking employees what you can do for them to improve work environments, and making sure they know you consider their contribution as being important to your organization.

With this two-fold strategy, your business can avoid both employee disengagement and time theft. Learn more about biometric time and attendance systems by visiting

Processing Point Proudly Sponsors Diablo Golf Classic Charity Event

Processing Point and uAttend time clock systems are once again proud sponsors of the annual Diablo Golf Classic charity event that will be held on Saturday, August 24, 2013 at the Twin Oaks Golf Course in San Marcos, CA. The event is in its 6th year now and has been able to raise more than $10,000 for different charities since its inception. The Diablo has enjoyed steady growth over the years, but this year is expected to be the biggest one yet. The tournament is widely anticipated to surpass previous years with plenty of entertainment and surprise contests at various, uniquely-coined “Diablo Holes.”  time clock

“Going on 6 years now, the Diablo Golf Classic has really started to pick up momentum and the response from everyone who’s attended has been really positive.” said Ryan Sebring, co-founder and tournament director. “I think what makes this event different from others is that we literally transform the 18 hole course into an over-sized putt-putt course. From the first tee to the last, each hole presents a challenge or modification to the normal rules of golf. Imagine Caddyshack meets Happy Gilmore meets Halloween. It’s unlike any golf tournament you have ever played in before. The response and support year after year is really overwhelming and we expect this year to be the best yet.”

All the proceeds generated from the 2013 Diablo Golf Classic will be going to “Chippin’ for Children”, which is a charity that donates to vital organizations such as the American Cancer Society.

Processing Point has had a long association with the Diablo and feels that it provides a unique mixture of having fun and doing something for a good cause at the same time. As a company that firmly believes in the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, Processing Point actively pursues charitable sponsorship opportunities and has supported many events in the past, including previous years of the Diablo Golf Classic.

“We look forward to the Diablo Golf Classic each and every year as both a title sponsor and as participants,” said Dawn Berry, Marketing Manager for Processing Point and uAttend. “The Diablo is a fun and enjoyable day at a beautiful Southern California golf course with teams made up of friends, family, coworkers and neighbors. More importantly, it is a truly rewarding experience because everyone, from the sponsors to the golfers to the volunteers, are paying something forward to a greater good.”

Processing Point advocates lending a hand to charity and encourages individuals and teams to sign up and join them in this one-of-a-kind golf tournament. Register TODAY at

Processing Point is the maker of uAttend online attendance software systems.