Advantages of uAttend Time Clock Software

If you are in charge of running a business, the last thing you want to worry about is constantly checking in on and keeping track of your employees’ time and attendance. The perfect solution to this all-too-common problem is to implement a uAttend Employee Management System. uAttend’s time clock software effectively helps businesses of all types and sizes cut down on costs, improve employee productivity and accurately record work hours for payroll. Below, we discuss three key benefits that these solutions offer.

Improve Level of Accuracy
Trying to keep track of your employees’ actual work hours using traditional time tracking methods such as a punch clock or paper timesheet is inefficient and often inaccurate. In fact, the many loopholes and limitations associated with these methods end up costing your company a good deal of money in the long run. On the other hand, studies have shown that many businesses see savings of as much as three to five percent on payroll expenses after the successful implementation of payroll time clock software.

Save Time
When you implement a system that is able to automatically track, record and store employee work hours and then automatically export these records into your current payroll system, you instantly save valuable time. No more manually verifying and calculating work hours. No more manually entering employee work hour data into your payroll system, and no more worrying about whether or not employees are being paid accurately. Imagine what you can do with all the free time you’ll now have.

There is no question that the old-fashioned Bundy time clock that employees punch in and out of each day are in the past. Today’s time clock software does so much more than just record time. These solutions allow employees to punch in and out through a variety of flexible methods including a web browser, cell phone, laptop, Smartphone, mobile application and/or an actual physical time clock or even desktop computer. Employees can literally punch in and out on the go and employers can monitor and manage work hours from anywhere with an Internet-connected device.

No matter what type of business you have, from service-based options where employees are constantly on the move or a business that is spread out over a number of different locations, the benefits of time clock software can be significant for your business. You will be able to focus less on processing payroll and managing your workforce’s attendance and spend more time focused on running your business.

As you can see, there are some major reasons why businesses across the globe are adopting technology like a uAttend time clock system. Not only does it save money, but it also helps companies run more efficiently and be more productive.

What Every Business Owner Should Know About Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

Web Time Clocks Provide Benefits to Business Managers

Time clocks with punch cards were once the mainstream standard for tracking employee work hours, but these devices are quickly being phased out. Business owners and managers who need a more automated time clock system are finding benefit with web-based biometric fingerprint clocks. These time clocks require employees to punch in and out with a fingerprint rather than with a physical time card. This emerging technology has eliminated certain actions involving time card fraud, such as buddy punching and time card manipulation. Managers may have been aware that a certain amount of work-hour time theft was occurring, but they had no good way to stop these practices before biometric fingerprint time clocks were introduced.

Biometric Web Time Clocks provide a definitive convenience to business owners and managers by reducing labor costs and by improving attendance supervision, but they also provide convenience for the payroll department as well. Payroll managers can now keep track of each employee’s work hours without running around to track down time cards or timesheets, and without needing to keep extensive payroll records on their office computers. All time and attendance data that was once locked and stored in file folders somewhere on premise, is now stored in the cloud for instant access and retrieval.

The “cloud” refers to web-based data storage and applications that allow users to access data from any computer or mobile device without having to download special software. Web Time Clocks automatically mark and record work hours and then companies, such as uAttend for example, securely store this work hour data on remote servers. Since the data is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed by managers through an online account from any computer, laptop, tablet, Smartphone or mobile device. In other words, you no longer have to be in the office or on-site to access work hour information. You can view it in a web browser from any location with an Internet connection. This means a manager can monitor an employees’ punctuality and attendance even while he or she is out-of-town on business. You can check and see who is currently working, who was late, who left early, who is nearing overtime, what departments are short-staffed and even keep an eye on employees who historically have had problems with punctuality.

Using web-based, cloud technology to handle everything from attendance supervision to payroll means that your business does not need to buy expensive software or do complex installations and upgrades. There is also a savings on work space and supplies. Gone are the days of large, expensive servers that take up floorspace in the office and that require constant maintenance. Once a business embraces cloud-based time and attendance technology, the web-based data can be accessed regardless of where the business owner or manager happens to be. This is just one of the many benefits of a web time clock. If you’d like to learn more ways that web-time clocks can help your business, visit

Why do Customers Choose a uAttend Time Tracking System?

While there are many, many reasons why businesses choose to buy a uAttend™ Employee Management System, every business has their top ones. In addition to being the most reliable and affordable system on the market today and having the most robust line of time clocks to choose from (not to mention having the most advanced software around), we’ve tallied up a few of the other reasons why customers love uAttend:

1. User Friendly
Employee time tracking software is complex from a development perspective, but it should never be difficult or complex for the end user. This is why all uAttend systems feature a simple, easy-to-use dashboard and user interface making time tracking and management as simple as possible.

2. Universal Access
On vacation or away on a business trip and wondering about your workforce’s time and attendance? No problem. With a uAttend time clock system, all employee work hour data is stored in the cloud giving you access any time of day and from any location in the world. Simply login to your company account from any Internet-connected device (e.g., laptop, PC, Smartphone or mobile tablet)! You can see real-time metrics on who is currently punched in, who was late, who is on vacation or who is working in what department. You can generate reports, monitor workload balance and even export work hours to your payroll system. Cloud-based access also allows for employees to work remote or at multiple locations and offers the convenience of a Smartphone or mobile app for punching in and out.

3. Frequent Software Updates
One of the great things about a uAttend time tracking system is that since it is cloud-based, updates can be made frequently without any downtime. We are constantly making improvements to our software and routinely update the system with new and improved functions and features.

4. Customer Support
Processing Point’s customer support team is friendly, knowledgable and extremely professional. If you have a question or concern about your uAttend time and attendance system, rest assured your needs will be answered quickly and efficiently.

5. Sleek & Small
A uAttend time clock not only works the best – it looks the best. While aesthetics aren’t the most important thing when it comes to having an effective time and attendance system, it certainly helps to have a small and manageable unit that can be easily and conveniently moved around and set up at your workplace.

Again, these are just a few of the reasons why we know our customers love the uAttend Employee Management System. If you want to find out your own reasons, give us a call at 800-518-8925 or visit our website at

How is Payroll Time Clock Software Beneficial?

All employers want to find the best ways to make their employees more efficient and effective at work. It’s no secret that many workers waste time on the job, and that this time can really add up. It’s also no secret that many businesses have suffered financially because of all the time wasted by employees. This is precisely why more businesses need to invest in Payroll Time Clock Software. Let’s take a look at why this software is so vital and how it can best be used.

When non-salaried employees arrive at work, they have to punch a time card in order to show what time they started. Often, when employees go to lunch and come back, they also have to punch in and out in order to track how much time they were gone. And of course, employees have to once again punch their time card when they leave work for the day. This method of tracking an employee’s time is tedious and outdated. Payroll Time Clock Software is not only much more precise and efficient to use these days, but is also much easier to use. Employees can punch in and out within seconds and their time is automatically and accurately marked and stored. This happens each and every time they come and go from work.

In addition to simplifying life for the employee, this advanced software also makes it easier on the employer. As an employer, you might know from experience how difficult it is to manually count, tally, process and analyze the amount of time each employee worked in a pay period. The amount of time and labor invested in manually reviewing work hours is unnecessary. Time clock software automatically records, stores and yes – even processes and crunches employee work hour data making it immediately accessible to the employer. Employers can view work hours in real-time and know immediately how many hours have been worked, as well as how much it is costing them in wages.

Time clock software can also help reduce the headache of processing payroll. Some of the more innovative software solutions integrate with major payroll processing systems such as QuickBooks, ADP and Paychex, as well as smaller software platforms. This allows businesses to drastically cut down on the amount of hours it takes processing payroll and allows employers to focus on more business critical tasks.

As you can see, payroll time clock software can be extremely beneficial when it comes to cutting costs and saving time. Consider investing in time clock software for you and your business. Within a few short months, you’ll likely see improvement not just in your employees’ attendance behaviors, but in your operational costs as well.

How Monitoring Employee Time and Attendance Improves Productivity

employee productivity improvementsWe hear the word monitoring a lot these days, often in relation to surveillance and national security. The association of ‘monitoring’ with ‘spying’ has kind of given the word a bad rap. In reality, monitoring can be very useful and meaningful, especially when put to good use for business.

We’ve touched previously on the “Cleaning House” study where researchers found that surveillance software reduced employee time theft at nearly 400 participating restaurants by an average of $100 a week. While this certainly adds up over the span of a year, the real kicker of this study was the fact that revenues at these restaurants increased on average by nearly $3,000 a week!

If you take a step back and ask why this might be, it’s hard to argue that it was a direct result of implementing monitoring software. As soon as the employees knew they were being watched and would be made accountable for their work, they began to work harder. In this case, monitoring not only reduced time theft practices, but also boosted productivity.

This is actually a great model for how time and attendance tracking can help improve employee productivity. When employees know their hours are being monitored and that they can no longer get away with theft of any form (wage fraud, buddy punching, extended breaks, etc.), they step up in performance. There is also the element of equality when electronically tracking employee time and attendance. Every employee knows that he or she is being held to the same standard and level of expectation when it comes to work hours and attendance behavior. In addition to boosting performance and productivity levels, monitoring employee time can also help boost employee morale. Every employee is treated the same – in a fair, objective and accurate manner leaving no cause for duress about bias or favoritism.

Of course, it’s not all about your employees, it’s about your bottom line. If you don’t have a solid time tracking system in place, that line is likely getting very thin. Think employees stealing a few minutes here and a few minutes there is no big deal? Think again! If a single employee ends up stealing just ten minutes a day, this is the equivalent of 25 hours over a year. That’s more than one full day or equal to three free or additional vacation days. Multiply that by your number of employees and you’ll get a good idea of how much you might save in labor costs by implementing a time and attendance tracking system.

The key point here is that your employees will work harder for you if and when they know you’re paying attention. If you’re interested in taking a step toward boosting productivity, morale and profits in your workplace, consider investing in an effective time tracking system. uAttend is the first place to start looking. The uAttend Employee Management System offers a robust line of time clocks and time attendance software and can help address your employee monitoring needs. For more information, visit or call 800-518-8925.


How to Stop Buddy Punching in the Workplace

how to stop buddy punching with a biometric time clockStop Buddy Punching for good with a uAttend biometric time clock.

Buddy punching in the workplace is one of the most common forms of time theft that today’s business owners struggle to fight against. The final result of which is a loss of revenue due to unnecessary labor costs. In all actuality, businesses of all sizes and from all over the world are losing billions of dollars in payroll expenses to this unethical practice. The good news is there is an easy way to stop buddy punching in its tracks. Installing a biometric time and attendance tracking system from uAttend eliminates an employee’s ability to punch in and out for a coworker, thus helping to ensure you only pay wages for hours that were actually worked.

With a uAttend biometric time & attendance solution in place, you can put an end to buddy punching for good. Below we offer a few other ways that our biometric time clocks help stop time theft:

  1. Buddy Punching – As indicated earlier, a biometric time clock is an effective means to stop buddy punching. Since these devices require an employee’s unique, physiological trait, there is little chance of employees punching in and out for one another.
  2.  Eliminated Human Error – uAttend’s time and attendance software is completely automated and records employee punches in real time. This means employees no longer need to remember exact work hours and jot them down on a time card, which is where a lot of errors can occur. Through automation, you know the employee work hour data is accurate and reliable.
  3. Wage Fraud – Another way businesses lose money is from employees rounding up their work hours. As much as you want to trust an honor system, a minute here or five minutes there can add up to a big expense for employers. Our cloud-based biometric time tracking solutions eliminate the loss of money lost to wage fraud.

Want to learn more about how to stop to buddy punching and save your business time and money? Visit our website at and reap the benefits of a uAttend time and attendance tracking system.

Time Tracking and Time Theft – What’s the Connection?

Tracking employee attendance - Stop Time TheftIn this day and age, businesses can pretty much track everything. By doing so, companies can determine things like how many people a message reached, how many products were sold due to a specific ad campaign, how many likes and shares they got on a social media post and even how many people to hire for seasonal help. On an administrative level, businesses use software to track everything from inventory and website leads to performance metrics and workflow processes. However, one of the most important things a business can track is its employees’ time.

Why is this? Well, employee time tracking allows businesses to better manage the productivity and performance of their workforce by identifying the areas where they can spend their time more efficiently. And with more and more of today’s workforces going mobile, time tracking has become an essential means of effectively monitoring and managing an employee’s work hours. Yet, all these wonderful things aside, the number one reason many businesses keep track of their employees’ time is to prevent time theft and save on labor costs.

You see, in addition to improving employee productivity, time tracking is also necessary to prevent time theft. Employee time theft includes everything from buddy punching to employees rounding up or lying about work hours on their time sheets. It has been reported that between extended breaks and the abuse of personal time (e.g., Facebook, personal calls, office talk, emailing, etc.), the average employee ‘steals’ between four and five hours a week from their employer. This adds up to one full working week annually per employee and costs businesses hundreds of billions of dollars.

As noted earlier, time theft comes in a variety of forms and can often be difficult to detect and prevent. Here are a few more examples, in detail:

  1. Time Sheet Fraud – Employees often round up when they are responsible to mark and record their own hours. It might only be by five minutes here or ten minutes there, but this time adds up in the long run and is easy to get away with when businesses don’t have a time clock system in place.
  2. Time Card Fraud – Two words here: buddy punching. Many employees cheat their employers out of time worked by having a friend punch him or her in if they happen to be running late or if they take off early.
  3. Extended Breaks – Break abuse is probably the most common form of time theft and is also one of the trickiest ones to monitor and prove. This involves taking extended breaks and not marking down the time, and even taking unauthorized breaks.
  4. Personal Business – Personal business abuse is another form of time theft that is challenging to monitor. This includes making and receiving personal phone calls, chatting at the water cooler, texting/instant messaging and spending work time on social networking sites.

While no single system will be able to guarantee the elimination of all time theft, (identifying certain forms of abuse often requires a level of manual supervision), there are plenty of solutions available to minimize certain practices in your workplace. Implementing a time clock to record time and attendance is a great first step. This automatically eliminates time sheet fraud and stops dishonest employees from rounding up work hours. Of all the time clock solutions currently available, though, a biometric fingerprint time clock with cloud-based time and attendance tracking software is one of the best to buy. A biometric time clock verifies and authenticates an employee’s identity and instills a level of accountability among your workforce. In addition, most systems leverage the cloud to record, store and access any and all employee work hour data. This means the information is available 24/7 and can be retrieved from anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection.

A biometric, cloud-based time and attendance system can also help play a major role in avoiding wage violation claims. Cloud-based systems record attendance in real-time and store the data on secure servers with an extremely high level of surveillance. There are audit trails that allow you to see which administers have been in the system and/or may have made any changes and you can generate and print a variety of meaningful reports to analyze attendance behaviors and performance levels.

So, is time tracking really necessary? Well, there are numerous studies that indicate time theft costs U.S. businesses up to $400 Billion a year, and there is also a multi-million dollar time tracking industry to prove that time tracking works. The connection is apparent and the improvement is real. The important thing is to invest in the right system, which is where uAttend comes in. The uAttend™ Employee Management System is not only the most reliable and affordable online time tracking solution on the market, but it is also one of the most effective and customizable.

To learn more about uAttend and its robust line of online time tracking solutions, visit

The ABCs of an Online Attendance Software System

Fingerprint time clocksWhether you run a small business or own a large enterprise, much depends on your employees’ productivity and work performance. Of course, keeping up with performance metrics can be difficult without an adequate means to monitor and manage your team. Amid busy schedules and hectic routines, it is difficult to keep a sharp eye on each and every employee. However, with uAttend’s online attendance software system, you can better manage your workforce and produce meaningful metrics to analyze performance and productivity levels. This is made possible through Automation, Biometrics and Cloud computing, or what we like to call the ABCs of an online attendance software system.


When it comes to automation and manual data entry – automation wins every time. Automation eliminates the element of human error, which helps to ensure the most accurate data possible. Since uAttend’s online attendance software system automatically records and stores employee work hour information, you can rest easy knowing your data is error free. Work hour data is also automatically marked and stored in “real time”, which makes it quick, easy and super effective for HR departments to use. For example, in addition to automatically processing payroll, HR managers can instantly access and view snapshots of an employee’s workday to help distribute workloads. Managers can also automatically generate detailed work hour reports to get a larger picture of an employee’s time and attendance behavior.

Biometric Fingerprint Time Clocks

Integrating biometric fingerprint time clocks as part of an online attendance software system doesn’t only save time, but can also drastically reduce labor costs. Biometric technology helps expedite the employee identification process and instills a high level of verification authenticity because it requires physical attributes to clock in. In other words, it helps ensure that your employees are who they say they are when they punch in and out AND that they are where they are supposed to be when they mark their attendance.

uAttend’s biometric time clocks are cost efficient, durable and effective. Plus, they are super easy to install (just Plug ‘n Play) and are even easier to use (simply scan your fingerprint). The time clocks work by scanning employee fingerprints and converting the images into a series of binary numbers. This allows for the safe and secure storage of an employee’s confidential information, and helps dispel any discrepancies with an employee’s time and attendance records.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing makes a world of difference when it comes to employee attendance software systems. All employee work hour information is stored in the cloud making it easy to instantly retrieve. In fact, data stored in the cloud is accessible any time of day and from anywhere with an Internet connection. Imagine being a business owner on vacation, yet still being able to login and see a snapshot of your workforce? Cloud computing allows for the convenience and flexibility of mobile applications, as well. This means employees can punch in and out with their smart phone or tablet, and you (as the employer) can process payroll on the go. Not only can you process payroll, but you can also see who is currently at work, who was late, who left early or who is nearing overtime. Having a virtual window into your employee’s work environment allows you to monitor, track and analyze performance from anywhere in the world.

So there you have them ­– the ABCs of an online attendance software system. And enforcing good attendance behaviors and promoting better overall work performance are just the tip of the iceberg! Systems like uAttend can help do so much more! What better way to manage your workforce?! Want to learn more? Visit our website at

Bye-Bye Paper: Reduce Your Eco-Footprint With Web Based Time Tracking Software

uAttend  web based time tracking softwareOrganizations operating with paper-laden operating systems inflate their ecological footprint by adding to the demand of Earth’s valuable energy and resources. No matter how many trees we plant, our planet is simply unable to grow and reproduce them at the speed we use them. With an increasing population and deforestation for urbanization, our already fragile ecosystem is taking serious blows. Fortunately, there are simple, small and affordable steps that businesses can take to play a responsible role in reducing their eco-footprint. One of these steps is to replace manual, paper-based time tracking systems with automated web based time tracking software.

Web Time Clocks: An Eco-Friendly Solution

When a business operates with a manual time tracking system, it makes more of an impact on our ecosystem than you might think. Manual processes rely heavily on paper as it is used to record, collect and process large amounts of time and attendance data. Employees punch in and out with paper time cards or enter their time on paper timesheets. The collected data is then stored and further processed on paper to create reports of employee work hours for payroll. Lastly, employers are required by law to keep records of employee hour and wage data for a set period of time. This means that in order to comply, businesses that use manual time tracking systems have to keep files and files of paper records in storage.

Opposite of manual systems, cloud-based time and attendance systems are completely automated and are essentially paper-free. There is no need for paper because everything is electronically recorded, processed, stored and retrieved. From employee timestamps to wage and hour reports, every bit of information is digital. Employees punch in and out using fingerprints, RFID cards, mobile devices, facial recognition or personal identification numbers, thus rendering paper time cards obsolete. Data storage is also done digitally, which helps reduce the demand for paper…and ultimately the demand for trees.

Additional Benefits of Web Based Time Tracking Software

You know the saying, “Every little bit helps”? This is true of online time tracking software. If every business made just this one small change, collectively it would be a huge change for the world. But the environment isn’t the only reason to consider time tracking software. In addition to being eco-friendly, cloud-based workforce management systems streamline your time and attendance process from start to finish, saving hours of work. Since the system is web-based, authorized personnel have universal access to work hour data, which means they can view and monitor employee attendance info anytime and from anywhere (24/7)! Plus, with advanced features such as biometrics and geo-location, these solutions can also help reduce your operating costs.

To learn more about eco-friendly web based biometric time clocks, please visit http:www.uAttend.Com.