How a Cloud-Based Employee Time Clock Enhances Employee Performance and Lowers Costs

Cloud services have become game changers when it comes to providing small and medium sized-businesses access to cost effective business solutions. For many companies, workforce management is the number one area that has benefitted from using cloud-based services. Implementing a solution such as a cloud-based employee time clock by uAttend has proven to be invaluable for thousands of employers. Employee Time Clock

Why the cloud?

Cloud-based workforce management solutions are extremely cost-efficient, easy to use, and highly scalable. If a business chooses to host time clock online software in-house, it has to combat a number of problems that can easily be avoided with cloud-based time and attendance management systems. Here is how:

Accessibility Options

Internally hosted time attendance systems are usually only accessible from within the business premises. There are no options available where employees can access the system to have their time and attendance recorded if they are working in the field or at a customer location. Similarly, business owners and HR executives are unable to access time and attendance information once they are outside of their workplaces.

In comparison, uAttend’s cloud-based employee time clock systems enable employees to access the system and have their work hours recorded by using a number of punch options. These options include using a web-browser, a cell or telephone, a physical time clock or a smart phone application. Plus, employers can access employee time and attendance from anywhere in the world through web-based accounts.

Cost Considerations

It can be rather expensive to implement workforce management solutions by hosting them in-house. If you consider the costs associated with dedicating a PC for use as a server, along with the hefty, annual licensing fees that often accompany in-house solutions, it soon becomes clear for any business owner that this is not the best option. In addition, licensed software being hosted at your office poses a considerable security challenge for your payroll data, not to mention the need for IT support on a continual basis to ensure the smooth running of your system.

Quite opposite, uAttend time clock online systems are cloud-based and don’t require any upfront fees for you to access and utilize the software. Innovative web-based software runs in the cloud providing you cost effective and reliable results for all of your time and attendance management needs.

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