How Biometric Time and Attendance Improves Your ROI

Facing stiff competition and steadily rising operating costs, it is becoming increasingly difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to reach their full market potential. To survive, businesses are seeking solutions that can reduce their overall expenses. Biometric time and attendance is one effective solution that has been highly successful in helping organizations maximize their human resources and stay afloat. time tracking software

Time tracking software from uAttend is the most effective workforce management solution available to reduce today’s operating costs. uAttend’s software automatically records employee work hours and even helps to manage and process payroll. The accuracy and automation provided by time & attendance software such as this will increase your productivity levels, enhance your organizational efficiency, and quickly give you a return on investment.

How do the Systems Work?

Biometric time and attendance systems from uAttend work as a browser-based solution that enables your small and medium-sized business to accurately track and collect employee work hours electronically. This advanced application can eliminate buddy punching, time theft and unauthorized over-time from your workplace in the blink of an eye. In addition, the accompanying time tracking software can be integrated with your current payroll system. This further improves your return on investment by automating your payroll processing.

Wage Fraud Eradication

Workforce management that is executed manually is vulnerable to employee manipulation, time theft and wage fraud. As a result, your business inaccurately processes payroll and pays for hours that were never worked. Automated time & attendance software with biometrics authenticates employee identity through unique individual fingerprints and does not leave any room for error or fraud.

Reduced Labor Costs = Improved Return on Investment

uAttend’s biometric time and attendance systems effectively control workplace malpractices such as time theft and buddy punching. This immediately helps businesses lower labor costs that were incurred from unethical employees. In addition, cloud computing and automation reduce costs on purchases like stationary, supplies, equipment and accessories, which saves your company even more. Simply put, with uAttend, employee time and attendance is automated from start to finish and your business requires fewer resources to run payroll. This results in substantially lower operating costs. Talk about ROI!

If this is something you might be interested in, look for a uAttend workforce management solution today!

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