How Can I Avoid Buddy Punching?

Time ClockBuddy punching is indirectly proportional to your bottom line. It can actually cost quite a bit in terms of productivity and profitability. There are many solutions that can help you avoid buddy punching. Below, I explain several of the best possible solutions that can help you effectively avoid buddy punching practices within your company.

Possible Solutions to Avoid Buddy Punching:

  1. You can assign a manager the duty of watching employees clock in and clock out. However, while this may seem like a good idea, it requires high level management time which increases costs and frankly is not meaningful use of a manager’s skills.
  2. You could also install online time clocks which are password protected. This is a good idea and heading in the right direction, although you never know whether or not your employees are sharing their passwords with friends to mark attendance.
  3. Implementing IP internet restrictions is an easy way to prevent buddy punching at different locations.
  4. Using swipe cards is also a good idea. While there are chances that friends share their cards to clock in when they are running late, this practice encourages employees to be on time on a more likely regular basis.
  5. The most useful, unique and effective way of avoiding buddy punching is to install time attendance software that requires fingerprint punching. No one can share his or her fingerprint to clock in which makes employees more accountable for time worked.

All these solutions can help save you labor costs associated with time theft; however, only digital time clocks with attendance software can help in reducing the management time that is so often wasted on calculating payroll. An automated time clock electronically captures the hours worked and can broadcast the information precisely to the payroll provider saving the payroll manager or director valuable time.

So, in conclusion, if you are an employer and desperately need to avoid buddy punching in your workplace, I’d recommend purchasing time attendance software. It is easy to manage and can benefit you by keeping your employees punctual and productive.

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