Is Your Business Losing Money Due to Time Theft? uAttend Time Clocks Can Help

Time theft is one of the biggest reasons for loss of productivity in the workplace, and is endemic no matter what type of industry or size of business. The total loss of productivity in the United States is estimated at well over $400 billion each year thanks to time theft alone. The problem is generally faced by small and medium sized businesses that do not manage their employee time and attendance with automated time clocks. uattend biometric time clocks

The Downside of Manual Workforce Management

The effective handling of payroll and tracking of employee work hours is a vital part of any organization’s business processes. If left to inefficient manual management, it will likely yield more problems for you than solutions. Handling employee time in an effective and accountable way lets employees know that they can and will be held responsible for their actions as far as their time and attendance is concerned.

How Can uAttend Help?

Our biometric time clock systems have proven to be an effective solution for problems like time theft and employee productivity. Our time and attendance systems are not only effective; they are also affordable and are loaded with useful features. uAttend wireless time clock systems are cloud-based, which makes them extremely easy to implement and operate even for employees with little computer literacy.

uAttend time clocks with biometric features ensure that your business only pays for hours actually worked. These state-of-the-art systems let employees punch in and out with their fingerprints ensuring there is no practice of time theft such as buddy punching.

A uAttend biometric time clock system is the most invincible workforce management solution that you can get. Fingerprints are unique to each individual person, so there is no possibility of an employee forging his or her fingerprints in order to steal time and money from your business. You no longer need to be physically present at your workplace every time your employees start or end their shifts. uAttend wireless time clock systems are there to keep an eye on employee time and attendance for you.

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