Stay FLSA Compliant with uAttend’s Time Keeping Software

The past year and a half has seen a record rise in Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violation complaints from employees of large corporations, and even medium and small-sized businesses such as packing facilities and restaurants. While not all of these cases were willful incidents of wage theft, employers were still held accountable for neglect.

Biometric time clocks are advanced time tracking software systemsIt is important to know that businesses can be penalized for FLSA violations from doing the simplest of things, even making a tiny change in an employee’s time card without the employee’s knowledge. Businesses that use pen and paper time sheets or manual time clocks are most susceptible for getting hit with FLSA violation claims. It is easy for a payroll employee of these companies to make an inadvertent error when calculating non-exempt employee work hours. These can be costly mistakes if you are not able to prove that the discrepancy in employee hours was a result of error rather than an attempt at wage fraud.

A Biometric Web Based Time Clock is the Solution

uAttend biometric workforce management solutions help organizations accurately record employee time and attendance. In addition, these biometric time clocks identify employees by their physiological traits that are unique to them and not shared by anyone else. This makes it impossible for employees to engage in wage fraud practices, and ultimately helps your business by saving on costs associated with time theft.

Automated Recording & Data Processing

Advanced time keeping software from uAttend allows businesses to eliminate the hours and hours of wasted time that are usually consumed when manually recording employee time and attendance. When combined with biometric technology, this application can become your best defense against any possible FLSA violation claims. Here is how:

1. Employees punch-in and out of biometric time clocks with their fingerprints so there is no possibility of claiming or manipulating their time records.

2. From the recording of employee punch data, to the complete calculation of employee work hours, the whole time and attendance process is automated and free of human error. Automation improves FLSA compliance, and reduces the possibility of an unintentional violation. Compliance is compromised with manual time and attendance data processing.

3. The time keeping software stores digital records of employee time and attendance that can be exported to any format. Since employers are required by law to maintain these records, having the software automatically supports and assists in complying with FLSA regulations.

Whether you own a huge corporation or a small business, a uAttend web based time clock coupled with cutting-edge time tracking software not only helps improve your revenue, but also helps protect your business from FLSA violation claims.

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