uAttend, Maker of Web Time Clocks, Featured as one of CNBC’s Most Innovative Small Businesses of 2013

uAttend, the leading provider of web time clocks for time and attendance tracking, has carved a niche for themselves in the global HR solutions marketplace. With their automated time and attendance system, it is now easier than ever to manage your workforce and run a smooth operation. uAttend time clocks offer a great combination of feature-rich solutions, easy implementation, universal access and affordability, so it is no surprise that they have gained recognition from a leading management and business news organization like CNBC.


CNBC International is a prominent business news channel and online publishing organization. In a recent post on their website, they published a list of 10 small businesses that they believe have created some of the most innovative ideas and solutions in 2013. The selected companies are from various industries and have all enhanced their clients’ businesses by introducing creativity and ingenuity through their products. uAttend was pleased to be on the list! (

Why was uAttend Picked?

Biometric timeclocks from uAttend are HR solutions that have been specifically designed to provide real-time recording and reporting of employee time and attendance, all the while keeping in mind the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. uAttend has been able to spearhead an era of innovative and affordable solutions that help businesses streamline their time and attendance practices. Workforce management solutions from uAttend boast features such as universal access, biometric fingerprint and facial recognition, real-time reporting, and integration with more than 70 of the top payroll software systems.

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With uAttend time systems, businesses are able to boost their profits and enhance productivity by eliminating time theft and by being able to hold employees accountable for their hours. uAttend web time clocks provide a wide range of options for employees to punch in such as RFID cards and biometric identification, and even include options for a mobile workforce.

The ability of uAttend biometric timeclocks to decrease payroll expenses of small businesses and streamline their organizational processes also makes them an ideal choice. For this reason, uAttend has seen much success and continues to receive honors such as being placed among CNBC’s 10 most innovative small businesses of 2013. To learn more about uAttend workforce management systems, please visit

Biometric Timeclocks – An Ideal Way to Boost Your Bottom Line

Today’s small and medium-sized businesses are quickly replacing manual payroll processes with biometric timeclocks in order to achieve accurate time and attendance and boost their bottom line. These workforce management solutions are customizable and allow businesses the ability to select the features that meet their specific needs. In addition, they eliminate time theft and improve accountability in the workplace.Web time clocks the best time clocks

Time Clocks: Solutions for Time & Attendance and Much More…

These innovative systems are specifically designed to manage payroll; however, they are capable of accomplishing much more than simply recording employee work hours. These web time clocks are operated by software that not only marks and stores employee punches, but also processes complex calculations to provide payroll solutions and labor costs.

Biometric timeclocks use software that is capable of identifying employees by cross-referencing their fingerprints against previously scanned and stored fingerprint identification templates. Time and attendance solutions that offer biometric recognition are considered to be the most secure means available today because they cannot be easily manipulated or bypassed. Thanks to biometrics, these systems are able to eradicate time theft from your business, and help save valuable revenue.

Achieve Higher Efficiency Levels

Automated time clocks provide a wide range of features for small and medium-sized businesses. As a result, these organizations are able to operate far more efficiently than when using older, outdated systems. With web-enabled clocks and software, employers can create automated reports on employee attendance patterns and employee productivity, as well as export payroll reports to existing accounting software.

These automated reports help save countless man hours for payroll and HR personnel, which also results in savings. With web time clocks taking care of tedious, time consuming tasks, your staff in these departments can spend their extra time focusing on more critical business processes. This, in turn, further boosts your bottom line and increases productivity ensuring your organizational structure is as streamlined and efficient as possible.