Is it Time to Rethink Your Time and Attendance System?

As a small business owner, you know what it’s like to have every minute of your day allocated to your daily operations. You also know the importance of prioritizing when it comes to running your business efficiently. Free time is a hot commodity and one you likely see very little of. So, how would you like to free up some of that time-strapped schedule? If you’re still using time sheets or punch time cards, the uAttend™ Employee Management System can help save your valuable time. In fact, depending on the size of your company and number of employees, you could find yourself saving hours each pay period.

Not sure if you really need an automated time tracking system? Here are a few questions and thoughts to consider:

  1. How much time do you currently spend on manual time and attendance tracking and payroll processing?
  2. How old is your current system?
  3. Would you benefit from a scalable solution?
  4. Does your workforce have options when it comes to clocking in and out?
  5. Do you have any employees that work remote?
  6. Does your current system seem costly or expensive?
  7. Is your current system cumbersome, bulky and take up space?
  8. How much time is committed to maintaining your current system?
  9. Do you ever wish you could see your employees’ work hour information when you are away from the office?
  10. Do you have an easy way to access, store and retrieve employee time and attendance data?

Each of these questions is intended to help guide your decision as to whether or not you could benefit from an automated time and attendance system. Of course, perhaps the most important questions to ask are 1) whether or not you could use an extra hour or so each week, and 2) whether or not you want to boost your profits by lower operating and labor costs. If your answer to these last two questions is yes, then it’s time to invest in an automated time tracking system like uAttend.

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Are Biometric Employee Time Clocks a good Business Investment?

There is a growing need for business solutions that can enhance efficiency, ensure employee accountability and increase profitability in the workplaces. Of course, finding such solutions can be easier said than done. Many times, new management tools cost so much that only larger businesses can afford to use them. However, uAttend’s biometric employee time clocks have been successful in breaking this pattern and are providing small and medium-sized businesses with effective means to manage their workplaces.   employee time clocks

What are the Advantages of uAttend?

Time tracking software systems from uAttend enable business owners the ability to accurately monitor, record, and analyze employee time and attendance, as well as assess their productivity levels. Employee time is one of the biggest expenses any organization faces. uAttend’s biometric time keeping software systems can minimize this expense. In addition, these systems identify employees using biometric requirements, which helps reduce money lost to time theft and poor productivity.

Businesses usually experience a drop in payroll expenses within the first month of having implemented a uAttend workforce management solution. This is a huge advantage and is made possible because the system ensures the accurate recording of employee time and attendance data. Another advantage is that the clocks use cloud-based time keeping software, which automates the entire payroll process from the recording of punch data to the processing of payroll. This reduces human capital dependence and saves precious time for your HR and payroll staff.

How do Employee Time Clocks Work?

uAttend’s biometric time and attendance clocks ensure that the person punching in is, in fact, the actual employee. The clocks verify an employee’s identity using physiological characteristics that are unique to each human (e.g., fingerprints, facial traits, eye retinas). It is not possible to forge these traits, therefore workplace practices such as buddy punching and time theft are reduced and often eliminated. The end result? Your payroll costs will take a nosedive and your productivity and profitability will soar.

Once employees realize they are going to be held accountable for their time, tardiness and unauthorized overtime disappears. With employee productivity no longer an issue, business owners and HR staff can devote more time to business critical activities and help improve profitability even more.

If you are a small business owner looking for a good business solution, time tracking software systems from uAttend are one of the best investments you can find.

uAttend’s Facial Recognition Web Based Time Clock Acknowledged by

Processing Point, Inc., makers of the uAttend™ Employee Management System, recently received a nod of recognition from, a leading human resources website. The online publisher interviewed Processing Point about the biometric workforce management solutions we provide to small and medium-sized businesses. They also interviewed a customer of ours, Greathouse Screen Printing, that uses our facial recognition web based time clockweb based time clock

The article was based on how employers are turning to biometric technology in increasing numbers to help streamline their time and attendance. is a major online news platform that provides news and information related to the latest HR management trends, tools, resources and solutions such as uAttend’s facial recognizing workforce management systems.

The uAttend™ Employee Management System from Processing Point is currently the most affordable and feature-rich online attendance software currently available. Specifically designed to meet the workforce needs of small and medium-sized businesses, our time tracking system comes with all the bells and whistles needed to effectively manage payroll at your workplace. We recently rolled out a line of highly advanced facial recognition time clocks to round out our versatile product line of biometric time and attendance systems.

Our facial recognition web based time clock systems have generated a lot of interest among businesses seeking effective, yet affordable solutions to manage their time and attendance. While uAttend is a very well established brand when it comes to online attendance software, it was great to be recognized as a major player in workforce management by one the topmost HR authorities on the subject.

As our marketing manager, Dawn Berry, says, “We are extremely pleased to be featured in an article about the benefits of biometric technology. is the place to go for anything and everything relating to the human resources industry, from benefits and compensation to staffing, training and technology. The fact that we are on their radar is further proof that our products and services are the best out there. We offer some of the most affordable, reliable and effective workforce management solutions available today.”

Want to Eliminate Unnecessary Payroll Costs? Implement Automated Time Clocks!

Are payroll costs running out of control at your small business? Most of the time, the reason behind sky rocketing payroll costs is the use of manual time tracking with paper time sheets. Is this the case with your payroll? Are your employees on the honor system when it comes to recording their work hours? If so, there is a high chance that your employees are engaging in time theft such as rounding their time off to the nearest five, 10 or 15-minute increment.  employee time clocks

Time theft is one of the biggest causes of productivity losses in America today. Recent studies have shown that it is costing American businesses as much as $400 billion in lost productivity every year. It has also been estimated that a business can lose 20% of every dollar earned as a direct result of time theft.

So, what can you do to prevent time theft and stop bleeding revenues? You can start by ditching your pen and paper time sheet system and implement automated time clocks from uAttend.

How Does uAttend Guarantee Zero Time Theft?

uAttend’s employee time clocks come with highly useful features such as fingerprint and facial recognition capabilities. These systems allow your employees to record their time and attendance using physiological traits that are unique to each individual, thus providing the safest method of recording employee work hours. Your employees will no longer be able to share their punch cards, PINs, or badges with their colleagues for buddy punching, and can no longer steal time from you.

With 100 percent accurate employee identity verification and to-the-minute recording of employee time and attendance, uAttend time clocks enable small and medium-sized businesses to completely eliminate time theft from their premises. They also help businesses become more productive and efficient by streamlining everything from time tracking to payroll processing. Additional features such as desktop alerts allow you to be notified when employees are late or leaving early, as well as when they are absent. By holding employees accountable for their work hours, employers can improve job satisfaction, which ultimately improves job performance. Employees are much happier when they know they are all being held to the same level of accountability.

You can start experiencing the benefits of the uAttend™ workforce management solution from the very first day you implement a system. Our automated employee time clocks will not only help you overcome the obstacles of manual payroll processing, but provide you with detailed reports that can be exported to more than 50 payroll software systems. Don’t miss out on the benefits of an automated time tracking system – put a stop to unnecessary payroll costs TODAY!

What is Your Employee Time Clock to Employee Ratio?

Today’s cost-conscious businesses deploy various time and attendance systems, such as an employee time clock, to accurately record employee work hours. While employers use these devices to ensure they are paying for the exact number of hours an employee has worked, there is a level of responsibility that comes along with using one. For example, if a business chooses to use a time clock for time and attendance, it must be sure to provide sufficient punch-in locations to accommodate their number of employees. This is especially important for large organizations that have hundreds of employees punching in and out on a daily basis. Failing to provide an adequate number of punch-in stations can land your company in trouble for negligence with regulators such as the Department of Labor.  employee time clock

Here is a prime example of employer negligence. A warehouse facility in Chino, CA was recently issued a number of citations for failing to provide adequate punch-in locations, as well as for having altered employee time records. The organization in question has two warehouses in Southern California with a total of 865 employees. Surprisingly, the company had only three time clock systems to let employees punch in and out. This resulted in long lines not only at the start and end of each shift, but employees also had to wait to punch in and out for their meal breaks.

Waiting in line was cutting into the employees’ actual work hours. Regardless of when they arrived, they often ended up punching in late because of the long lines. Subsequently, this meant receiving a grievance from the company and a dock in pay. The same scenario took place for meal breaks. Employees actually began to cut their breaks short just so they wouldn’t be late.

After a thorough investigation from the California Office of Labor Commissioner, it was determined that the company was non-compliant and was responsible for not providing an adequate number of locations for employees to punch in and out. Regulators deemed it unethical for employees to be penalized for late punch-ins when they arrive well before their start time. The company also allegedly had been inappropriately adjusting meal break and overtime hours to compensate when employees took shorter breaks. In light of this, the company was also cited for altering employee time records, as it is illegal in any state to adjust an employee’s work hours without his or her knowledge. As a result, the company in Chino had to pay a hefty amount of $1.3 million in penalties and back wages. To think, had they only invested in a few more punch in stations, they could have been out hundreds of dollars rather than a million plus.

The above-mentioned story is a great case study that demonstrates the importance of a company’s responsibility to its employees. If you employee a large number of people, you need to have a sufficient number of employee time clock systems in place. In addition, you are required by federal and state law to provide adequate meal breaks and pay overtime for the hours worked in addition to the standard 40-hour workweek.

If you want to comply with federal and state wage laws, it may be time to do an audit of your time clock system to ensure you are providing your employees with ample opportunity to punch in and out on time. If you determine you need to provide more locations, an ideal solution might be to opt for cloud-based workforce management solutions. Online systems offer affordable punch in devices and innovative software that help avoid violations of federal and state labor laws when it comes to wage claims. For example, biometric systems provide an indisputable audit trail when it comes to employee time tracking and can be purchased for less than $150 a piece. Such an investment is worth the peace of mind alone.