Fingerprint Time Clocks Assure Better Control of Your Business’ Time and Attendance

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A business needs to be highly adaptable in order to survive today’s demanding corporate environment. Fingerprint time clocks provide a diverse range of features that help your business grow without losing control of labor costs, or losing track of employee time and attendance management.

One way businesses are adapting is by implementing web time clocks into their time and attendance practices. These systems provide a great way to effectively manage employee time and attendance with a diverse range of solutions.

With the introduction of fingerprint time clocks, you equip your business with a powerful platform to track and control employee time and attendance costs. This system not only enables you to monitor the time and attendance of your employees, it also captures and collates essential data for organizational productivity analysis. Such data can help you make informed decisions about the performance of your workforce.

Web time clocks are also equipped with software that is capable of generating forecasts that can be used to create alerts about potential unnecessary expenses. This insight helps assess any changes that may need to take place so your time and attendance policies will bring about the best combination of cost savings and efficiency.

Fingerprint time clocks come with integrated biometric scanners. Having employees punch in and out with a fingerprint scanning system not only streamlines time and attendance procedures, but also helps eliminate time theft from the workplace. Efficient operational procedures and the prevention of wage fraud help you achieve more control of your business dynamics, and improve your bottom line.

Time and attendance software for web time clocks can be customized as well. For example, you can add features that create alerts for floor supervisors when an employee is verging on overtime. This helps put a cap on unauthorized overtime and control overall operational costs.

A Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock for Keeping Track of Your Employee Time and Attendance

If you employ ten or more non-exempt salaried staff or hourly employees, and if these employees work at different times, a biometric fingerprint time clock is a must for keeping track of their exact time and attendance. A reliable time tracking system not only allows you to monitor employee time and attendance, but also enables you to plan shifts, manage paid time off and allocate resources. If you do not have dependable payroll time clock software in place, chances are that your HR and administration costs are much higher than they need to be due to exhaustive manual time recording.

A biometric fingerprint time clock automates the tedious task of workforce time management and attendance tracking. This means HR managers and entrepreneurs are able to free up essential time and resources that can be spent on core business activities. In addition, this type of advanced system allows HR executives to schedule their employees in both fixed and flexible shifts.

Payroll time clock software with biometric features ensures there is zero time theft.  Since it uses physiological features to identify workers, there is no manipulating the system. The biometric functionality makes this system the most impregnable employee time and attendance application in the world. The system makes sure all payroll data is accurate and to the minute, and rules out any possibility or risk of non-compliance for FLSA or state labor laws.

The biometric fingerprint time clock incorporates a broad range of useful features thanks to its advanced employee time management software. Payroll integration and universal online access make this system an ideal platform for employee time and attendance management.

Here are some other important benefits of implementing payroll time clock software to keep track of employee time and attendance:

  • Efficient use of time and resources through automated processes
  • Reduced costs of payroll
  • Instant and universal availability of payroll data
  • Improved project management
  • Identification of areas to improve
  • Enhanced analysis of human resource efficiency

These vital features make the biometric fingerprint time clock an ideal solution for the time and attendance requirements of any company.

Web Based Time Clock – The Window into Your Shop Floor

Web Based Time ClockThe web based time clock is widely credited for revolutionizing employee time tracking systems largely due to the use of cloud computing. Employee time and attendance management has been a tricky aspect of administrative and operational tasks for business owners. Manual time tracking, whether done using paper time sheets or mechanical card punching clocks, has always been considered flawed and error prone. This situation changed drastically once biometric fingerprint time clocks emerged onto the employee time management solutions scene.

The online functionality of these time tracking devices offers many conveniences for employees, as well as business owners. Online fingerprint time clocks are generally regarded as one the most uncomplicated time tracking systems simply because they do not involve complicated software. In addition, online biometric fingerprint time clocks allow business owners to keep track of employee punch ins and outs, late arrivals and early departures, even if they are not at their office or on the shop floor. It’s like you have a window into your business that is open 24/7 and you can look through at any time from anywhere in the world. A web based time clock is an ideal solution for small businesses as they do not need to buy expensive software or pay heavy annual licensing fees.

Furthermore, business owners do not need to spend their hard earned money on accessories for fingerprint time clocks, worry about data storage and security. All of these are taken care of on the service provider’s end. The employee time data is stored at servers that have additional security features for increased security. Web based time clock service providers keep all payroll data for one month in case there are any disputes between the employer and the employees.

The web-based functionality of biometric fingerprint time clocks presents a unique opportunity for small business owners to track their employees’ time accurately and more cost effectively.