How is Payroll Time Clock Software Beneficial?

All employers want to find the best ways to make their employees more efficient and effective at work. It’s no secret that many workers waste time on the job, and that this time can really add up. It’s also no secret that many businesses have suffered financially because of all the time wasted by employees. This is precisely why more businesses need to invest in Payroll Time Clock Software. Let’s take a look at why this software is so vital and how it can best be used.

When non-salaried employees arrive at work, they have to punch a time card in order to show what time they started. Often, when employees go to lunch and come back, they also have to punch in and out in order to track how much time they were gone. And of course, employees have to once again punch their time card when they leave work for the day. This method of tracking an employee’s time is tedious and outdated. Payroll Time Clock Software is not only much more precise and efficient to use these days, but is also much easier to use. Employees can punch in and out within seconds and their time is automatically and accurately marked and stored. This happens each and every time they come and go from work.

In addition to simplifying life for the employee, this advanced software also makes it easier on the employer. As an employer, you might know from experience how difficult it is to manually count, tally, process and analyze the amount of time each employee worked in a pay period. The amount of time and labor invested in manually reviewing work hours is unnecessary. Time clock software automatically records, stores and yes – even processes and crunches employee work hour data making it immediately accessible to the employer. Employers can view work hours in real-time and know immediately how many hours have been worked, as well as how much it is costing them in wages.

Time clock software can also help reduce the headache of processing payroll. Some of the more innovative software solutions integrate with major payroll processing systems such as QuickBooks, ADP and Paychex, as well as smaller software platforms. This allows businesses to drastically cut down on the amount of hours it takes processing payroll and allows employers to focus on more business critical tasks.

As you can see, payroll time clock software can be extremely beneficial when it comes to cutting costs and saving time. Consider investing in time clock software for you and your business. Within a few short months, you’ll likely see improvement not just in your employees’ attendance behaviors, but in your operational costs as well.

A Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock for Keeping Track of Your Employee Time and Attendance

If you employ ten or more non-exempt salaried staff or hourly employees, and if these employees work at different times, a biometric fingerprint time clock is a must for keeping track of their exact time and attendance. A reliable time tracking system not only allows you to monitor employee time and attendance, but also enables you to plan shifts, manage paid time off and allocate resources. If you do not have dependable payroll time clock software in place, chances are that your HR and administration costs are much higher than they need to be due to exhaustive manual time recording.

A biometric fingerprint time clock automates the tedious task of workforce time management and attendance tracking. This means HR managers and entrepreneurs are able to free up essential time and resources that can be spent on core business activities. In addition, this type of advanced system allows HR executives to schedule their employees in both fixed and flexible shifts.

Payroll time clock software with biometric features ensures there is zero time theft.  Since it uses physiological features to identify workers, there is no manipulating the system. The biometric functionality makes this system the most impregnable employee time and attendance application in the world. The system makes sure all payroll data is accurate and to the minute, and rules out any possibility or risk of non-compliance for FLSA or state labor laws.

The biometric fingerprint time clock incorporates a broad range of useful features thanks to its advanced employee time management software. Payroll integration and universal online access make this system an ideal platform for employee time and attendance management.

Here are some other important benefits of implementing payroll time clock software to keep track of employee time and attendance:

  • Efficient use of time and resources through automated processes
  • Reduced costs of payroll
  • Instant and universal availability of payroll data
  • Improved project management
  • Identification of areas to improve
  • Enhanced analysis of human resource efficiency

These vital features make the biometric fingerprint time clock an ideal solution for the time and attendance requirements of any company.