What Every Business Owner Should Know About Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

Why do Customers Choose a uAttend Time Tracking System?

While there are many, many reasons why businesses choose to buy a uAttend™ Employee Management System, every business has their top ones. In addition to being the most reliable and affordable system on the market today and having the most robust line of time clocks to choose from (not to mention having the most advanced software around), we’ve tallied up a few of the other reasons why customers love uAttend:

1. User Friendly
Employee time tracking software is complex from a development perspective, but it should never be difficult or complex for the end user. This is why all uAttend systems feature a simple, easy-to-use dashboard and user interface making time tracking and management as simple as possible.

2. Universal Access
On vacation or away on a business trip and wondering about your workforce’s time and attendance? No problem. With a uAttend time clock system, all employee work hour data is stored in the cloud giving you access any time of day and from any location in the world. Simply login to your company account from any Internet-connected device (e.g., laptop, PC, Smartphone or mobile tablet)! You can see real-time metrics on who is currently punched in, who was late, who is on vacation or who is working in what department. You can generate reports, monitor workload balance and even export work hours to your payroll system. Cloud-based access also allows for employees to work remote or at multiple locations and offers the convenience of a Smartphone or mobile app for punching in and out.

3. Frequent Software Updates
One of the great things about a uAttend time tracking system is that since it is cloud-based, updates can be made frequently without any downtime. We are constantly making improvements to our software and routinely update the system with new and improved functions and features.

4. Customer Support
Processing Point’s customer support team is friendly, knowledgable and extremely professional. If you have a question or concern about your uAttend time and attendance system, rest assured your needs will be answered quickly and efficiently.

5. Sleek & Small
A uAttend time clock not only works the best – it looks the best. While aesthetics aren’t the most important thing when it comes to having an effective time and attendance system, it certainly helps to have a small and manageable unit that can be easily and conveniently moved around and set up at your workplace.

Again, these are just a few of the reasons why we know our customers love the uAttend Employee Management System. If you want to find out your own reasons, give us a call at 800-518-8925 or visit our website at www.uAttend.com.

uAttend Time and Attendance Tracking Software Leads the way Through Cloud Computing

time and attendance tracking systemAs a small business owner, keeping track of employee work hour attendance is one of the many responsibilities you must juggle. Add to this, your long list of managing inventory needs, marketing plans and financial concerns and it can all get a little overwhelming. When it comes to monitoring and managing employee work hours, turning to Time and Attendance Tracking Software can greatly reduce your workload and improve both the accuracy and efficiency of your time tracking system.

Cutting-edge, cloud-based technology offers huge flexibility and convenience for employees and employers alike when it comes to accommodating our need for mobility in today’s fast-paced business environment. Through it, employees can clock in and out “online” using a physical time clock, a web browser or even a Smartphone or mobile device; likewise, employers can use the same methods to track and manage their workforce. Leading the charge in cloud computing time and attendance solutions is the uAttend Employee Management System. uAttend is not only the most affordable and robust system available for today’s progressive businesses, but it is also extremely simple to use.

How is that, you may ask? As indicated earlier, through cloud computing technology, employees have multiple options available to them that help make marking attendance easy and convenient. In addition, managers and business owners have flexible and convenient options for accessing and analyzing employee work hour data. By simply logging into their online uAttend account, managers open a virtual window into their workforce. They can review employee work hours and run necessary reports. They can customize their dashboard with their favorite widgets for snapshots such as who is currently in the office, who was late, who is on vacation or who left early. They can even schedule real-time alerts to be notified if and when an employee is late and a department might be short-staffed.

Since the uAttend system uses cloud computing technology, you can track employees’ hours no matter where you are. Whether you’re on site or thousands of miles away, you’ll have access to instant, real-time work hour metrics. You can process payroll, analyze data for performance reviews, update employee wage information and so much more. With a streamlined and automated system in place and all your employee work hour data securely stored in the cloud, you will accurately pay your workforce and be free of the stresses that often arise from payroll problems.

Using cloud-based systems like uAttend to handle employee time and attendance offers even more great benefits. For example, if your business has multiple locations or if you have a remote workforce, punching in and out of a static time clock is not ideal. Rather than forcing employees to first drive to the office and then to their destination, OR trusting them to accurately (and honestly) remember their hours when filling out a time card or time sheet, they can now simply punch in and out while on-the-go using their cell phone, tablet or Smartphone. Plus, you can manage all of your employee attendance needs with a real-time application that uses a single computer interface. It’s a win-win for everyone. Your employees will clock in and out through a convenient means that works best for your company, and you’ll access their time quickly and efficiently from wherever you might be when you need the data.

Businesses today have to be mobile and must be able to change directions quickly and effortlessly. Tracking employee time and attendance shouldn’t hold you back. This is one of the many reasons why cloud-based solutions like uAttend’s Time and Attendance Tracking Software reap immediate benefits and ROI from a management standpoint.

How Can The Web Based Time Clock Improve Workforce Efficiency?

Time clocks have long been used at workplaces to track the total time spent by employees on job. Traditionally, mechanical punches have been used to punch time slots on employee time cards. The new way of tracking employee time is by using the web based time clock. The shift from manual to web based time and attendance tracking system had a great impact on the way human resources were managed. Employee time clock software overcomes the deficiencies of the manual employee attendance system.

Time Clock CB 2000A web based time clock helps businesses automate many of the interlinked processes that were previously required to be manually carried out. An online time and attendance tracking system is operated via a web based user interface. Employees can log in using this user interface through a web browser or an IP enabled device. A key benefit of using a web based attendance system is that employees can clock in from anywhere. Businesses with multiple facilities can help manage workforce working at different locations. Employees can use PCs, IP enabled phones, tablet PCs, or wall mounted IP devices to clock in. This makes the web based time clock a lot more flexible in terms of usage. Web based attendance software can be easily integrated with badge readers or biometric scanners to avoid things like buddy punching and time theft, etc.

All data collected through the web based attendance system is automatically updated to a database. A human resource information system (HRIS) can be integrated with this database to update key information about employees. Many important data fields can be filled using this data like salary, number of annual leaves remaining, amount of income tax for a particular month after deductions or actual number of hours worked, etc. All these reports can be quickly generated using this software.

Selection of the right web based attendance system entirely depends on the business requirements and budget. Basic software packages start from under one hundred dollars. However, when we are talking about a large number of employees, more comprehensive software suites are available. Most of the software development companies providing web based attendance software offer a trial period. It is always good to first have a trial of the software before finalizing one. Be sure to also compare the features of each software program to see which one best fits your requirements.

Case Study: uAttend’s Employee Management System helped Maui Mike’s Fire-Roasted Chicken successfully

Business Overview
Located in Wahiawa on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, Maui Mike’s is known for its quality and value, as well as its festive Aloha spirit. The restaurant proudly serves 100% fresh and all-natural chicken and has been doing so since 2005.

uAttend’s Employee Management System helped Maui Mike’s Fire-Roasted Chicken successfully reduce operational costs and improve peace of mind by making time and attendance tracking easier, faster and more accurate. By leveraging uAttend’s automated time clock system, Maui Mike’s is now able to track, monitor, store, manage and retrieve time and attendance data for its 17 employees resulting in substantial savings from its previous provider.

Maui Mike’s previous time and attendance service was an online time-tracking system. The challenge of this system was that the programming was cumbersome, slow and difficult to navigate. In addition, it was frequently offline for “scheduled” maintenance and the service provider failed to give fair warning of when this scheduled maintenance would take place. Yet another challenge was the inefficient and inaccurate time and attendance tracking that came with using an undependable and unreliable service provider.

uAttend Solution
After extensive online research, Maui Mike’s decided to upgrade to an automated employee management system and purchased uAttend’s BN1500 time clock. This specific model number uses fingerprint identification to clock employees in and out, eliminating any chance of buddy punching practices and reducing time theft. The company chose uAttend’s solution based on several factors. First, the price point was less than what they were paying for its current provider, yet the scope of services offered included much more. Secondly, uAttend’s website was user-friendly and easy-to-navigate making it simple to find relevant information and answer any questions Maui Mike’s had regarding the software. And last, but not least, all of Maui Mike’s concerns pertaining to integrating the time and attendance software were promptly answered by uAttend’s professional and courteous customer service department earning the trust and respect that any working relationship should have.

Immediate Benefits
 Efficiency: Since implementing uAttend’s BN1500 employee management system, Maui Mike’s has streamlined its time and attendance process and improved its overall operational costs. Employees punch in and out more efficiently and their times are accurately recorded in a secure, cloud-based environment that is easily accessed via a user-friendly, web-based account.

Dependability: After just a few weeks of employing uAttend’s time and attendance software, Maui Mike’s could already trust on its unwavering dependability. Gone are the days of surprise scheduled maintenance, and uAttend’s customer service department is as dependable as its machines. With a significant time difference between its restaurant in Hawaii and uAttend’s offices, Maui Mike’s knows it can rely on uAttend’s customer service any time of day or night.

Savings: Having initially been impressed that such a high-tech device like the BN1500 could be offered at such a low price, Maui Mike’s is even more impressed by the monthly savings it has seen from switching service providers. The company had been overpaying for a service that did not fit their needs. With uAttend’s  affordable monthly subscription plan, Maui Mike’s has reduced overall costs. From the price of the time clock, to the invaluable service and support, the uAttend system has been highly beneficial for Maui Mike’s Roasted Chicken.

About uAttend
uAttend is an employee management solution offering easy and cost-effective ways to manage labor costs and track employee time and attendance. This secure, web-based solution allows companies to manage their workforce from any computer with Internet access. Employees simply punch in and out from a time clock, web page, telephone or smart phone application. All punches are recorded in real-time, eliminating the need to download or synchronize data resulting in significant savings. uAttend features plug ‘n play Ethernet, WIFI-enabled biometric and RFID card reading time clocks.

About ProcessingPoint, Inc.
ProcessingPoint, Inc.  is a leader in providing innovative solutions to small businesses nationwide. From cutting-edge, cloud-based time and attendance to the latest in mobile payments technology, ProcessingPoint invests heavily in new technology in order to bring products and services that save clients’ time and money while performing mission-critical business tasks. For more information please call 1-866.694.3603, or visit www.processingpoint.com.

Time and Attendance Tracking Software: An Addition to Human Resources

One of the biggest assets any company has is its human resource department. Without efficient Human Resources, a company cannot fully achieve desired objectives. Of course, managing the human capital of a company is a challenging job. The scope of HR management requires each employee to function to the best of his or her abilities. To ensure this, employees have to be monitored which can be a demanding task for businesses that employ workers in large numbers. This is where time and attendance tracking software comes into play. This innovative software is a huge addition to any company’s human resource department.

A web based plug n play time clock is equipped with functionalities that help streamline HR procedures. This application is capable of creating complete profiles of employees based on designation, job specifications and other such information. With this feature, HR managers are able to access desired information in seconds. Of course, the main function of time and attendance tracking software is to record employee time and attendance data. Supervisors can then access the in and out punches to see which employee arrived at what time and when the employee left.

Another feature of a web based plug n play time clock that can be very useful for HR managers is the ability to track how much time certain employees spend on certain tasks. Equipped with this information, they can allocate tasks to better performing individuals, separating high performers from low performers. This feature is also helpful in scheduling certain projects.

With the employee time and attendance tracking log feature, HR managers can assess how much time an employee spent in the office working on productive tasks. This can be extremely beneficial when it is time for annual employee evaluations. If this were to be done manually, you can well imagine how time consuming it can be, not to mention the unreliability of manually-entered data. This process can save valuable time of HR managers and improve productivity.