Advantages of uAttend Time Clock Software

If you are in charge of running a business, the last thing you want to worry about is constantly checking in on and keeping track of your employees’ time and attendance. The perfect solution to this all-too-common problem is to implement a uAttend Employee Management System. uAttend’s time clock software effectively helps businesses of all types and sizes cut down on costs, improve employee productivity and accurately record work hours for payroll. Below, we discuss three key benefits that these solutions offer.

Improve Level of Accuracy
Trying to keep track of your employees’ actual work hours using traditional time tracking methods such as a punch clock or paper timesheet is inefficient and often inaccurate. In fact, the many loopholes and limitations associated with these methods end up costing your company a good deal of money in the long run. On the other hand, studies have shown that many businesses see savings of as much as three to five percent on payroll expenses after the successful implementation of payroll time clock software.

Save Time
When you implement a system that is able to automatically track, record and store employee work hours and then automatically export these records into your current payroll system, you instantly save valuable time. No more manually verifying and calculating work hours. No more manually entering employee work hour data into your payroll system, and no more worrying about whether or not employees are being paid accurately. Imagine what you can do with all the free time you’ll now have.

There is no question that the old-fashioned Bundy time clock that employees punch in and out of each day are in the past. Today’s time clock software does so much more than just record time. These solutions allow employees to punch in and out through a variety of flexible methods including a web browser, cell phone, laptop, Smartphone, mobile application and/or an actual physical time clock or even desktop computer. Employees can literally punch in and out on the go and employers can monitor and manage work hours from anywhere with an Internet-connected device.

No matter what type of business you have, from service-based options where employees are constantly on the move or a business that is spread out over a number of different locations, the benefits of time clock software can be significant for your business. You will be able to focus less on processing payroll and managing your workforce’s attendance and spend more time focused on running your business.

As you can see, there are some major reasons why businesses across the globe are adopting technology like a uAttend time clock system. Not only does it save money, but it also helps companies run more efficiently and be more productive.

How to Find the Right Time and Attendance Tracking System

If you are currently in the market for a new employee time and attendance tracking solution, you are likely well aware of the many options available to you. So, the question is – how do find the right time and attendance tracking system to record and store your employees’ work hour information?

With so many service providers clouding up the market offering “this feature” or “that feature”, it can be difficult to navigate the waters and find the right system for your needs. Whether you already have an automated time and attendance system in place, or if you are investing in one for the first time, you want a system that not only satisfies your current business needs and makes managing your employees’ time easier, but you also want a reliable and affordable solution that will last you through coming years.

When making your decision on a new time and attendance tracking system, we recommend considering these four tips:

  1. Look for an established and credible vendor: The world of time and attendance and workforce management is exploding, which has brought about a lot of new and inexperienced time clock providers looking to cash in on the growing market. Many companies have just added time and attendance tracking as a solution they offer “on the side”. You want a provider that specializes strictly in time and attendance tracking, like uAttend. Look for a provider that knows the ins and outs of the industry, that stays up-to-date with wage and labor laws, and that has a proven track record of satisfied customers.
  2. Look for a vendor that offers scalable solutions: As a business owner, there is no doubt you anticipate (and work hard toward) continued business growth. This means adding more services and products, as well as more employees. Rather than buy a new system every time the current one lets you down, it is important to invest in a scalable solution that will accommodate you future business growth.
  3. Look for an easy solution for both employees and management to use: First things first – any time and attendance tracking system should be easy to use and take minimal time to punch in and out from. You want your employees working, not wasting valuable time tracking their work hours. Our biometric fingerprint and facial recognition time clocks, such as the BN6500 or MN2000, literally mark attendance in less than three seconds.  The easier it is for employees to punch in and out, the less resistance they’ll have to doing it.
  4. Look for a solution that will work with your payroll system: Ask any payroll administrator and they will tell you the best gift you could give them is a time and attendance tracking system that will automatically integrate with their payroll software. The right time tracking system can save you hours when it comes to processing payroll. The APA has indicated that automated time and attendance systems like uAttend can save up to 4% in payroll costs, so when evaluating an employee time management system, be sure to check if it’s compatible with the payroll software your business uses.

Tracking time and attendance is a huge part of day-to-day business and can greatly affect labor costs. Investing in an accurate and reliable system is key, which is why it’s worth your time to carefully evaluate your options and determine the right solution for you. uAttend offers a wide range of cost-effective time and attendance solutions from biometric time clocks to RFID card reading devices and mobile and Smartphone apps. Our robust line of flexible employee management solutions will not only save you time and money today, but will also continue to meet your future business needs as your company prospers and grows.


uAttend Featured in the San Diego Union Tribune

The San Diego Union Tribune, a leading newspaper in Southern California, wrote a feature on how “buddy punching is taking a body-blow” as a result of businesses implementing fool proof time and attendance solutions like uAttend’s fingerprint time clock. The article also did an interview of our very own CEO, Chad Buckmaster. The fact that the San Diego Union Tribune chose uAttend to highlight as one of the leading time and attendance solutions provider speaks volumes of the prominence the company has gained in just a short period of time.

Small businesses are constantly plagued by practices like time theft and buddy punching, both which put extra strain on their already thin resources. It is estimated that time theft costs U.S. businesses as much as $123 billion per year in terms of lost productivity. Considering the magnitude of this problem, it is not surprising that small businesses are cracking down and protecting themselves with solutions like biometric time and attendance tracking.

The San Diego Union Tribune asked Buckmaster various questions about the need, as well as the effectiveness of time clocks and biometric solutions. With his expert knowledge of time and attendance management systems, Buckmaster discussed these issues in detail and provided insightful answers to help business owners. To underline the effectiveness of time and attendance management solutions like a fingerprint time clock, Buckmaster said “It eliminates buddy punching, which is a big issue in the time-and-attendance world. Basically, you can’t clock in for one of your fellow employees, which obviously saves employers tons of money.”

Buckmaster further elaborated, “You can also clock in from geo-locations on a mobile phone…you can go ahead and clock in with our mobile app and the employers can actually designate geo-locations for that. If they have a remote site, like construction companies, they can put in the address and the employees can only clock in from that location. If they’re not in that hot spot, it won’t allow them to clock in.”

uAttend is a distinguished name in biometric time and attendance solutions in the U.S., and has also formed strategic alliances in Australia and Europe. The company plans to roll out a facial recognition time clock in coming months to further strengthen its robust product line.

Time & Attendance Software – Automation at Its Best

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Automation is playing a vital role in streamlining today’s business management procedures. While there is a wide range of management software available in the market, few are as result-oriented and effective as time & attendance software. This unique application has revolutionized the way payroll is administrated in businesses of all sizes. In this post, we’ll discuss the many advantages businesses can have if they automate their time and attendance management.

Go Paperless

With a time clock online system, an organization is able to rid itself of the heavy paper trails that result from manual payroll systems. Businesses that do not use an automated form of time and attendance tracking rely on paper time sheets where employees log their work hours. This often involves using a single piece of paper for each working day. Then, at the end of the payroll cycle, the hours from all time sheets are processed into a payroll system using even more paper. By using an automated system like time & attendance software, a business can become paperless in terms of recording and processing payroll data.

Trim Your Operational Costs

Operating in a paperless environment not only makes the overall business system more efficient, but it also reduces costs that are incurred on the use of paper time sheets, time cards and physical storage. A time clock online provides such ease of data access that there is no use for maintaining paper records. Payroll data can be accessed online universally with a click of the mouse as opposed to hours searching through files and folders.

In addition to being paper-free, time & attendance software facilitates an environment where the automated recording and processing of payroll data drastically reduces the time spent on any of the procedures. If you calculate the cost of man hours usually spent on manual time tracking, you will soon realize that an automated system is capable of saving you a lot of revenue.

The costs of payroll are reduced even more when the time clock online is a biometric time clock because it eliminates the possibility of time theft. This is an ideal solution for companies who are concerned about employees who practice buddy punching or proxy attendance recording.

Online Time & Attendance Software for Small and Medium Enterprises

Time & Attendance SoftwareA majority of small and medium enterprises start up with limited capital. This often means that the business owner has to take on many responsibilities. Having too many administrative tasks can hinder the progress of your company because it shifts your focus from the core responsibility of business development. If you find yourself faced with this situation, you can transfer some of the burden of administrative tasks by acquiring business management applications like online attendance software.

Managing employee payroll is one of the most important administrative tasks for small and medium businesses. This is usually the area with the second largest share in operational costs, coming in right behind raw material costs. Time & attendance software plays a major role in reducing your overall spending on payroll. In addition, the power of automation comes in handy for streamlining every aspect of your operational processes.

Online attendance software is the best application for accurately tracking employee work hour information. In the absence of time & attendance software, it can be extremely difficult to manage and track employee time and attendance, and the end result is not always error free. Manual time tracking is inaccurate, vulnerable to manipulation, and time consuming in comparison to automated payroll data collection via online attendance software.
In addition to accurately recording employee work hours, time & attendance software has a lot of other advantages for small and medium enterprises. For example, it can process employee time and attendance data for payroll purposes after it has been recorded with online attendance software.

Time & attendance software can also be integrated with your existing payroll system, and can export data into a number of formats. By simply using online attendance software, one of the most complicated tasks in small businesses easily becomes streamlined making payroll accurate, reliable and hassle free.

Time & attendance software helps in other areas as well, such as project allocation, job costing and employee productivity evaluations.

Time and Attendance Tracking Software Powered By Cloud Computing

time clock onlineTechnological advancements in the field of Information Technology have revolutionized the way things are done. One of these developments is cloud computing. Cloud computing is described as the means to deliver computing as a service instead of as a product. Users can now access information and shared resources like time and attendance tracking software over the web as easily as if it were a utility. SaaS (Software as a Service) based solutions are becoming more and more popular, mostly due to its cost-effectiveness for small businesses.

Traditional employee time management devices like in-house time clocks for small businesses required downloading and the installation of complex applications. There were also hardware requirements as the collected data and subsequent processing needed to be stored on the hardware of the concerned business. With cloud computing, users don’t even need to know the details or location of the computing infrastructure or require storage resources to access the computing services of a solution like a time clock online.

Due to this ease of access, time and attendance tracking software powered by cloud computing has become one of the most popular choices for small business owners as they do not have to invest in additional hardware or pay heavy annual licensing fees. Online time clocks for small businesses provide unmatched ease of data access and management, computation and data storage of employee work hours.

Employees can now access applications like time and attendance tracking software from web browsers, desktops and even from mobile applications to punch in and out, all thanks to cloud computing. All data from time clocks for small businesses is stored on the servers of service providers, allowing Human Resource executives and Payroll personnel real-time access to the information.

The best thing about a time clock online that is powered by cloud-computing is that it provides similar, and in some cases even better services than traditional locally-installed software applications.

Four Steps to Finding the Right Human Resources Management Software

Human Resources Management SoftwareMany small businesses face difficulties in human resource management, especially when they experience steady growth and their number of employees exceeds estimates. Thankfully, there are HR and employee management systems, such as time and attendance software, that can help companies accommodate such periods of growth. If you are interested in purchasing Human Resources Software, there are a few things to consider before doing so. Such software should suit your needs, your budget and the expected size of your company. Below, we have outlined a four-step plan that can be helpful in finding the right HR system for your organization.

1. Determine Your Human Resource Technology Needs
Determining the HR needs of your specific business is very important before you start looking for software. You should have a clear picture of what the system will be required to do for your business. The best approach is to catalog your requirements. A detailed list will enable you to find the system with the best possible capabilities for your business needs.

Include key features such as what type of reporting system you want and what kind of information you will be recording. For instance, if you decide on software for employee time management, you will need it to record employee time and attendance, but you may also want it to process payroll and generate reports on taxes and leaves of absence. Do you have multiple departments to consider? What are their requirements? Do you want online access? Do you prefer a cloud-based or internally-hosted system? There is a lot to consider. Do it carefully.

2. Identify a Vendor That Best Matches Your HR System Requirements
With the many HR Software Systems available, it can be a problem to find the right vendor. Word of mouth is ideal, but often not plausible so start your search on the Internet. If you wish, you can visit each provider’s site individually to match the product features with your requirements for the best possible match. Otherwise, there are a number of sites on the Internet that provide software comparisons. Visiting such sites will make your task of finding the right vendor a lot easier.

3. Arrange Live Demonstrations to Determine HR Software Effectiveness
After you have shortlisted your potential vendors, arrange for live demonstrations with each one to ascertain the effectiveness of each product. Try to include executives from all pertinent departments in these demos. They will help you examine the software capabilities as well as determine if the software is user-friendly and able to fulfill your list of requirements.

4. Check the Online Reputation of Shortlisted HR Software Vendors
Live demonstrations will help narrow down your vendors to a smaller number. Your next step should be to run checks on the reputations of your selected online vendors. Conduct your research along the lines of company longevity, references and reviews, the number of clients it has and whether or not it is a member of organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.

By following these steps, you are bound to find a reliable vendor for your HR system, and time attendance software that suits your needs.

How Can Time and Attendance Software Benefit Business Organizations?

Time and Attendance SoftwareBusiness organizations are often in need of products and services that help them reduce costs. Fortunately, there are innovative technologies that help businesses do more with less. Time and attendance software is one such technology. Before the arrival of this software, businesses had to manually manage employees’ attendance and work hours. While many organizations still use a manual attendance system, it often lacks accuracy and can easily be manipulated by the HR department in favor of certain employees. When employees of a company do not arrive on time, it adds to the cost of doing operations. No business organization wants to incur added costs without additional benefits. Another downside to manual attendance management is that the data cannot be converted into meaningful information.

Business organizations that use time attendance systems reap benefit almost instantaneously. There are different types of time clocks available according to the specific needs of each organization. For example, a web based time clock helps business organizations manage all their attendance records online. The use of this software ensures that there are no errors in recording employee data and also makes calculations such as salaries, wages and taxes a lot easier. Use of the software frees up time for the human resource department so it can focus its efforts on other important tasks that need to be finished. In addition, cost leakages that result from absenteeism, proxy attendance and inaccuracies can be controlled using this system. Modern time attendance software can also be integrated with biometric devices. This integration helps employees quickly mark their attendance and ensures accountability for their work hours. Big organizations find this highly useful for managing their large-numbered workforce. Smaller business organizations may not need this level of attendance tracking and might opt for a time clock and system that more specifically addresses their needs.

Time and Attendance Software for Small Business – How to Pick The Right One

Time and attendance software for small business has seen a phenomenal success and subsequent growth in recent years. Due to the impact it can have on the operational efficiency and overall organization of a business, this success is not surprising. Today, the average small business owner is inundated with options for such applications and at times it can be tough to select software that is truly what it advertises to be. This post sheds some light on how to select a suitable service provider.

1. When you embark upon your search for suitable time and attendance software for small business, the first thing you should do is to make a list of features that are absolutely necessary for your particular niche. Next, make a second list of additional features that you would like to have in your time and attendance software. Then, search online for software with the features you require. Select at least five or six providers, compare features and prices, and shortlist the ones with the best combination.

2. The ideal time and attendance software for small business should not be limited to employee time tracking, but should also be able to integrate with your payroll system. The automated reporting done by the software can be an enormous help in payroll processing and can help save time and revenue. These benefits are huge, so be sure to check if the software can integrate with your current system.

3. One feature that you should not compromise on is the scalability of the time and attendance software for small business. Keep in mind that your business may employ only a handful of employees now, but in a year or two you might experience growth. The software should have the ability to meet your additional requirements if and when the time comes. Otherwise, you will end up spending more on buying new software to accommodate your needs.

Time and Attendance Software to Simplify Your Business Process

The advent of automation has revolutionized the way we do things and the way we operate both at home and at the workplace. We have hardware and software at our fingertips to help make any task easier. Employee time tracking is one of the many challenges that used to be time consuming, especially when employers had mechanical card punching time clocks. This has changed drastically due to automation by time and attendance software, and has made the workplace much more efficient.

The automated employee time clock has been able to effectively streamline the business processes of both large and small organizations. Time and attendance trackingand management used to be a labor intensive task that consumed many business resources in terms of time and money. However, it is a whole new scenario now with the introduction of employee time clocks into the workplace. Paper timesheets and punch cards have been replaced with Proximity Cards and Fingerprint Recognition thanks to the time attendance software used in such devices. Advanced features like this have little room for inaccuracies and save valuable time for organizations. The data recorded with these devices is 100% accurate which is a huge advantage when it comes to time and money savings.

With a manual time clock, it was easy for employees to fool and time theft practices were rampant at the workplace. This too has been eliminated with the use of time and attendance software for employee time tracking. As a result, businesses have profited significantly as they no longer lose money due to time theft. Previous systems also had to be manually supervised to ensure that employees refrained from trying to bypass it. This resulted in the hiring of supervisors to oversee the time and attendance of employees, which ultimately increased operational costs. Modern time clocks don’t need human supervision because they are impervious to time theft practice.

Traditional systems also involved the manual calculation of employee work hours which consumed additional work hours by HR supervisors. This system was faulty at best. Time and attendance software uses automation. As a result, the data processed is accurate and takes just a few clicks to get the requested results.

Another unique feature of time attendance software is the help it provides with payroll processing functionality. This process can also be time and resource consuming, and is vulnerable to errors. With automation, the process is accurate, streamlined and simplified.