Time & Attendance Software – Automation at Its Best

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Automation is playing a vital role in streamlining today’s business management procedures. While there is a wide range of management software available in the market, few are as result-oriented and effective as time & attendance software. This unique application has revolutionized the way payroll is administrated in businesses of all sizes. In this post, we’ll discuss the many advantages businesses can have if they automate their time and attendance management.

Go Paperless

With a time clock online system, an organization is able to rid itself of the heavy paper trails that result from manual payroll systems. Businesses that do not use an automated form of time and attendance tracking rely on paper time sheets where employees log their work hours. This often involves using a single piece of paper for each working day. Then, at the end of the payroll cycle, the hours from all time sheets are processed into a payroll system using even more paper. By using an automated system like time & attendance software, a business can become paperless in terms of recording and processing payroll data.

Trim Your Operational Costs

Operating in a paperless environment not only makes the overall business system more efficient, but it also reduces costs that are incurred on the use of paper time sheets, time cards and physical storage. A time clock online provides such ease of data access that there is no use for maintaining paper records. Payroll data can be accessed online universally with a click of the mouse as opposed to hours searching through files and folders.

In addition to being paper-free, time & attendance software facilitates an environment where the automated recording and processing of payroll data drastically reduces the time spent on any of the procedures. If you calculate the cost of man hours usually spent on manual time tracking, you will soon realize that an automated system is capable of saving you a lot of revenue.

The costs of payroll are reduced even more when the time clock online is a biometric time clock because it eliminates the possibility of time theft. This is an ideal solution for companies who are concerned about employees who practice buddy punching or proxy attendance recording.

Time and Attendance Tracking Software Powered By Cloud Computing

time clock onlineTechnological advancements in the field of Information Technology have revolutionized the way things are done. One of these developments is cloud computing. Cloud computing is described as the means to deliver computing as a service instead of as a product. Users can now access information and shared resources like time and attendance tracking software over the web as easily as if it were a utility. SaaS (Software as a Service) based solutions are becoming more and more popular, mostly due to its cost-effectiveness for small businesses.

Traditional employee time management devices like in-house time clocks for small businesses required downloading and the installation of complex applications. There were also hardware requirements as the collected data and subsequent processing needed to be stored on the hardware of the concerned business. With cloud computing, users don’t even need to know the details or location of the computing infrastructure or require storage resources to access the computing services of a solution like a time clock online.

Due to this ease of access, time and attendance tracking software powered by cloud computing has become one of the most popular choices for small business owners as they do not have to invest in additional hardware or pay heavy annual licensing fees. Online time clocks for small businesses provide unmatched ease of data access and management, computation and data storage of employee work hours.

Employees can now access applications like time and attendance tracking software from web browsers, desktops and even from mobile applications to punch in and out, all thanks to cloud computing. All data from time clocks for small businesses is stored on the servers of service providers, allowing Human Resource executives and Payroll personnel real-time access to the information.

The best thing about a time clock online that is powered by cloud-computing is that it provides similar, and in some cases even better services than traditional locally-installed software applications.