Is it Time to Rethink Your Time and Attendance System?

As a small business owner, you know what it’s like to have every minute of your day allocated to your daily operations. You also know the importance of prioritizing when it comes to running your business efficiently. Free time is a hot commodity and one you likely see very little of. So, how would you like to free up some of that time-strapped schedule? If you’re still using time sheets or punch time cards, the uAttend™ Employee Management System can help save your valuable time. In fact, depending on the size of your company and number of employees, you could find yourself saving hours each pay period.

Not sure if you really need an automated time tracking system? Here are a few questions and thoughts to consider:

  1. How much time do you currently spend on manual time and attendance tracking and payroll processing?
  2. How old is your current system?
  3. Would you benefit from a scalable solution?
  4. Does your workforce have options when it comes to clocking in and out?
  5. Do you have any employees that work remote?
  6. Does your current system seem costly or expensive?
  7. Is your current system cumbersome, bulky and take up space?
  8. How much time is committed to maintaining your current system?
  9. Do you ever wish you could see your employees’ work hour information when you are away from the office?
  10. Do you have an easy way to access, store and retrieve employee time and attendance data?

Each of these questions is intended to help guide your decision as to whether or not you could benefit from an automated time and attendance system. Of course, perhaps the most important questions to ask are 1) whether or not you could use an extra hour or so each week, and 2) whether or not you want to boost your profits by lower operating and labor costs. If your answer to these last two questions is yes, then it’s time to invest in an automated time tracking system like uAttend.

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uAttend Biometric Time Clocks Help Entrepreneurs Focus on Core Business Activities

Time ClocksSmall and medium sized businesses often function with limited resources. As a result, special needs can arise as far as where managing operations are concerned. This especially applies to businesses that use manual systems. In such cases, additional human capital is required to oversee day-to-day operations, which can have a cost of its own.

At times, entrepreneurs take it upon themselves to manage certain operations, such as time and attendance. This, in turn, takes their focus away from core business activities. Biometric time clocks from uAttend can help small business owners automate and streamline their operations, allowing them to continue focusing on business growth.

Eliminating Micro Management for Employee Attendance

When you are faced with rising operating costs, razor sharp competition, and an often-sluggish economy, it doesn’t make sense to devote your valuable time counting your employee work hours or supervising them as their record their time and attendance. Your time is best spent growing your business, not by trying to run it all yourself. Automated workforce management solutions, such as a uAttend time clock software system, can help you get back in the game and take care of all of your time and attendance needs.

Once you have implemented this type of HR solution, you can eliminate the dependence on human supervision while an employee punches in and out. Biometric web time clocks

from uAttend authenticate employee identity by comparing their unique physiological features, such as facial patterns and fingerprints, making it the most secure way to ensure the punch is 100% accurate.

Additional Features & Benefits

In addition to accurately tracking and recording employee work hours, biometric time clocks from uAttend provide invaluable help in streamlining your organizational processes. By automating the entire chain of time and attendance management, you can save valuable resources and time, not to mention ensuring the accuracy of your data.

Furthermore, uAttend time clock software offers payroll integration with 50 of the top payroll applications, further reducing your dependence on human capital. Simply create a time and attendance report, export it directly to your payroll software and never deal with the tedious job of manual payroll again!

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uAttend, Maker of Web Time Clocks, Featured as one of CNBC’s Most Innovative Small Businesses of 2013

uAttend, the leading provider of web time clocks for time and attendance tracking, has carved a niche for themselves in the global HR solutions marketplace. With their automated time and attendance system, it is now easier than ever to manage your workforce and run a smooth operation. uAttend time clocks offer a great combination of feature-rich solutions, easy implementation, universal access and affordability, so it is no surprise that they have gained recognition from a leading management and business news organization like CNBC.


CNBC International is a prominent business news channel and online publishing organization. In a recent post on their website, they published a list of 10 small businesses that they believe have created some of the most innovative ideas and solutions in 2013. The selected companies are from various industries and have all enhanced their clients’ businesses by introducing creativity and ingenuity through their products. uAttend was pleased to be on the list! (

Why was uAttend Picked?

Biometric timeclocks from uAttend are HR solutions that have been specifically designed to provide real-time recording and reporting of employee time and attendance, all the while keeping in mind the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. uAttend has been able to spearhead an era of innovative and affordable solutions that help businesses streamline their time and attendance practices. Workforce management solutions from uAttend boast features such as universal access, biometric fingerprint and facial recognition, real-time reporting, and integration with more than 70 of the top payroll software systems.

web time clocks

With uAttend time systems, businesses are able to boost their profits and enhance productivity by eliminating time theft and by being able to hold employees accountable for their hours. uAttend web time clocks provide a wide range of options for employees to punch in such as RFID cards and biometric identification, and even include options for a mobile workforce.

The ability of uAttend biometric timeclocks to decrease payroll expenses of small businesses and streamline their organizational processes also makes them an ideal choice. For this reason, uAttend has seen much success and continues to receive honors such as being placed among CNBC’s 10 most innovative small businesses of 2013. To learn more about uAttend workforce management systems, please visit

Stop Employees From Rounding off Work Hours With uAttend Employees’ Time Clocks

Tardiness, proxy attendance and time theft are some of the most common occurrences in workplaces that function without employees’ time clocks. While some of these employee acts are willful attempts to defraud their employers, there are times when employees engage in these practices without ever realizing that what they are doing is a form of theft. Rounding off work hours is an example of such practices.

The vast majority of employees would likely flinch at the thought of stealing petty cash or office supplies from their workplace. However, if their employer manualweb based time clockly tracks time using the honor system with a pen and paper, these same employees might not hesitate rounding their hours off when they arrive late or leave early. One way or another, the business feels a sting from revenue losses that are a direct result of this practice. If employers were to utilize automatic web based time clock systems like uAttend, this problem would simply cease to exist.

How uAttend Workforce Management Solutions Help Your Business

Automated time and attendance systems offered by uAttend provide an ironclad solution for your time and attendance needs. Coupled with biometrics, these innovative time keeping software systems identify employees by their fingerprints and facial patterns. When employees arrive and leave work, they punch in using these unique physical features, which are nearly impossible to falsify. Since no two individuals have the same physiological traits, this method of punching ensures there is no manipulation of your time and attendance data.

Once you start accurately tracking and recording employee work hours (without employees rounding off hours), you will notice a clear boost in revenue and savings. You will also see an impact on employee productivity. Think about it – if an employee steals just 15 minutes from you each and every workday, it can have a substantial impact on your business in the long run. By implementing employees time clocks, you can eliminate the bleeding of revenue and start paying your employees exactly what you owe.

In addition to eradicating the practice of rounding off employee work hours, these devices also benefit small and medium sized businesses by eliminating time theft, reducing human error, and decreasing a company’s dependence on human capital to manage and process payroll.

If you own and operate a business that manually tracks and manages payroll, web based time clock systems can – and will – help you cut down on operating costs and eliminate the rounding off of employee work hours for good! Start saving TODAY with uAttend!

uAttend Employee Time Clocks – Why you Shouldn’t Operate Without One

These days, it is essential for businesses to reduce operating costs in order to stay viable contenders in the marketplace. Businesses cannot afford to bleed revenue as a result of unnecessary and resolvable issues such as time theft, tardiness and other unethical workplace practices. uAttend employee time clocks with biometrics will not only help prevent such practices, but can also help your business achieve a higher level of accuracy and productivity when it comes to tracking employee time.

Fending off the Menace of Time Theft

Time theft alone costs U.S. business owners more than $400 billion in lost productivity each and every year. It is perpetrated in many forms such as wage fraud, buddy punching, unauthorized overtime, arriving late and leaving early. uAttend’s biometric time clock systems provide the ultimate defense against time theft and are the best solution for your productivity needs.  biometric time clock

A biometric system is simply the best time keeping solution money can buy, which by the way, does not have to be a lot. For example, uAttend offers some of the most affordable time and attendance systems available today with a one-time low purchase price for a clock and then a low monthly subscription. With its ironclad fingerprint and facial recognition capabilities, no employee can manipulate the system. Employees are required to punch in and out through fingerprint and facial recognition processes, which cannot easily be duplicated.

Why Address Time Theft?

A report by Harris Interactive has concluded that at least 5% of employees engage in buddy punching. It also concluded that more than 60% of the employees surveyed admitted to falsifying their time and attendance records. Numbers have shown that an average small business with $500,000 in annual payroll costs stands to lose anywhere from $9,000 to $15,000 on annual basis. Ask yourself, can you afford to lose that kind of money in trying economic conditions with razor-sharp competition?

The answer is most certainly not. So, the next question is what are you going to do about it? Continuing manually with paper timesheets or Bundy clocks is no longer the best option. If you want your company to prosper and grow, eliminate unnecessary losses by switching to biometric employee time clocks from uAttend.

Imagine…no more tardiness, wage fraud or worrying about paying your employees accurately and on time. Say goodbye time theft and productivity problems once and for all. Implement an automated uAttend biometric time clock system and watch how much you save on payroll and operating costs.

Processing Point Introduces New System Features for uAttend Web Time Clocks

Processing Point, Inc., the makers of uAttend web time clocks, has released the latest version of its time keeping software. The new version comes equipped with features that have been designed to help users enjoy a more personalized experience navigating the system. uAttend has secured a prominent position in the workforce management solutions marketplace over the past few years. Affordability, coupled with the reliability and accuracy of their solutions, has made the company one of the fastest growing employee time tracking solution providers today.

What Separates uAttend From Competitors?

uAttend’s time clock online systems feature state-of-the-art technology and a robust time tracking application designed to provide simple, yet highly effective payroll and time management solutions. Through its web-based time tracking system, uAttend provides customers with accurate, to-the-minute time & attendance recording with a wide variety of punch options. For example, the uAttend workforce management system boasts a versatile product line consisting of fingerprint and facial recognition enabled solutions, RFID readers, mobile and Smart phone apps, and browser-based emploweb time clocksyee hour recording.

Enhanced Mobile Application for Android Users

Among its many punch methods, the uAttend Employee Time Management System offers mobile applications, which can be used by employees to record their time and attendance. The updated version of uAttend’s mobile application is currently available for Android users, and is in the process for iPhone and iPad users as well.

The newly added mobile application features help supervisors and HR executives better manage their time and attendance from handheld devices without needing access to a computer. Payroll managers now have the ability to edit and approve timecards along with create payroll summaries for various departments. In addition, there is a “Who’s In” board that allows supervisors and administrators to conveniently view the in or out status of employees by their respective departments.

The latest version of uAttend’s web time clocks software also features a new dashboard homepage that administrators can use to access productivity charts. Furthermore, the dashboard features a Punch Management screen, which allows administrators the ability to see the punch-in method used by employees.

uAttend’s time clock online systems are the fastest growing solutions in today’s world of workforce management. As an industry leader, the company is fully committed to build on its success and improve its products and service delivery on an ongoing basis.

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uAttend’s Facial Recognition Biometric Timeclocks are Ideal for Heavy Metal Industries

uAttend, the most recognizable brand in biometric workforce management solutions, offers a facial recognition time and attendance system that is designed to meet the needs of the heavy metal and assembly industries. Business owners in these industries can accurately track, record, and process employee time and attendance in an effective way thanks to uAttend’s facial recognition biometric timeclocksemployees time clocks

uAttend™ Employee Management Systems are made and marketed by Processing Point, Inc., one of the world’s major providers of time and attendance solutions. The MN2000 is uAttend’s latest release of facial recognition employees’ time clocks, and is widely expected to further strengthen the company’s presence in this high-tech solutions marketplace.

What are Facial Recognition Time Clocks?

uAttend’s MN2000 time tracking systems with facial recognition capabilities are the most hygienic and sanitary means for recording employee time and attendance. This advanced solution provides a clean, hands-free environment for employees to “punch” and record their work hours. The MN2000 time keeping systems also present the ideal solution to problems associated with unreadable fingerprints, which employees in the assembly and heavy metal industries sometimes run into.

“Manufacturing employees such as fabricators and welders can sometimes have unreadable fingerprints as a result of coming into contact with heavy metals and grime,” said Steve Wells, director of technical services at Processing Point. “As a result, it can be difficult to match the scanned prints with the stored fingerprint templates and accurately identify the employee. This is actually a rare occurrence, but is never a concern when facial recognition technology is being used.”

Why Select Facial Recognition Biometric Timeclocks?

A biometric workforce management such as the MN2000 enables small and medium sized businesses to effectively combat and eliminate wage fraud form their premises. With the use of highly sophisticated facial recognition firmware, the MN2000 time tracking system authenticates employee identities in a quick and accurate manner. Employees can record their time and attendance by looking into the scanning screen on the device. They never need to come into contact with the device terminal, allowing them to punch in and out in the most hygienic manner possible.

Available for less than $300, the MN2000 is without doubt one of the most cost-effective time and attendance solutions available today. These facial recognition employees’ time clocks can store up to 200 employee records in its cloud based database and can record an unlimited number of employees using the RFID card reader or PIN pad.

uAttend’s Cloud-Based Time Tracking Software For Workforce Management

Time tracking software is an application that consists of written programs and procedures designed for accurately tracking employee time and attendance. This software is primarily utilized for automating the otherwise labor-intensive task of payroll management at the workplace, thus allowing employers the ability to reduce the amount of time consumed in employee time tracking and payroll preparation. This is why businesses around the world are implementing uAttend time and attendance solutions. uAttend time tracking software systems are the best automated time clocks

The Package You Get

The uAttend workforce management package consists of both automated time clocks and online time and attendance management solutions. The cloud-based software application that comes with the time tracking device contains features like desktop notifications for supervisors if an employee is absent or late. There are currently a number of payroll applications available in the market, but the best ones are those that use a biometric device for tracking and recording employee hours.

Small and medium sized enterprises have found that an automated employee time clock provides substantial advantages, and quickly justifies its acquisition cost. Time tracking software benefits include the elimination of unauthorized overtime, with the added advantages of automated payroll processing. With paper time cards eliminated, your business can enjoy accurate and streamlined employee time and attendance tracking. In addition, you receive automated reports that can be generated in a number of formats, and don’t forget the savings on costs associated with paper time cards and other accessories.

Rising Demand & Popularity

uAttend’s automated time clocks are the product of choice when it comes to workforce management solutions that are not only effective, but also very economical. All of our payroll management solutions are extremely simple and easy to install. Our centralized support enables businesses to keep track of their employees’ time and attendance, especially the ones who work at multiple locations.

Before you select a time and attendance system for your business, there are a few things you should consider. First, you should select the employee time clock that is best suited for your particular needs and fulfills your business objectives. uAttend offers a number of payroll management solutions that include biometric fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, proximity readers, and bar code readers. With the right kind of solution from uAttend’s robust product line, your business can immediately reap its many benefits.

Biometric Timeclocks – An Ideal Way to Boost Your Bottom Line

Today’s small and medium-sized businesses are quickly replacing manual payroll processes with biometric timeclocks in order to achieve accurate time and attendance and boost their bottom line. These workforce management solutions are customizable and allow businesses the ability to select the features that meet their specific needs. In addition, they eliminate time theft and improve accountability in the workplace.Web time clocks the best time clocks

Time Clocks: Solutions for Time & Attendance and Much More…

These innovative systems are specifically designed to manage payroll; however, they are capable of accomplishing much more than simply recording employee work hours. These web time clocks are operated by software that not only marks and stores employee punches, but also processes complex calculations to provide payroll solutions and labor costs.

Biometric timeclocks use software that is capable of identifying employees by cross-referencing their fingerprints against previously scanned and stored fingerprint identification templates. Time and attendance solutions that offer biometric recognition are considered to be the most secure means available today because they cannot be easily manipulated or bypassed. Thanks to biometrics, these systems are able to eradicate time theft from your business, and help save valuable revenue.

Achieve Higher Efficiency Levels

Automated time clocks provide a wide range of features for small and medium-sized businesses. As a result, these organizations are able to operate far more efficiently than when using older, outdated systems. With web-enabled clocks and software, employers can create automated reports on employee attendance patterns and employee productivity, as well as export payroll reports to existing accounting software.

These automated reports help save countless man hours for payroll and HR personnel, which also results in savings. With web time clocks taking care of tedious, time consuming tasks, your staff in these departments can spend their extra time focusing on more critical business processes. This, in turn, further boosts your bottom line and increases productivity ensuring your organizational structure is as streamlined and efficient as possible.

20Lounge Case Study

The Client

20 Lounge Case Study20 Lounge’s two hip and vibrant boutique nail salons in Scottsdale, Arizona and Encinitas, California, offer their patrons a unique beauty experience. Customers receive pedicures, manicures, waxes and facials all the while enjoying their choice of beer or sparkling wine from the 20 Lounge bar.


The uAttend™ Employee Management System optimized the way 20 Lounge collects and manages its workforce’s time and attendance data. By implementing the uAttend system, 20 Lounge has achieved operational efficiency, contained payroll processing costs, and improved employee morale.


As a new company, 20 Lounge was looking for an affordable time and attendance solution that would not only accurately track employee’s time, but would allow for future growth and expansion. With multiple locations, they knew manually logging and processing employee time and attendance would not be efficient or ideal. In addition, the business owners were certain they would see growth in their company and did not want to be limited with a stand-alone solution, nor did they want to overpay for their needs. 20 Lounge also wanted a sleek looking time clock that would reinforce the company’s image of being modern, cutting-edge and clean.


Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock - BN3000uAttend BN3000 Time Clock

After extensive research, 20 Lounge decided to roll-out the uAttend™ Employee Management System. They purchased two uAttend BN3000 time clocks for their two locations and subscribed to the plan perfect for their current employee count. The BN3000 is a biometric time clock that uses fingerprint identification to punch employees in and out. The use of biometric technology eliminates any chance of buddy punching and time theft. The company was initially drawn to the fact that the BN3000 holds employees accountable through its biometric technology integrated with cloud-based time tracking and reporting. 20 Lounge also was drawn to the BN3000 because its sleek and elegant design echoes 20 Lounge’s image of being modern and tech-savvy. Most importantly, 20 Lounge was drawn to the fact that they were able to customize their subscription plan based on the number of employees currently using the system. The company is always looking to open more locations and appreciates the fact that they have a scalable time tracking solution that can monitor and manage the attendance of employees at every single location.


Efficiency: Since implementing uAttend’s BN3000 employee time management system, 20 Lounge has streamlined its time and attendance process and lowered its overall operational costs. Employees clock in and out in less than a second, and their punches are accurately recorded in ‘real-time’ in a secure, cloud-based account that is easily accessed via a user-friendly web-based interface.

Tech-Savvy: uAttend’s BN3000 complements 20 Lounge’s innovative and modern-day image. In addition to being cutting-edge, employees find punching in with their fingerprint easy and ‘cool’, and administrators appreciate having the ability to access all employee attendance data from anywhere they want, and at any time of day.

Scalability: As 20 Lounge looks ahead and anticipates adding more locations and staff, they know the uAttend system will scale with their needs. With uAttend’s affordable monthly subscription plans, 20 Lounge can simply upgrade to the next level with no obligation, commitments or contracts. Likewise, should there ever be a reason they downsize, they can simply change their plan accordingly.

About uAttend

uAttend is the most cost-effective, online employee management solution that integrates affordable time clocks with advanced web-based software. The secure, cloud-based system allows companies to manage their workforce from any computer with Internet access. Employees simply punch in and out from a time clock, web page, telephone or smart phone application and all data is accessible for administrators and supervisors in real time, thereby eliminating the need to download or synchronize employee punch data. All uAttend time clocks feature plug ‘n play connectivity for Ethernet or WIFI-networks.

About Processing Point

Processing Point is a leader in providing innovative solutions to thousands of small businesses nationwide. From cutting-edge, cloud-based time and attendance tracking, to the latest in mobile payments technology, Processing Point drives innovation in new technology in order to bring products and services that save clients time and money while performing mission-critical business tasks.

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