Advantages of uAttend Time Clock Software

If you are in charge of running a business, the last thing you want to worry about is constantly checking in on and keeping track of your employees’ time and attendance. The perfect solution to this all-too-common problem is to implement a uAttend Employee Management System. uAttend’s time clock software effectively helps businesses of all types and sizes cut down on costs, improve employee productivity and accurately record work hours for payroll. Below, we discuss three key benefits that these solutions offer.

Improve Level of Accuracy
Trying to keep track of your employees’ actual work hours using traditional time tracking methods such as a punch clock or paper timesheet is inefficient and often inaccurate. In fact, the many loopholes and limitations associated with these methods end up costing your company a good deal of money in the long run. On the other hand, studies have shown that many businesses see savings of as much as three to five percent on payroll expenses after the successful implementation of payroll time clock software.

Save Time
When you implement a system that is able to automatically track, record and store employee work hours and then automatically export these records into your current payroll system, you instantly save valuable time. No more manually verifying and calculating work hours. No more manually entering employee work hour data into your payroll system, and no more worrying about whether or not employees are being paid accurately. Imagine what you can do with all the free time you’ll now have.

There is no question that the old-fashioned Bundy time clock that employees punch in and out of each day are in the past. Today’s time clock software does so much more than just record time. These solutions allow employees to punch in and out through a variety of flexible methods including a web browser, cell phone, laptop, Smartphone, mobile application and/or an actual physical time clock or even desktop computer. Employees can literally punch in and out on the go and employers can monitor and manage work hours from anywhere with an Internet-connected device.

No matter what type of business you have, from service-based options where employees are constantly on the move or a business that is spread out over a number of different locations, the benefits of time clock software can be significant for your business. You will be able to focus less on processing payroll and managing your workforce’s attendance and spend more time focused on running your business.

As you can see, there are some major reasons why businesses across the globe are adopting technology like a uAttend time clock system. Not only does it save money, but it also helps companies run more efficiently and be more productive.

SaaS-based Time Tracking Software Allows Instant Access to Latest Application Version

The growth of cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses acquire and utilize various applications, particularly workforce management solutions. Before cloud computing, businesses needed to manually download and install software onto their computer, which was often time-consuming and inconvenient. With the arrival of Software as a Service (SaaS), more and more businesses are taking advantage of this easy-to-use system. HR solutions that are delivered through cloud computing, such as time tracking software from uAttend, provide a number of benefits that are hard to come by if a business is using internally hosted programs.

Zero Upgrade Charges

When you use on-premise software, it can be very difficult and costly to upgrade your existing HR solution. Businesses using licensed HR systems are often required to purchase annual upgrades, which can be very expensive.

With SaaS, your service provider automatically manages upgrades so there is no need to purchase and download new software each time an upgrade is released. In addition, with time keeping software from uAttend, businesses always have access to the latest version of the software without any additional costs.

No Complicated Upgrading Process

Businesses sometimes face unexpected problems when upgrading software. Not only is the process of downloading and installing upgrades laborious and time-consuming, but there can also be additional problems that could be a setback for your business. For example, the latest version of a system may no longer be compatible with your server, which can be frustrating and costly to resolve.

Instead of taking this risk, businesses can continue to make use of their HR solutions without any interruptions or delays with SaaS-based delivery. Since the software is hosted on the solution provider’s servers, there are never issues related to system compatibility. In addition, cloud-based time tracking software solutions from uAttend are always seamlessly upgraded so that our clients never have to experience any downtime.

Cost Benefits of SaaS HR Solutions

In addition to being universally accessible, SaaS time keeping software solutions offered by uAttend are highly cost-effective. Small businesses do not have to pay any licensing fees, sign-up fees, or enter into any long-term contracts. All they must pay for is the hardware terminal and an easy, low-priced monthly subscription plan.

Time Keeping Software – What Are Some Available Options?


Time keeping software is a superb business tool for managing employee time and attendance. This system creates automated time sheets for each individual employed by a company, and makes it very simple for human resource managers to monitor performance and track work time.

Keeping an eye on employee productivity is essential for a business, whether big or small. A time clock equipped with time tracking software plays an important role for any company in clearly identifying business strengths and weaknesses, as well as closely monitoring per capita expenditures.

Of course, time keeping software is available in a variety of forms. Below we discuss some of the most common options.

On-Premise Vs Cloud-Based

There are two hosting options available to prospective time tracking buyers, on-premise and cloud-based software. The first option involves either downloading or installing complex software in addition to purchasing the hardware (i.e.: a time clock). A business often has to pay hefty annual licensing fees in order to use this type of software. In addition, the software needs to be hosted on a physical server or computer that is on-site, which involves considerable costs and expenditures.

The second type of hosting is cloud-based. Cloud computing time keeping software is web-based and does not involve additional hardware expenses such as a server. In fact, some businesses forgo the need of a physical time clock and use the software as a service (SaaS). Cloud based SaaS allows employees to simply log into an online account to punch in and out. If and when a time clock is utilized, the convenient plug-n-play feature makes it extremely easy for any business to implement the device and software into their operations. It is much more affordable with no long-term contracts or licensing fees.

Stand-Alone Vs Customized Software

Stand-alone software provides basic data recording and reporting functionalities. The time clock tracks and records the employee’s time and attendance, and the software creates automated time sheets based on that data. This option is mostly used by smaller organizations that employ 10-25 employees and do not necessarily have the need for customized features.

Large businesses usually require a more advanced form of time keeping software, which can be integrated with payroll and accounting systems. This highly developed form of software can generate invoices directly when integrated with a company’s billing system. It can also perform tasks like compensation time tracking, as well as vacation and sick time tracking. Customizable versions of software can create unique reports and break down departmental labor costs.

These are just some of the options that are available for businesses looking for an employee time tracking system. As always, be sure to select a system that meets your individual needs and business requirements.

Avoid Being Misled By Paid Reviews For Web Time Clocks

Time Keeping SoftwareWeb time clocks have played an important role in transforming organizational administrative processes from tedious and consuming to streamlined and efficient. Their success has caused an explosion of finger print time clock marketing companies to pop into the time management solutions market.

Although these mushroom companies often have little to no experience in areas like producing quality time keeping software or providing reliable customer service, they generate quite a bit of business through a number of questionable practices. The method topping this list right now is by paying for positive reviews at online time tracking review sites and affiliate marketing websites. Below, we discuss these practices in detail and give you ways to avoid being misled.

Solicited and Paid Time Keeping Software Reviews

Before buying a product or service, many people like to consult product review sites to get unbiased, authentic information. Business owners are no different and often look to the Internet when searching for new equipment. For example, a manager might seek industry trade blogs and review forums when looking for information on web time clocks or biometric fingerprint timeclocks. Unfortunately, they are often unaware of the fact that many of the sites they find and trust are actually making money by getting paid for fake reviews. These review sites get a nice financial incentive if the traffic they send results in a sale. Needless to say, products that are sold through such methods can be unreliable. It is always better to consult relevant magazines and independent review websites when looking for information about products like a finger print time clock.

Affiliate Marketing Sites

Affiliate marketing websites market products that they have little expert or professional knowledge about. These online organizations target potential keywords and place pay-per-click advertising on key search engine pages. When a potential buyer searches for a phrase like web time clocks, he or she is lured to affiliate marketing sites through advertising text offering what seems like genuine information. In reality, the goal of this type of webpage is to lead you to affiliate sites so they can gain financially.

If you want to ensure you are getting accurate and true information about time recording devices and time keeping software, it is always recommended to directly consult a manufacturer by either visiting their website or calling a sales representative.