Stop Employees From Rounding off Work Hours With uAttend Employees’ Time Clocks

Tardiness, proxy attendance and time theft are some of the most common occurrences in workplaces that function without employees’ time clocks. While some of these employee acts are willful attempts to defraud their employers, there are times when employees engage in these practices without ever realizing that what they are doing is a form of theft. Rounding off work hours is an example of such practices.

The vast majority of employees would likely flinch at the thought of stealing petty cash or office supplies from their workplace. However, if their employer manualweb based time clockly tracks time using the honor system with a pen and paper, these same employees might not hesitate rounding their hours off when they arrive late or leave early. One way or another, the business feels a sting from revenue losses that are a direct result of this practice. If employers were to utilize automatic web based time clock systems like uAttend, this problem would simply cease to exist.

How uAttend Workforce Management Solutions Help Your Business

Automated time and attendance systems offered by uAttend provide an ironclad solution for your time and attendance needs. Coupled with biometrics, these innovative time keeping software systems identify employees by their fingerprints and facial patterns. When employees arrive and leave work, they punch in using these unique physical features, which are nearly impossible to falsify. Since no two individuals have the same physiological traits, this method of punching ensures there is no manipulation of your time and attendance data.

Once you start accurately tracking and recording employee work hours (without employees rounding off hours), you will notice a clear boost in revenue and savings. You will also see an impact on employee productivity. Think about it – if an employee steals just 15 minutes from you each and every workday, it can have a substantial impact on your business in the long run. By implementing employees time clocks, you can eliminate the bleeding of revenue and start paying your employees exactly what you owe.

In addition to eradicating the practice of rounding off employee work hours, these devices also benefit small and medium sized businesses by eliminating time theft, reducing human error, and decreasing a company’s dependence on human capital to manage and process payroll.

If you own and operate a business that manually tracks and manages payroll, web based time clock systems can – and will – help you cut down on operating costs and eliminate the rounding off of employee work hours for good! Start saving TODAY with uAttend!

California Time Clock – What Difference Can It Make For Your Business?

California Time ClockWith the addition of applications and tools to make the workplace more efficient and organized, there is still no better tool than the California time clock to streamline business procedures. For a long time businesses were run with old-fashioned mechanical time clocks. However, the picture today is quite different. When it comes to accurate tracking of work hours and employee time management, there is no way outdated card punching clocks can match the California time clock device equipped with state-of-the-art time and attendance applications.

Every business owner is aware of how important it is to track employee payroll data accurately. This is one of the main reasons for the extinction of mechanical card punching devices and the move towards the California time clock. The time and attendance software allied with these devices records employee hours in an accurate manner and then helps create useful reports by processing the data to be used by the payroll and HR departments.

This device introduces the elements of accuracy and accountability into the work place. As a result, organizations become more efficient, organized and productive – all factors that contribute to a better return on investment for concerned businesses. With zero time theft and better payroll processing, small businesses save a lot of money. And the paperless environment created by the California time clock eliminates needs like buying paper cards, paper timesheets and ribbons for punch clocks as they are all replaced with automated processes.

Another added advantage that this device offers is the element of scalability. Small businesses can experience unexpected growth at any time and this application has the ability to handle extra employees. As a business owner, if you wish to stay competitive and reduce your operational costs, the California time clock is the tool to get you there.