Web Time Clocks Provide Benefits to Business Managers

Time clocks with punch cards were once the mainstream standard for tracking employee work hours, but these devices are quickly being phased out. Business owners and managers who need a more automated time clock system are finding benefit with web-based biometric fingerprint clocks. These time clocks require employees to punch in and out with a fingerprint rather than with a physical time card. This emerging technology has eliminated certain actions involving time card fraud, such as buddy punching and time card manipulation. Managers may have been aware that a certain amount of work-hour time theft was occurring, but they had no good way to stop these practices before biometric fingerprint time clocks were introduced.

Biometric Web Time Clocks provide a definitive convenience to business owners and managers by reducing labor costs and by improving attendance supervision, but they also provide convenience for the payroll department as well. Payroll managers can now keep track of each employee’s work hours without running around to track down time cards or timesheets, and without needing to keep extensive payroll records on their office computers. All time and attendance data that was once locked and stored in file folders somewhere on premise, is now stored in the cloud for instant access and retrieval.

The “cloud” refers to web-based data storage and applications that allow users to access data from any computer or mobile device without having to download special software. Web Time Clocks automatically mark and record work hours and then companies, such as uAttend for example, securely store this work hour data on remote servers. Since the data is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed by managers through an online account from any computer, laptop, tablet, Smartphone or mobile device. In other words, you no longer have to be in the office or on-site to access work hour information. You can view it in a web browser from any location with an Internet connection. This means a manager can monitor an employees’ punctuality and attendance even while he or she is out-of-town on business. You can check and see who is currently working, who was late, who left early, who is nearing overtime, what departments are short-staffed and even keep an eye on employees who historically have had problems with punctuality.

Using web-based, cloud technology to handle everything from attendance supervision to payroll means that your business does not need to buy expensive software or do complex installations and upgrades. There is also a savings on work space and supplies. Gone are the days of large, expensive servers that take up floorspace in the office and that require constant maintenance. Once a business embraces cloud-based time and attendance technology, the web-based data can be accessed regardless of where the business owner or manager happens to be. This is just one of the many benefits of a web time clock. If you’d like to learn more ways that web-time clocks can help your business, visit uAttend.com.

uAttend Time and Attendance Tracking Software Leads the way Through Cloud Computing

time and attendance tracking systemAs a small business owner, keeping track of employee work hour attendance is one of the many responsibilities you must juggle. Add to this, your long list of managing inventory needs, marketing plans and financial concerns and it can all get a little overwhelming. When it comes to monitoring and managing employee work hours, turning to Time and Attendance Tracking Software can greatly reduce your workload and improve both the accuracy and efficiency of your time tracking system.

Cutting-edge, cloud-based technology offers huge flexibility and convenience for employees and employers alike when it comes to accommodating our need for mobility in today’s fast-paced business environment. Through it, employees can clock in and out “online” using a physical time clock, a web browser or even a Smartphone or mobile device; likewise, employers can use the same methods to track and manage their workforce. Leading the charge in cloud computing time and attendance solutions is the uAttend Employee Management System. uAttend is not only the most affordable and robust system available for today’s progressive businesses, but it is also extremely simple to use.

How is that, you may ask? As indicated earlier, through cloud computing technology, employees have multiple options available to them that help make marking attendance easy and convenient. In addition, managers and business owners have flexible and convenient options for accessing and analyzing employee work hour data. By simply logging into their online uAttend account, managers open a virtual window into their workforce. They can review employee work hours and run necessary reports. They can customize their dashboard with their favorite widgets for snapshots such as who is currently in the office, who was late, who is on vacation or who left early. They can even schedule real-time alerts to be notified if and when an employee is late and a department might be short-staffed.

Since the uAttend system uses cloud computing technology, you can track employees’ hours no matter where you are. Whether you’re on site or thousands of miles away, you’ll have access to instant, real-time work hour metrics. You can process payroll, analyze data for performance reviews, update employee wage information and so much more. With a streamlined and automated system in place and all your employee work hour data securely stored in the cloud, you will accurately pay your workforce and be free of the stresses that often arise from payroll problems.

Using cloud-based systems like uAttend to handle employee time and attendance offers even more great benefits. For example, if your business has multiple locations or if you have a remote workforce, punching in and out of a static time clock is not ideal. Rather than forcing employees to first drive to the office and then to their destination, OR trusting them to accurately (and honestly) remember their hours when filling out a time card or time sheet, they can now simply punch in and out while on-the-go using their cell phone, tablet or Smartphone. Plus, you can manage all of your employee attendance needs with a real-time application that uses a single computer interface. It’s a win-win for everyone. Your employees will clock in and out through a convenient means that works best for your company, and you’ll access their time quickly and efficiently from wherever you might be when you need the data.

Businesses today have to be mobile and must be able to change directions quickly and effortlessly. Tracking employee time and attendance shouldn’t hold you back. This is one of the many reasons why cloud-based solutions like uAttend’s Time and Attendance Tracking Software reap immediate benefits and ROI from a management standpoint.

How to Determine Potential Savings from a Time and Attendance System

If you’re thinking about buying an automated time and attendance tracking system but aren’t quite sure if you’ll get the desired ROI, this post is for you! Let’s determine the potential savings that could be found from implementing a time tracking system in your workplace.

To determine potential savings that a time and attendance system might bring, it is best to first evaluate your current employee time tracking situation and identify areas of improvement. As you review your processes, look for things such as inefficiencies, high administrative costs, redundant data entry and data entry errors, labor time consumption and other pain points. One very useful question to ask is simply “where could savings come from?”. Might they come from reducing payroll processing time and labor costs? Or from reducing payroll errors and reporting time? Might they come from eliminating unauthorized overtime or buddy punching? Or from having off-site access to time and attendance data?

The truth is that savings can come from any and all of these steps, which is why automated time tracking systems like uAttend are so meaningful and effective. If you use a manual time tracking system or have a traditional time clock and notice any of the core issues mentioned above during your process analysis, chances are you will find great benefit in an automated time tracking system. In fact, many businesses see an immediate ROI after integrating a time and attendance solution.

Tracking employee time might seem like a basic task, but don’t underestimate its potential to save your business valuable revenue and positively impact your bottom line. Today’s advanced time clock systems not only reduce the time and effort it takes to monitor, record and manage employee time, but also allow you to generate reports, receive real-time alerts if someone is late, and even prepare you for performance reviews. Not only that, but solutions like the uAttend Employee Management System essentially automate your entire payroll process ensuring accurate, to-the-minute work hour records and paychecks. Cloud-connected software enables users to access and retrieve employee work hour data any time and from anywhere. With minimal initial investment and a scalable month-to-month contract, it is easy to see how the benefits of an automated time and attendance tracking system means huge savings for your business.

If you’d like to learn more about saving money by automating your time and attendance process, visit our website at www.uAttend.com or call 800-518-8925.

Web Based Time Clock – The Window into Your Shop Floor

Web Based Time ClockThe web based time clock is widely credited for revolutionizing employee time tracking systems largely due to the use of cloud computing. Employee time and attendance management has been a tricky aspect of administrative and operational tasks for business owners. Manual time tracking, whether done using paper time sheets or mechanical card punching clocks, has always been considered flawed and error prone. This situation changed drastically once biometric fingerprint time clocks emerged onto the employee time management solutions scene.

The online functionality of these time tracking devices offers many conveniences for employees, as well as business owners. Online fingerprint time clocks are generally regarded as one the most uncomplicated time tracking systems simply because they do not involve complicated software. In addition, online biometric fingerprint time clocks allow business owners to keep track of employee punch ins and outs, late arrivals and early departures, even if they are not at their office or on the shop floor. It’s like you have a window into your business that is open 24/7 and you can look through at any time from anywhere in the world. A web based time clock is an ideal solution for small businesses as they do not need to buy expensive software or pay heavy annual licensing fees.

Furthermore, business owners do not need to spend their hard earned money on accessories for fingerprint time clocks, worry about data storage and security. All of these are taken care of on the service provider’s end. The employee time data is stored at servers that have additional security features for increased security. Web based time clock service providers keep all payroll data for one month in case there are any disputes between the employer and the employees.

The web-based functionality of biometric fingerprint time clocks presents a unique opportunity for small business owners to track their employees’ time accurately and more cost effectively.

How Can Time and Attendance Software Benefit Business Organizations?

Time and Attendance SoftwareBusiness organizations are often in need of products and services that help them reduce costs. Fortunately, there are innovative technologies that help businesses do more with less. Time and attendance software is one such technology. Before the arrival of this software, businesses had to manually manage employees’ attendance and work hours. While many organizations still use a manual attendance system, it often lacks accuracy and can easily be manipulated by the HR department in favor of certain employees. When employees of a company do not arrive on time, it adds to the cost of doing operations. No business organization wants to incur added costs without additional benefits. Another downside to manual attendance management is that the data cannot be converted into meaningful information.

Business organizations that use time attendance systems reap benefit almost instantaneously. There are different types of time clocks available according to the specific needs of each organization. For example, a web based time clock helps business organizations manage all their attendance records online. The use of this software ensures that there are no errors in recording employee data and also makes calculations such as salaries, wages and taxes a lot easier. Use of the software frees up time for the human resource department so it can focus its efforts on other important tasks that need to be finished. In addition, cost leakages that result from absenteeism, proxy attendance and inaccuracies can be controlled using this system. Modern time attendance software can also be integrated with biometric devices. This integration helps employees quickly mark their attendance and ensures accountability for their work hours. Big organizations find this highly useful for managing their large-numbered workforce. Smaller business organizations may not need this level of attendance tracking and might opt for a time clock and system that more specifically addresses their needs.

Web Based Time Clock Software for SMEs

As a small business owner, you are likely operating with very little resources and probably wearing many hats. Allocating too many administrative tasks to yourself can take the focus away from your main responsibility which is to grow your business. In situations like this, you can benefit by delegating responsibilities to your staff, and by adding management tools to your business to take care of these tasks for you. One such management tool is web based time clock software for SMEs.

Web Based Time Clock SoftwareKeeping track of employee hours is something that is very difficult to supervise. Even after you have delegated the task to somebody, you cannot be 100% sure of the results. This is where the power of automation has come to the rescue of many small and medium enterprise owners. Web based time clock software for SMEs is an application that keeps track of hours worked, the amount of overtime put in, short breaks, paid and unpaid leaves, and more. You no longer have to remember each employee’s sick leave or vacation time as it is automatically recorded for you.

That’s not all this application has to offer – the benefits for small and medium enterprises are numerous. After the time and attendance data is accurately recorded by the web based time clock software for SMEs, it processes the data for payroll purposes allowing you to export it in the format of your choice. Payroll processing, which is one of the most complicated and time consuming aspects of a business, is simplified with the help of this application. In addition, the software can create reports on employee productivity which is a great help in identifying performers from the non-performers.

How Can The Web Based Time Clock Improve Workforce Efficiency?

Time clocks have long been used at workplaces to track the total time spent by employees on job. Traditionally, mechanical punches have been used to punch time slots on employee time cards. The new way of tracking employee time is by using the web based time clock. The shift from manual to web based time and attendance tracking system had a great impact on the way human resources were managed. Employee time clock software overcomes the deficiencies of the manual employee attendance system.

Time Clock CB 2000A web based time clock helps businesses automate many of the interlinked processes that were previously required to be manually carried out. An online time and attendance tracking system is operated via a web based user interface. Employees can log in using this user interface through a web browser or an IP enabled device. A key benefit of using a web based attendance system is that employees can clock in from anywhere. Businesses with multiple facilities can help manage workforce working at different locations. Employees can use PCs, IP enabled phones, tablet PCs, or wall mounted IP devices to clock in. This makes the web based time clock a lot more flexible in terms of usage. Web based attendance software can be easily integrated with badge readers or biometric scanners to avoid things like buddy punching and time theft, etc.

All data collected through the web based attendance system is automatically updated to a database. A human resource information system (HRIS) can be integrated with this database to update key information about employees. Many important data fields can be filled using this data like salary, number of annual leaves remaining, amount of income tax for a particular month after deductions or actual number of hours worked, etc. All these reports can be quickly generated using this software.

Selection of the right web based attendance system entirely depends on the business requirements and budget. Basic software packages start from under one hundred dollars. However, when we are talking about a large number of employees, more comprehensive software suites are available. Most of the software development companies providing web based attendance software offer a trial period. It is always good to first have a trial of the software before finalizing one. Be sure to also compare the features of each software program to see which one best fits your requirements.

CB1000 – A Smart Time Clock From uAttend

uAttend has been striving to make the workplace a more organized and efficient entity. As part of our efforts to make time and attendance simple and smart, we are happy to present the CB1000 time clock.

CB1000 is part of our state-of-the-art web based time clock product line. It has never been so easy to manage and track employee work hours than with this device. Its ‘plug n play’ feature makes it easy to use and implement, and CB1000 is equipped with time and attendance software that does not need to be downloaded or installed.

The CB1000 is an online time tracking device that gives employees the option of punching in and out from multiple locations, as well as from different time clocks. Employees can punch in and out simply by waving their proximity cards two inches in front of the time clock

This web based time clock makes it easier to access employee time data from anywhere at any time. The time and attendance software is also beneficial for payroll as it can easily be integrated with your existing payroll system. In addition, the CB1000 can track and record data for an unlimited number of employees and offers various affordable monthly service plans for different business needs.

A Case Study: How Fingerlakes Construction Co., Inc. benefited from our time clock and time attendance software

Business Overview
Fingerlakes Construction Co., Inc. has four locations throughout New York State and consists of five companies: Brisky Supply Company, Fingerlakes Construction, Fingerlakes Garage Door, Parklane Construction & Development, and Weatheredge Building Components. The organization has been in business since 1969 and employs approximately 150 full-time and part-time employees.

uAttend ™ helped bring Fingerlakes Construction Co. to the next level in employee time management with a cloud-based time and attendance solution. Through uAttend’s innovative  and inexpensive biometric time clocks and web-based software, Fingerlakes Construction Co. has not only alleviated the headache it had with its previous time and attendance devices, but has also improved the efficiency of its employees by delivering them access to streamlined technology such as smart phone applications and the ability to punch in or out online.

Prior to investing in the uAttend system, Fingerlakes Construction Co. was using a non cloud-based service that consisted of a stand-alone RIFD reader time clock. While this antiquated hardware is common in today’s employee time management world, this product fell short of Fingerlakes Construction Co.’s expectations. In addition, it limited the company’s cutting-edge directive to incorporate the latest technology into their modern-day business practices. Tech-savvy employees weren’t able to leverage digital resources such as smart phone applications to clock in and out. Field personnel found the previous time clock restrictive and time consuming as they had to check in and out prior to heading to a job site creating an inefficient use of their time. Also, with the old system, employees could not easily access their timesheet records as there was no online employee access to data. To top it off, the payroll department had a list of pain points from working with the previous system.

Fingerlakes Construction Co. turned to uAttend after a favorable and much appreciated recommendation from Diane Babe of Allied Time USA – an Authorized uAttend Dealer. Having known about the shortcomings and frustrations that Fingerlakes Construction Co. was facing with its previous time and attendance management provider, Babe introduced them to the world of high-tech advantages that the uAttend automated software provides. Fingerlakes Construction Co. now has three BN3000 units; one each in their steel plant, truss plant and logistics area. The BN3000 time clocks feature a real-time, web-based program that allows employees to punch in and out from the physical time clocks using biometric fingerprint identification. The uAttend system also allows for punching in and out via Internet or smart phone apps. Fingerlakes Construction Co. capitalizes on this feature with 25 Samsung wireless tablets for their construction crews that utilize the uAttend smart application. Another 5 to 10 employees clock-in using their flip phones and another 25 employees log in using the on-site workstations.

Advanced Capabilities: Implementing the uAttend cloud-based time and attendance system suits employees that need a traditional time clock system, as well as off-site employees who use uAttend’s digital applications for tablet and smart phone systems. Being able to leverage recent technology allows Fingerlakes Construction Co. to streamline its employee operations and maintain accurate time and attendance records.

Convenience: uAttend has made it easy for employees to access and manage their timesheet records through secure and confidential online accounts and optional daily emails. Employees no longer need to ask a supervisor when they punched in and out. They can simply log into their account at anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection to review their timesheet.

Peace of Mind: Integrating automated, real-time electronic records has alleviated the stress and demands often felt in Fingerlakes Construction Co.’s Human Resources and Payroll departments. The company has seen a major reduction in time editing because the instant punch-in/punch-out confirmations eliminate the endless question of whether or not someone was on the clock.

About uAttend
uAttend is an employee management solution offering easy and cost-effective ways to manage labor costs and track employee time and attendance. This secure, web-based solution allows companies to manage their workforce from any computer with Internet access. Employees simply punch in and out from a time clock, web page, telephone or smart phone application. All punches are recorded in real-time, eliminating the need to download or synchronize data resulting in significant savings. uAttend features plug ‘n play ethernet, WIFI-enabled biometric and RFID card reading time clocks.

About ProcessingPoint
ProcessingPoint is a leader in providing innovative solutions to thousands of small businesses nationwide. From cutting-edge, cloud-based time and attendance to the latest in mobile payments technology, ProcessingPoint invests heavily in new technology in order to bring products and services that save clients’ time and money while performing mission-critical business tasks.

For more information please call 1-866.694.3603, or visit www.processingpoint.com.

Manage Your Organization Wisely With A Web Based Time Clock

Business personnel are keen to find affordable and effective ways to run their business and to make them more productive. While many new business strategies and new systems are already taking over conventional business methodologies, the use of a web based time clock is among one of the more positive changes. Web based time clock software has changed the concept of conventional time and attendance tracking. Nowadays, it’s easy and affordable to swap over to a web based time clock for accurate time and attendance tracking of your employees. Most of the web based time clock systems available on the market today are not only smart and user-friendly, but very easy to apply and integrate into your business.

Among the large number of benefits that a web based time clock provides, the most important is its accessibility, which is just about everywhere. You no longer need to be present at your work place for time and attendance tracking because you can easily handle all these operations from anywhere around the world using the Internet. Whether you are at home, on vacation, or on a business call, you can easily access your employee time and attendance tracking software wherever there is an Internet connection.

The implementation of a smart web based time clock system will not only make your employee time and attendance tracking easier, but will also make it possible for you to reduce the impact of employees’ inefficiencies. Once implemented, the automated time and attendance tracking system will make it easier to train people for complex tasks and motivate them to deliver the best possible productivity within specified deadlines. With the help of a web based time clock, the leading bodies of your organization will also be able to manage the absences of staff, and make smooth transitions when personnel changes.