A Wireless Time Clock From uAttend Improves Control Over Employee Time and Attendance

Wireless time clockModern businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, have to be highly adaptable if they wish to compete in today’s demanding business environment. Workforce management solutions such as wireless time clock systems from uAttend offer an array of features that help ensure labor costs do not run out of control. They do so by enabling businesses to keep tight control and check over their employee time and attendance. By implementing web based HR solutions for their time and attendance management, businesses can achieve much higher productivity and efficiency levels than are ever possible with manual time tracking.

An All-Encompassing Solution

uAttend’s timekeeping software with fingerprint and facial recognition capabilities is a powerful tool that allows you not only to keep track of employee hours, but to also control, and more importantly, reduce payroll costs. In addition to preventing time theft practices, uAttend time tracking software helps small businesses capture and analyze employee productivity data, thereby helping them achieve improved organizational productivity.

For example, meticulous reports generated by uAttend’s time and attendance software help HR managers make much better informed decisions because they are able to get details on employee productivity. Another benefit that can be derived from this system is the ability to assess which changes in HR policies have been able to achieve the best combination of improved efficiency and lower labor costs.

Wireless time clockuAttend’s web based time clocks can also help with project forecasts and assigning important tasks, which helps streamline an organization’s management methods. Another benefit is that in cases where employees are absent or late, uAttend’s time and attendance software can send out real-time alerts to supervisors so that important tasks can be re-assigned to available staff.

On a more advanced level, uAttend offers biometric wireless time clock systems that are equipped with sophisticated scanners to validate employee identity through fingerprints and facial scans. The use of biometrics takes away the inaccuracies of manual time and attendance punching and also prevents and eliminates wage fraud practices. This helps managers and entrepreneurs exercise better control over their business dynamics and save valuable revenue in the process.

To learn more about timekeeping software from uAttend and how it can help control costs incurred by things such as wage fraud and unauthorized overtime, please visit uAttend.Com.

Finger Print Time Clocks – Ushering In a New Era of Productivity

Finger PrintAny business, large or small, strives to maximize productivity in order to stay competitive. For some, there can be a misconception that only manufacturing companies need to be concerned about productivity. This is a flawed way of thinking because even companies in the service industry need to ensure its employees are being productive and making good use of their work hours. In short, the key to any successful business is producing maximum output in the least amount of time possible and at the least amount of costs.

A truly efficient work force can result in higher productivity, but that often raises another question. How can businesses actually measure the performance of their workforce? One of the best options for measuring employee productivity is through time tracking with finger print time clocks. In fact, these advanced timeclocks are ushering in a whole new era of employee productivity.

A wireless time clock equipped with time tracking software is a great solution for companies concerned about organizational productivity. Time tracking software lets floor supervisors and HR managers know which workers are not performing, and which ones are performing at his or her best. In addition, having the knowledge of the efficiency and productivity rate of your workforce through finger print time clocks can also help in areas such as job costing, resource allocation and project management.

A wireless time clock with time tracking software is also instrumental in providing information about employee time and attendance costs incurred before, after and during production. This keeps the staff on their toes and aware of their hours and work output.

Finger print time clocks easily and accurately record the time a certain employee takes to achieve a single activity or a project. In addition, time tracking solutions feature flexible options such as online accounts that allow executives in the service industry to record how much time an employee took in performing a specific task. Features like these help organizations gauge employee work efforts, which subsequently enables these businesses to find ways to improve their productivity.