The Biometric Time Clock – Taking Your Payroll And Productivity To The Cloud

Cloud-based services have taken the business market by storm in the last decade, and time and attendance solutions are no exception. In fact, some might say that workforce time management is one niche that has benefited the most from cloud services. Before the advent of cloud computing, a business that implemented an automated time clocksystem faced considerable expenses in a number of areas. Biometric time clock

First of all, businesses had to pay hefty licensing fees on an annual basis to be able to utilize services such as biometric time clock solutions. In addition to these licensing fees, businesses also had to pay for any software upgrades. Secondly, in the absence of cloud computing, the only option available to organizations looking to streamline their time and attendance tracking was to have their own in-house servers to host the system. This was also an expensive option and added to the already high costs of the time and attendance system.

Unfortunately, the software that accompanied such systems was often very complex and difficult for employees to understand and operate. Many businesses ended up needing IT support on a continual basis. In addition, data security was an issue because the time and attendance data had to be stored on in-house servers where it could be easily accessed or tampered with by anyone in the office. With the introduction of cloud computing and today’s time clock online systems, all of these problems dissolved into thin air.

uAttend Cloud-Based Time Clock Systems

uAttend time and attendance solutions eliminate the above noted employee management limitations and offer all the benefits that the internally hosted solutions simply cannot. With biometric time clock solutions from uAttend, there is no need to invest heavily into IT infrastructure and expensive servers. Plus, there are no annual licensing fees or continual charges for software upgrades. Our solutions are extremely flexible and require a low-commitment level with no contracts.

In addition, data integrity and storage is protected because the recorded time and attendance data is stored on secure online servers and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Cloud-based, biometric time clock online systems cannot be tampered with by employees, which helps to ensure the accuracy of your data.

With uAttend cloud-based solutions your employees are held more accountable for their time and attendance routine, thus helping to streamline your payroll operations and increase your employee productivity.

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