Time and Attendance Software – A Paperless Solution for Maximum Efficiency

Achieving maximum productivity and efficiency is the prime target of any organization looking to stay ahead of its competition. This can be achieved in a number of ways, such as developing effective organizational procedures, and by utilizing automation at your workplace to achieve more in less time. Efficiency can be assured through rigorous checks on your workforce and operational processes. Among the large number of workforce management solutions available today, very few can maximize your operational efficiency as much as time and attendance software. uAttend biometric time clock is the best time and attendance software

How do you Achieve Efficiency?

Any organization that has more than 25 employees and uses manual time tracking is inefficient. Managers must manually work through the stages of data capture, data processing, and data storage, not to mention addressing data security issues related to manual time tracking. All the above require a paper record of some form or another. For example, if you have paper time sheets and use an “honor system” for employee time and attendance, you are bound to encounter an extensive (and expensive) paper trail. Similar is the story with mechanical card punching employee time clocks. In this case, time and attendance data is recorded on paper cards and then transferred to paper time sheets at the end of each pay-cycle. At this point, the process becomes just like the paper time sheet “honor system” scenario and leaves heavy paper trails every step of the way.

By implementing biometric time clock systems, you eradicate the need for paper time cards and time sheets to record employee time and attendance. This type of system scans employee fingerprints to identify individual workers. All your employees have to do is simply press their finger on the scanner to clock in and out. This process eliminates the need for paper starting at the very first stage of payroll.

Paperless all the Way

After capturing the attendance data, the next stage involves calculating and processing employee wage and hour data. In a manual system, payroll is first prepared by processing the time and attendance data and recording it to and from paper. In addition, employers are required by federal law to keep employee payroll records, which create even more of a paper trail.

Businesses that use time and attendance software automation skip many of these steps because the whole process is taken care of through cloud computing. This not only allows the ability to maintain digital records of detailed payroll information, but it ensures compliance with labor laws and get rids of costly paper trails at the same time.

Achieve organizational efficiency! With biometric time clock systems, you are able to ensure a paperless environment, as well as the effective utilization of your human resources all in one shot.

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