Be a Better Manager by Improving Your Data Collection

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By collecting the right information, you can manage your team better by seeing their strengths, their weaknesses, and where there’s room for improvement. 

But, what is the right data to collect? There's no necessarily right or wrong data, but different types of data will be more or less valuable depending on your business and quarterly goals. 

Regardless of the type of data your business needs, it's proven that data collection is the secret ingredient to business longevity and increasing profits. Here's how you can implement better data collection strategies to improve your management and all around business efficiency. 

Methods for Better Data Collection:
Collecting data starts with the competency of the processes you currently have in place to collect data. If you're relying on manual processes, then you're already damaging the accuracy of your reporting. Rather, opt for a software that streamlines the process for you so you can collect these types of business critical reports:

  • Scheduling reports
    • Used to track your team's scheduling habits so you can see which shifts are under or over staffed. 
  • Overtime reports
    • Provides insights into your overtime spending and shows which shifts need more staff. 
  • Punch reports
    • Shows the punch methods used by each employee and indicates punch behaviors by highlighting early and late punches in red. 


All of these data collection methods are available with uAttend's cloud-connected time and attendance software. Designed to increase accuracy in tracking and reporting, uAttend automatically tracks, calculates, and organized all time and attendance data into organized reports so all you have to do is click payroll. 


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